Random Thursday

I am in class all bored and stuff with A LOT of stuff on my mind, sigh. I have done blog rounds and visited a lot of bloggers for the first time, so I decided to just write out some stuff I can share.

- Are there people out there who don't suffer from procrastination? I need to get on whatever it is they are on. It's like I know what I need to be doing and should be doing but I just don't, it's the most amazing and infuriating thing.

- So you know the stereotype of how most Asians are small and skinny. When I see a fat one, I usually wonder how they feel and if they feel like they have failed their race. Oh yea, Fat Asians make me uncomfortable (It's my random, sue me)

- I used to LOVE the show, Friends. I still love it, actually it's my favorite comedy and second favorite show (behind Six Feet Under). Never missed an episode when it was on. I had the soundtrack cd to the show, I'd watch the reruns like I hadn't seen it ten million times, I'd say their lines along with them. I loved it so much I did an english project on them, somewhere out there is a website I built dedicated to Friends and Friends alone (yeah, I can be obsessive, me I choose to call it Loyal :D). Ross was my favorite character, he was so stupid it was hilarious.

- My current jobless state is the first time I haven't worked in 12 years. I love the time but my bank account doesn't. I have trips to take, right now I still have 6 scheduled trips and only one is a definite. It's so dissapointing when I get an email notification on my phone and I rush to read it and find out it's not an interview invitation or I get a strange number on my phone and it's someone I know calling from work. Uggh!

- T-7 days till I turn 27. I am so grateful to be 27 but it's still so surreal that I will be 27. I remember my 10th bday party like it was yesterday!

- It has been drawn to my attention that my words are usually misconstrued ie when i say something and don't mean anything, it's interpreted to mean something. I don't know if there's a cure for that save for limiting contact with people or just smiling and nodding. I do know it irks the hell outta me when nothing in said and when in random convo (usually 10 years later)the statement, "I didn't say anything cuz that's just how you are" is used.

- I can't decide if I am sick of the city I live in or just sick of the people in it or I just have issues lol.

- I wonder why people hate on Zunes. I know it's not an Ipod but I own a Zune and I absolutely love it.

- I have a plan, I just need to materialize this plan. Will procrastination let me?

- For the first time in many years, I am able to look in the mirror and not say something negative about myself. I am genuinely pleased about that.

- I hate school, nothing in the world can change that. It's like a pain in the ass for me.

- Naija music makes me happy.

- There are some songs I love but listening to them reminds me of a time when I listened to them to wallow in pity and hurt, so when I listen to them currently they make me feel uncomfortable.That being said I don't like Colby Caillat and that stupid Jason Mraz song I'm Yours,blech

- Everytime I turn on the radio I am guaranteed that either : Pretty Wings, God in me, Why would you wanna break up or something by Drake is on the radio.

- Guaranteed channel changers : Katy Perry - waking up in vegas, Taylor Swift(love her just not this song) - You belong to me, any lady gaga song (loooove her paparazzi video though, awesome concept and artistry)

- Nigerians need to calm down about the Sony PS ad and focus on the bigger picture of how we can help our country. Everyones acting like our people don't send out scam emails. I still don't see how we were insulted sha, they made reference to "pop culture".

- Miley Cyrus is hella annoying, she might even knock Mariah off #1 on my list, Pooch Hall (Derwin on the Game) is so sexy, I hope BET picks up the show.

- Hosea Sanchez(Malik on the game) is dating Tamera Mowry(Thanks Undercover, my mistake). Now since they are identical twins, is it safe to assume he is attracted to her sister? I have always wondered that about people who date identical twins.

- I love beans - naija beans with palmoil, with stew, baked beans etc. I can't eat it outside the house sha, has to be cooked by me or someone I know.

- I am back to watching entirely too much TV. I got back and caught up on all my shows, so currently on my roster : Big Brother 11, Mad Men, True Blood (oooh weeee, Eggs is sexy!), Entourage, Hung, Secret Life of the American Teenager. I caught up on Californication, currently on season 2 of Dexter.God help me when fall season starts.

- I love dysfunctional shows, there is something real yet beautiful about them. Speaking of which if you haven't seen the movie TowelHead, you should go see it.

Alright, Alright I should stop now with my blah blahs. Y'all have a wonderful Labor day weekend, be safe and stay blessed!


UnderCover07 said…
Tia Mowry is married o...last I checked she was married.
UnderCover07 said…
Oh and if u find out what the people who dnt procrastinate are on biko share wiv me...I need it badly...lol
Gee said…
u did not just hate on miley!!!
Nice Anon said…
Let to say this.. I thought you were talking about Asian penis there for a second. I was like "huh what is she on about; they should be happy!" then I realized.. she is talking about weight!
TayneMent said…
Thanks Undercover

@Gee, I enjoy her songs but the girl herself grates on my nerves.

@Nice Anon - LMAOOO!! we know where your head is at.lol!
Kate said…
your irks better not be about me o..i was totally joking.
YOU ARE OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwww!
Mehn..procrastination is the devil..you should try making a to do list and crossing it off as you complete a tast..it helps me a lot i've found
I love friends...Chanandeler Bong is my favorite character
One of those 6 trips better be to charm city
that is all..
Reverence said…
i looove friends too. my fav episode is the one with the unisex bag... you need sex no i dont need sex ,, U-N-I sex.. hilarious. Joey is my fav character.

LOL @ asians failing therie race.

my brother called the sony thing a poorly written commercial. cos if you rad teh emails the scammee is the millionaire not the scammer right? and the scammee is almost always not a nigerian so technically the phrase "nigerian millionaire" doesnt really work.
TayneMent said…
No, the scamee will get a cut of naira and be a millionaire in nigerian money
RocNaija said…
What's wrong with Pretty wings??
Nice tune to me..
Happy buffday in advance..
Anything planned?
TayneMent said…
Roc, Roc, nothing wrong with pretty wings oh, just saying its guaranteed to be playing on the radio. I like the song myself.

Nothing much planned just dinner with friends.
BSNC said…
i love friends too. Watched every episode. lol i thought joey was the stupid one..
Repressed One said…
Haha I thought about the fat asian thing too the other day but they don't make me uncomfy sha...
Tigeress said…
I beg to differ on the sony Ad- sorry. its like them making reference to an Arab terrorist. ARe all Muslim Arabs terrorists?

Miley who? lol!! wetin consan me with that child?
Myne Whitman said…
I procrastinate too, pls share some tips. I love zune too, and yeah Miley is the bomb! Hehheehe

Plenty randoms sha
Anonymous said…
I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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