Friday Randoms

I am lying here with a heated something something on my back cuz I  think I may have tweaked something. Old age is really real. The current weather is something that makes me smile inside. I am really going to miss the summer. I think everytime everyone says that life is short but I really don't think it resonates until it hits close, then we forget and go back to daily living till the next time but for real for real guys - Don't take it for granted that you wake up everyday like clockwork. life changes in the blink of an eye. Okay, enough bleak talk, thank you again for the interest you guys showed in the "Love or Something Like It series. I'd also like to say thank you to the contributor. Couldn't have been an easy thing to share that personal story. Okay let's random.

Why is it that when I get all dolled up, I look in the mirror, I see babe then I take a picture and I see dinosaur...why sway???!!

American kids ehn. They are spoiled. One of the ogas at work surprised her daughter for her birthday with 4 tickets to Maroon 5 and Nick Jonas concert on the beach and this babe said nah, she's not interested. Honestly, if I were the mother, I won't even tell the story, I go shame. I thought it was so selfish. Like if your mom did that for you, just for the thought you say thank you and "endure". Her loss though, I copped myself some tix.

I know this is mean but there are some people you observe that carry skinniness on their head and act like fat people aren't humans. You just wish them nothing but fatness.

Sometimes I catch myself in an argument with people about things I have seen with my own eyes in Nigeria. I think it's a bit ridiculous especially when these people haven't been home in a while and get all their info from social media and bella naija and the likes. Like why am I even wasting my time?

It really is a strange concept that we will all be dead someday.

Once you find someone annoying everything they do is annoying even if it's the way they blink.

Where do you draw the line between respecting a friend as an adult and letting them be vs. recognizing someone is your friend and calling them out on stuff when need be.

There are some people who feel some type of way about paying someone to clean their houses/apartments (common among Nigerians). Not I, sir. It's the bestest thing ever.

Why do Nigerians get so uppity about people who like well done steak. Live and let live. If it was so wrong, it wouldn't be an option at restaurants.

If you are cool with someone, like you get along well and no beef, but they consider you more of a friend than you do them, are you friends? How do you define a friend? In your everyday life do you label some people as acquaintances or do you just call everyone friend, whether loosely or not?

So you know the Christian argument about not messing with your body e.g no tattoos and how everything on your body was given to you by God. Also, every body part is supposed to have a purpose, yea? So is circumcision a sin? What is the purpose of a foreskin? protection?

Is it possible to be an alcoholic if you are addicted to just wine? I never really consider wine as alcohol but it is. Would I take it seriously if someone was an addict because they were addicted to Smirnoff Ice? I mean, it has alcohol, right?

I was thinking the other day. I always pray to God to take control when it comes to choosing a life partner for me and we all know he has a sense of humor. What if he sends me someone who wants to wait till marriage? As a struggling Christian trying to get right, this should make me happy but my fellow brethren, my heart sank a little.

I think a true measure of where you stand in your faith is how you feel about your death/rapture. If you are happy for it and can't wait then you good, fam. If the thought of it fills you with terror, then...get on right with the Lord yo.

Okay that's all I have for you guys. Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and stay prayed up.


LadyNgo said…
Hehehe @ God sending you someone who wants to wait for marriage. I thought the, that would good but sheesh it would def be difficult. Especially if the guy fine pass. Well hopefully if such occurs the romance will be a whirlwind an you'll end up married in 6mos!

Someone addicted to wine = wino!

I just call everyone my friend. Its easier that way.

I too feel some type of way about having someone come and clean my house. Not necessarily the payment part, but just the idea of having someone touching my stuff. Even when I was little, I hated the idea of my mom cleaning my room.
Anonymous said…
I feel weird having someone come to clean my place, as much as it would be nice. I can't wrap my head around it, it's like what's wrong with me that I can't clean up myself? Am I really that busy? I hate this feeling.

I call everyone friend just for calling sake, but I may not really consider them that.

Hahaha I have that same concern in regards to waiting till marriage, and if it so happens that way, I think I would just take it as God trying to teach me a lesson.
Bee Lola said…
This post had me cracking up for several reasons:

Someone who drinks too much is a wino! And also an alcoholic

I used to wonder why anyone would use a cleaning lady in an apartment but ever since I became a mom, the cleaning crew is essential to my survival and I would need them even in a studio apartment. As long as they don't do my laundry.

Waiting until marriage....... Yeah. Missed that bus. Lol. Great post. Loved it
Berry Dakara said…
Who gives up Maroon 5 tickets?!?!?!?!?!?!?
mizchif said…
So. Many. Randoms.
I have no problems with doing m own cleaning, but if i can afford to pay someone to do it? All the better for me.
I'm still cracking up at you seeing a dinosaur in the mirror.

I don't like to argue and then with people who only have a vague idea of things i've experienced first hand, i don't even bother.
There are not many people i will call out on stuff. I feel like we are all adults and we will till do what we want for the most part so as long as i don't consider it life threatening and it also doesn't affect my life i will most likely mind my own business. There's like a handful of people this doesn't apply to though.
Friendship is not always reciprocated to the same degree, unfortunately. I know there has been at least one incident where i considered myself a friend of somebody and was shown otherwise and it pained but hey, such is life.
That whole not messing with your body arguement.....i mean if we're gong to be literal with it we wouldn't shave too right? Ick! I don' think the foreskin has an purpose really. And for the most part is quite harmless. But i think circumcision is supposed to be somewhat biblical if i remember correctly. Something about jews vs Gentiles.
Mz.T said…
"but my fellow brethren, my heart sank a little." buahahahahahahaha, I'm going to start praying that prayer for you. Lol. I literally burst out laughing though.

I've never thought body art, or piercings were a sin, but I dunno... I have plans to get a boob job once I can afford one yo. Also, if I could afford it, someone would be cleaning my apartment for me weekly.
Unknown said…
Have I told you lately that I love you?
You are too cool for words. Hilarious!

The way they blink loll
Smirnoff ice lolll
But why Dinosaur though? LOLL I totally get it sha. The days I don't try are the days I see Nia Long staring back at me.

I happily get my house professionally cleaned on the regular. "They" missed me on that.


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