Hellllooooo Bloggers!, Taynement woke up on the right side of the bed and has been in a decent mood all day. I think I finally have the energy to do a MeMe. I am not quite sure what it is sha because I only saw Original Mgbeke's and I deduced that you just pretty much write about yourself so here goes:

So I think I am like some dichotomy of myself or something or like my friend said(which made someone who overheard laugh):"maybe you were supposed to be a twin"(by the way the thought of that just freaked me the hell out). But, this is why it's good to know yourself and not base it on people becos you go confuse, lol. I'll give you examples:

- I hate meeting new people, I get so nervous hoping I don't say the wrong thing or make a fool of myself or wondering what they are thinking etc BUT I am the girl in a room that will walk up to someone and ask why they are just sitting around. I can't say I am a shy person, I'll say or do whatever my spirit moves me to do. I have been complimented on my social skills and told I leave an impression.

- Someone described me as passive aggressive the other day but I bet my coworkers and some of my friends would disagree. What someone would call passive aggressive, I call knowing how to pick my battles and not attacking every single thing.

- Some people would describe me as a talker and always talking about myself BUT on the other hand some people say I am surface and don't really say much about myself.

- I fret a LOT about my weight and my body BUT I have no problem being nude in front of people(not that i do that..ok not all the time)

How weird? Anways other things about me:

- I don't get angry quickly (except on the road and my fav word there is: asshole) but I DO get irritated easily, tooo easily in fact. But thank God, I get over it just as quickly. I no dey keep stuff for mind.

- I am SOOOOO sensitive. Chei! the thing dey even vex me sef. I wonder where I got it from too cuz noone in my family is like that.

-I have been told that I am intuitive. Some of my friends call me CIA or Psycho Winsh(lol). I am fascinated by the human psyche and always try to understand the reasoning behind someone's actions. So i basically study human beings continuously for fun and make up stories in my head about what could be the problem, most times when I do voice them out loud, I am usually right..but not all the time.

- Okay, so one of my pet peeves is PANTY LINES!!!!! Dear God, that ish irks the heck outttttaaa me!. Like how can you dress up and look cute and just have digging line separating and cutting into your ass cheeks like that ehn? why?? It ruins the whole effect my sisters. The ting dey do me so, that the other day my coworker who is a repeat offender got pulled to the side by Taynement who proceeded to tell her the dangers of panylines. I think my mission was successful :).My sisters invest in seamless pata, gstring or thongs. Do it for my sanity :D

- I'll admit I am a messy person, but I have some OCD tendencies. Some things just have to be a certain way or else my body will be itching. E.g at work my windows have to be arranged a certain way: My outlook first, Internet Explorer next, then Excel Sheets and so on and so forth. If something shuts down and screws it all up, Taynement has been known to shut down her computer so it's arranged the way I want it. Sue me! :p

- I hate being told what to do, I have a smart mouth, I hate shoes - yes SHOES, I think I could win for laziest human on earth(my rich husband where you at?), friendships are very important to me, I love my friends and think they are one of my prized possessions on earth, I live by 2 mottos in life - Learn something new everyday and Always strive to be a better person.

Of course I have a lot more but emm I can't be airing them all out here. So there you have it, a lirru something about Taynement. Have a wonderful day bloggers!

Oh wait! I don't know how to do that Blog Roll deal and I think it might be helpful for me to have, any volunteers to show me how? Danke!


My current favorite naija song that I think is appropriate:



Kate said…
i'm happy to say that i knew these things...
Original Mgbeke said…
I don't know you AT all. *pouts*
Reverence said…
you hate shoes? my brain really cant process that...

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