What do you like most about....

...your significant other?

Ok..ok..before you guys roll your eyes and are tired of me and my questions. I promise this one wasn't me. Someone asked me to do it and said they would be interested in seeing what people's answers were. So I went ahead and asked friends of mine in relationships - although I should mention that most of them are married - and below are answers that I got verbatim, no edits. Enjoy! (Is enjoy the right word?)

"I love his commitment. Looooooove it"

"One thing caught my attention, another thing sparked my interest. Physique...love me a thin woman (lepa toh bad). Eccentricity... Her thought process is different from most women out there"

"Oh gosh. It's not just one thing. He's goofy, a genuinely good person that makes me want to be one too. Smart, gosh he's so smart. And he loves me fiercely. Oh and he's cute too"

"He's patient, understanding, fun(ny), has a hustler's spirit, strong leader and we have physical chemistry"

"He's a great listener, extremely understanding, always has my back, great shoulder and totally supportive"

"I like the fact that she understands me and tolerates me. She is more grounded than a lot of girls I know. She wants me to do well always and is always worried about me. I have never been more physically attracted to anyone else plus I think she has good maternal instincts and will be a great mother and house manager (although she will not be a housewife)"

"I like the way she sleeps after sex"

"I find him to be very interesting...knowledgeable about a lot of things so our conversations are never boring. He is very smart...I am a sucker for smart dudes. He is very open minded yet certain about his beliefs. He has crooked teeth. He is religious and loves music...very affectionate. He is generous too"

"His sense of humor. The fact that he can be corrected and he's kind"

"His simplicity. What you see is what you get. No second guessing necessary. His friendliness. His welcoming nature. Most people are immediately at ease in his presence"

"The most important aspect of her is she's loyal and has my best interests at heart. That to me is her most important quality, knowing she has my back.  She's also to quote my dad, "very enterprising". She's able to find creative solutions to issues.  Add those to other qualities such as looks and compatibility, it becomes clear why I decided she was the one to marry"

" I like how I can be with her, not doing anything and it's still a good time. We don't even have to talk and we're just happy to be with each other"

"His calm and cheerful spirit. His ability to forgive and look past anything. His patience and desire to improve himself. The way he laughs. His uncomplicated life perspective. How helpful he is with everything in the house. I'm currently sick and doctor says I shouldn't do anything... he will work come home, cook, grocery shop, do laundry, give me back massages. . Even when I get sad that he's doing so much...he just laughs through it. It's incredible"

Well, those are the answers that I received...i go love oooo one day (we hope). Hope you enjoyed/liked it. Did  you have any favorites? If you'd like to add yours in the comment section that's fine too. Have a wonderful week guys :)


mizchif said…
This made me happy. I like real practical love.
Also gives me hope small.
Can't wait till somebody can say some of these type things about me and i can say the same in return.
Interestingly though there's been at least one person i could say some of these about, but.....no more, so moving along....
Mz.T said…
Love eeet! Love is sweet. "I like the way she sleeps after sex" LOL!

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