Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Here we are again. Another year has rolled by and I am one year older. I am currently sniffling with a splitting headache and my throat feels like there's a mini fire in it. My body finally gave out on me on my birthday. Regardless, I am still thankful and grateful to see another year. As always, it's been an eventful year with the good and the bad mixed in together.

I thank you God for everything and I thank you for the Grace to see another year. I thank you for prayers answered and prayers yet unanswered. I thank you for the good people you have given me as friends who genuinely have my best interests at heart. Continue to bless them for me.

Thank you to those who have reached already to wish me a happy birthday. I appreciate you all.

Happy Birthday to me.


TheRustGeek said...

Congratulations Taynement - Many happy returns, and less sniffles.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Many more years in Jesus name Amen

Original Mgbeke said...

Happy baiday Tayne :-D

yujubee said...

Happy birthday! Many more years to you.