1. To be afraid.
2. To be uneasy or apprehensive.

Fear is an emotion so silently strong that people don't even realise when it sneaks up on them and is controlling their lives.

Fear is what keeps you stagnant because you don't want to fail or it's what pushes you to succeed because you don't want to fail.

Fear is what keeps the battered woman with her abusive lover. Even though she calls it love, ultimately it is fear.

Fear of being alone or starting over is what causes people to settle in an unhappy relationship.

Fear of "the love of my life" leaving me is what makes the too young teenage girl have sex with her boyfriend even when she knows she is not ready.

Fear of not being accepted or cool is what makes people do things they normally won't do.

Fear of being fat is what leads young girls to anorexia.

Fear of sounding stupid is what makes us not speak up when we need to.

Fear of rejection is what makes us let that girl or guy slip away when we had a chance to say something.

Fear of the Unknown is what makes us stay safe in our comfort zone and we never dare venture out the box. We rationalise it as being "sensible" but one day we wake up and wonder where time has gone.

Here's hoping that everyone at some point in their lives, gets armed with the weapon to fight fear which is COURAGE. Courage to do the things we know we should be doing, Courage to fight for our heart's desire and Courage to stand up to anything that dares to stand in our way. Have a wonderful night or day, Blogsville.

Enjoy Jazmin Sullivan's - Fear



BSNC said…
We all have one of such fear at a point in our life, but we will overcome the fears with courage. nice post

have a lovely week
Anonymous said…
Powerful Post.
blogoratti said…
Fear of the unknown...
Oftentimes we fear to live,to love,to find true happiness, to dream....
Courage empowers us to do those things in the first place*
Have a successful week,and nice looking out!
Tigeress said…
oh waow. This is so true. I really like your post.

But we must also remember that without fear it is impossible to please God. God is the only person we should fear.
Anonymous said…
I love this. Fear has been the cause of lots of mayhem in the society as well as in the lives of people. Fear (of the unknown) can set you back or push you fwd (fear of God). We tremble at the feet of big old fear, yet the best thing we can do for ourselves is to make "fear" afraid of us. Mr. Fear, fear me oooo
thanks a lot
Reverence said…
i really really really needed to read that. Thank you!
Original Mgbeke said…
Great post! I am definitely one of those people who is sometimes scared to speak up at the risk of sounding stupid.
I love the Jasmin Sullivan song too. See, I am actually listening to the song right now and not putting it off till tomorrow. :-D
ibiluv said…
SouLBoutiQue said…
First time here and great Post! It is soo true, fear can lead us to become people we aren't and not become the person we are destined to be. and I LOVE jasmine's album!
Nice Anon said…
courage is what gave me the strength to make pesto cavatappi over the weekend even though it didn't turn out that wonderful but at least i tried.
Original Mgbeke said…
LMAO. Nice Anon, which one na Pesto Cavatappi again? Nna ehn, I no dey chop the kain food wey I no fit spell o. Shuoooo.

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