Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friday Randoms

Hello all. Hope you are all doing well. I really love summer. I never understand when people complain about the heat. I'd take this all day vs. the winter or fall. I really hate wearing coats and sweaters. Can you believe we have just 5 months left of this year? It feels like January was just here. Personally, it's just been a long ass year but this isn't about me. Let's random.

How are celebs able to rebound from relationships so quickly? Like it doesn't matter the age, circumstance or look you are guaranteed to hear of their new relationship almost immediately after a split. Thinking about it, it's just not reserved for celebs sha. There are people who are almost rarely single. They always have a significant other. How do you guys do it o?

How do you kick a person out your system?

How many of your friends were made online vs. physically in real life? Was talking to a friend who mentioned how he met his friend via some msn community thingie and it had me remembering a convo with another friend who said he thought most of my bridal party would be friends I made online (not even sure why he thought that). I thought about it and while I have made a lot of friends via online mediums, none of the people I have in mind for my bridal party right now (except 1, which is even a comma whether she's online) would be from online and most of my close friends are friends I made in college.

Those of you that have hope for Nigeria, where do you get it from? This is a serious question btw.

It's a bit awkward being friends with 2 people who were dating and are now split.

Why do celebs retweet their compliments? Don't they get enough attention? I noticed this is a common practice among reality stars sha, so that makes sense.

I envy people who are always on some "life is great" tip because I don't care if you positive patrolers come to get me but LIFE IS HARD. All the decisions, responsibilities and curve balls you have to deal with and navigate while preserving your sanity. It's hard biko.

I thought this was a really good read pertaining to life

Nigerians can be so extra about stuff. When they do stuff you'd think they've never done it before. Like they've never seen champagne before or traveled abroad or *insert any cool kid activity*. just be making noise about it up and dahn.

You can try to edit yourself taya to make people more comfortable around you but honestly, you can please everyone. Something will always still be an issue. Guess it is better to just be you. Noone is obligated to hang out with you or be your friend.

That's all I have for you guys. Have a great weekend. Be safe and stay prayed up.


Berry Dakara said...

Spring and Fall over Summer any day!!! I don't like the heat.

Celebs probably had that someone on the side or as backup.

Lol, I would have assumed most of your bridal party would be online friends too.

Kash said...

Yay summer! I hate cold weather with a passion.

I can't seem to think of any of my friends that were made online. But I know a lot of people whose are and they are really good friendships.

Celebs and just people in general that retweet their compliments...I don't get it and will never get it. It's annoying.

yujubee said...

Only one person I would say I spoke to for the first time online and became friends, we've been married 9 years.
I agree that Nigerians can over do things, the simplest things.