Friday Randoms

Howdy Ho peoples. How are you? Hope you are doing well. As for me, I am very tired and I am so glad it is Friday. I just got back from vacation and catching up to the real world just tired me out. You know, sometimes I think vacations are a scam. You are supposed to go and be all rejuvenated but one day back into the real world and everything is all wiped out. But I think I am extra tired because it was multiple destinations and just before I left I had traveled for work and basically came home and swapped suitcases. So I haven't had the time to catch my breath. My poor babies are suffering and by poor babies I mean my tv shows. I have been trying so hard to catch up and with all the new releases, I am so behind! *sobs*. How about this global warming fall we are having I don't know whether to be scared or be happy. Anyways, let me get to random-ing.

When Mark Wahlberg hosted the Pope's visit to Philly, there was a moment where he told the Pope that he gives God all the credit for all the blessings in his life. Which I get. But then my first thought was of Ted the movie  and Entourage and how raunchy/offensive they were but they made him money, do you consider that from God?

I can't imagine what first time sex is like for a gay man. Then again, I just learned that there are some tops who have never been bottoms so have never received. How do they establish their positions when they first meet? What if it is like a one night stand? How do they discuss and establish who is getting it?

I still don't understand how there are Nigerians in America who were raised in Nigeria who don't care about genotypes.

I couldn't remember if I had randomed about this before or tweeted about it but just like you can identify those with new money, you can also identify those who are new *insert what applies* . I think they could also be considered like late bloomers who are doing things at a much later time but feel the need for it to be publicly known.

Who was the first person to go skydiving? Like, by jove you know what? I am going to fly way up high into the sky and jump down to the ground. Whee!!! :/

Someone described the loss of a parent as like losing the last/only person that would ever truly love you for who you are. So apt.

If I was ever given one wish in the world, it would be complete and utter trust in God and believing that he will take care of me.

Do you personally know a social climber?

Watching a show and the lady said that she doesn't like the process of opening up and trusting and getting to know people which is why she always goes back to exes. Made sense.

Am I a bad black person because I don't get offended by some of these outrages? I felt no anger because Asis Ansari or Mindy Kaling don't date white people on their show. Welp!

In this week's edition of my singledom, I was given advice to stop wearing my glasses out and wear makeup more :( #foreveralone

Going through Sabirah's comments in her Thursday tidbits and a commenter mentioned how she knows deep down she doesn't want to get married and felt relief at the break up of her relationship and I thought that was really honest of her. I always admire when Nigerians are honest about their stances on things. Same person asked the question "Do people ever believe you when you tell them who you are?" and I thought that was so true. People stay fixated on their ideology of you or what they want you to be.

Anyways that's all I have for you folks. Please help a sister out and visit  I hope you all have a pleasant and wonderful thanksgiving. Be sure to find at least one thing to be grateful for and hope you will be around people you love. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe.


Swanboy said…
I actually laughed aloud at "Whee"

I like your glasses.
Blogoratti said…
Interesting thoughts and perspective indeed. Greetings lovely.
AuralAdultery said…
Never worried about my genotype. AS stuvvs.
Why are your advisors trying to keep you away from dudes who are into chicks in glasses?
People get things overblown sha. Aziz's show had a ton of diversity, but people are mad at his dating choices on the show.
AuralAdultery said…
AA stuvvs*
Berry Dakara said…
History of Skydiving -

Berry Dakara Blog
mizchif said…
This thing where I've forgotten most of the post by the time I open the comment box.
I'm quite intrigued by the whole conundrum that must be gay sex. Especially now knowing that it's hardly a strict top or bottom situation and it's all very "fluid" for the most part. But I'm sure it's the type of thing that gets discussed before hand if it's a relationship and then maybe they have some kind of bat signal amongst them where they can just tell. I really want to ask someone who knows.

Social climbers. I know a few.

I think it's highly irresponsible to not care about you and your partners genotype.

It's always refreshing when you meet Nigeirans who can actually voice unpopular opinions about things like marriage/kids.

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