Friday Randoms

Hi all. Hope everyone had a good week. We are having a lot of thunderstorms here and it's kind of annoying just rain all the time. I don't think I got to say this but thank you to everyone who left a kind message or sent an email to me about my mom. I appreciate it and thank you for the prayers, they are much needed and truly appreciated. Regarding my last post about nature vs. nurture, I read this article last week about two sets of twins switched in error - - it was such a fascinating read and also mentioned in there was: One unexpected finding in his research suggested that the effect of a pair’s shared environment — say, their parents — had little bearing on personality. Genes and unique experiences — a semester abroad, an important friend — were more influential. Pretty fascinating. Anyways here are my randoms:

I have finally decided that I don't like it when an older woman dates a much younger man. More oft than not, she is gonna want stuff that he is not ready to give and it's kinda like what's the point?

Honestly, celebs living in their own world is a thing because they never seem to learn. I am totally not against Russell and Ciara being celibate not at all but why announce it? Someone responded to me that it gives inspiration for those practicing same which I kinda see but biko they are celebs. I can give you a long list of celebs who declared same and didn't follow through. I feel like Russell has invited a whole slew of people into their relationship, things always get blown out of proportion when you are a celeb. Also, the whole God told me to lead her etc rubbed me the wrong way. Breh, you just got a divorce, we are all sinners and learning.

I don't think it's harder to make friends as you get older, I think it's harder to find people you click with especially because your tolerance for bullshit is at a low.

Technology advancement is a bit scary. I look at some of the things we can do now and I am just like can we slow down?

If you watch Married to Medicine, you know Dr Jackie is constantly on some be skinny under the guise of be healthy tip and she borders on rudeness. One of the doctors made a comment that it's interesting hearing Dr Jackie make these comments when she has never had to struggle with her weight before and I think he had a point. Sometimes it's amusing seeing people who never had to struggle give all these tips like it's easy but if you have never had to struggle you get to have your cheat days and gorge on fattening foods and skip workouts and still be skinny where someone who struggles has to do twice the work. Long and short sha, sometimes some sensitivity is lacking.

Has anyone ever read an obituary that was honest? Every obituary seems to make the dead person a paragon of virtue of human being-hood. You aren't supposed to speak ill of the dead but is it ill if it's truth?

I listened to a podcast that made me think of people who reside in troubled countries. I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to live in a place where you are in fear 24/7.

I am always fascinated by people with pseudo or full on igbo accents who can't speak the language. One of my closest friends today, the day I met her and she said she couldn't speak I was all "who are you fronting for?". yes i am a mess.

I don't know if I will ever delete my mom from my bbm or my contacts. I miss her everyday.

Once again, always believe that the way you see yourself is definitely not how people see you.

Social Media is not a true representation of how people are really doing. People always make that mistake.

In today's episode of Taynement's irrational irks. I dislike when I am having a conversation with someone and they just start dropping links. I totally get why, to back up a point but I work in research and know that you can skew anything to back up whatever point you want to. Kinda like how you can find any bible passage for whatever you want to prove. But I'd just rather have a discussion that having to take a break and go read then come back. Remember i said it was irrational. Thanks.

Guys, self delusion is the way to go. If you truly believe you are the shit, nothing can phase you and you believe your hype. I know people who operate this way and it's totally working for them. So people, get your dose of self delusion today!

Have a wonderful week guys. Stay prayed up and be safe.

I love this song.


TheRustGeek said…
Wide ranging randoms as always - I found the mixed brothers story interesting, but then I guess given some parents are more likely to create opportunities for unique experiences and/or be stricter around important friendships than others, one cannot entirely discount the impact of nurture. What would be fascinating would be a similar study but centred around twins raised in completely different cultures - say a Nigerian home in Nigeria and the US.

Older woman, younger man - not sure I've got an opinion on that anymore but I do know a couple of (Caucasian) younger men married to older women who seem to have got it to work (one's been married for over 20 years). It might have more to do with the individuals than the age difference, or maybe not...

A year after, I haven't deleted mine or taken her off my Facebook friends either.. I think there's a certain sense of finality that deleting the contacts seems to suggest which I do not want to think about yet.

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