Happy New Month, Blogsville!

It's a new month my fellow bloggers. It's the beginning of the bestest month in the world, my birthday month!( Have I mentioned how much I love birthdays? just everything about it, living to see another year, the gifts hehe, woohoo!) Anyways to commemorate I thought I'd write down a list of my do's and dont's..

I DO believe love is a beautiful and powerful thing.
I DON'T believe love conquers all.

I DO believe in working hard and giving it your all.
I DON'T believe that's all that's required to be successful.

I DON'T believe being gay is a sin.
I DO believe acting on it is a sin.

I DO believe in living life to the fullest.
I DON'T believe in living life wrecklessly.

I DO believe people make mistakes in life.
I DON'T believe in making the same mistakes over and over again.(learn from 'em dammit)

I DO believe in not judging.
I DON'T believe in not checking your neighbor when need be.

I DO believe in respecting your fellow human being.
I DON'T believe "keeping it real" gives the license to be insensitive or rude.

I DO believe in how happy music makes me feel.
I DON'T believe in classifying music (eg black music/white music, there's only music you like or don't like)

I DO believe there's always room to be a better person.
I DON'T believe in the phrase "This is who I am, I can't change"

I DO believe everyone deserves happiness.
I DON'T believe everyone experiences it.

I DO believe in self love.
I DON'T believe self love comes easy.

I DO believe everything will be okay.
I DON'T believe I 100% believe that (lol)

I DO believe God is good.
I DO believe the devil is a liar.

Have a great week ahead people!:)

P.S I just wanted to add that Leggy if you are reading this, I'm sad you've gone private :(


BSNC said…
I do believe God is delicious, all the time.

happy new month and happy bday in advance :)
Nice Anon said…
I DO believe love is a beautiful and powerful thing.
I DON'T believe love conquers all.

Myne Whitman said…
Happy new month and birthday in advance. I love the poem and the contrast which I agree with most. The last line was classic.
Anonymous said…
Happy new month

I believe I dont know what I believe but that God is good.

Really can we classify music as
Good shit and crppy nonsense?
Like yoddeling for example is crappy noooonsense. hehehe.
Were u sleepy a lot when u got back? Cuz I feel like I have to sleep urgently all the damn time.
Yinkuslolo said…
ur first belief is what i am trying to accept tho i know its true
Original Mgbeke said…
Happy September. :-D

Yeah Leggy, why did you go private?

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