Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Happy Friday. We are halfway through March. Q1 2016 is slowly drawing to an end. This getting older business is for the birds man. I thought spring was here but then the weather app says there's gonna be snow on Monday. On the flip, this weather people have no clue what the hell they are doing anyways. Meanwhile, how are you guys enjoying the Trump Circus Show. It's quite amazing and amusing, I tell ya. How did we let this happen? I don't think I have many randoms this week but here we go...

Did any of you watch Married At First Sight? It's a reality show about people literally marrying at first sight. Anyways, there's this robot masquerading as a human being named Ashley. She has her many flaws but one of the ones she had was she was a "dunno" person. It's frustrating having a convo with someone who's default answer is always "I dunno". She did that a lot and it made me just want to choke words out of her.

It's weird to see people try to make sure others no they are a bad guys/girl. Bad in this sense being freaky. As corny as the line may be real g's move in silence biko.

Everytime I get asked the question "what's new?", I always assume that it's code for "do you have a man yet?"

My stay in my lane game is so strong. The minute I feel like I am getting a vibe that I am encroaching or trying to hard or anything in that direction - I'm out.

I don't understand pedophiles. Every time I see a story about someone trying to seduce a young child, I am so confused. It also has me thinking, is it fair to classify this as an illness? Because, you really have to not be able to control yourself and risk it all just to be with a child. Especially in a country where you will definitely get caught. So weird.

So you know when people are hailing pregnant women who look good and say "Baba God do it for your daughter too", I chuckle. I mean is it divine intervention that will make it happen or diet and exercise?

Do you consider yourself self aware? If yes, why do you think so?

What is the difference between arrogance and confidence? What makes it wrong to toot your horn loudly? I mean there's always word of believing in yourself and selling your market but the minute you do, it's frowned upon.

You know how some people value a call over a text. I don't think I do. I mean there are certain instances when a call is warranted and has more value but overall, I don't find texts impersonal. The best friend hates texts/messaging. Maybe I am just a victim of the lazy generation :(

I have been trying to eat better these last 2 weeks and it's amazing the things you never noticed. My senses are so heightened. Everything looks delicious. I picked up a bottle of juice the other day and looked at the nutrition info and it has 56 grams of sugar!!! I think I miss my daily coffee the most, especially my iced coffee. sigh.

I also learned that when people say xyz food is filling, I can't relate. Unless I overeat or it's pounded yam me I don't know what people are talking about when they say "oh this fills me up". I drink nothing but water all day and all I can think about is my next meal. Maybe I am just a grubbie sha.

Well that's all I got. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay blessed!


neuyogi said…
Awww this was a food heavy post, lol at heightened senses. Meanwhile, I can see the value of texts too. I think it depends on who. I definitely don't want everyone to be calling me, when i can be watching tv or something and still have the convo. It's only when i have a lot to say or reply to a question, then texting is tedious. And of course during my long commute, talking on the phone is easier and makes time go faster. You know i had to throw your question of confidence vs arrogance to the people I am around today. I just know arrogance rubs me off the wrong way, lol but arrogant people convey opinion with an air of superiority or th eother person's opinion and existence is invalid e.g Donald Trump. While a confident person conveys their knowledge in a way that just states the fact and yet not come across as superior e.g Obama
Original Mgbeke said…
Yep, "wat's new" is definitely code for "do you have a man yet"?
LOL @ pregnant women. Some women claim to have good genes and said they aint do much besides breastfeeding so maybe people are praying for such genetic blessings.
Yes, I am self-aware. I know my strengths and my weaknesses.
Vivi N. said…
Was asked "So what's new?" over the weekend and immediately I knew she was asking about my (dry) love life. smh x lolol. And she was with her husband, too. Like I'm bout to talk about my (dry) love life with her husband there.
Anonymous said…
So many things I wanna respond to but don't know where to start! Lol

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