Friday Randoms

Happy Friday! Happy New Month in the Best Month Ever! hehe..Hi guys, welcome again. May I just say that I have the worst sleeping habits. It is currently 3.13am and I am watching Mad Men and trying to pack for my trip to New York tomorrow (Mayne, Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper is just such a beautiful man). As for my trip I have been looking forward to it and Hurricane Earl wan pour sand in my garri sha, oh well make we dey see. Anyways, I have been thinking and apparently I started Friday Randoms on the 1st of October and it seems to be losing its luster so to mark it's first anniversary I'm thinking of retiring randoms till further notice, just to give you guys a heads up. Ok then boys and girls. Let's random.

Things I read off twitter: Many of us r slowly starting 2 realize dat perfect may not come in D package we want. Tough 2 swallow but guess wut its still perfect 4 U. *show of hands anyone?*

In school, I always pray I end up in groups with over achievers that want to do jara. So far I have been lucky. Oh yea #don'tjudgeme lol

I once had a weird friend. She used to say that she was drawn to flawed people and could not relate to "good" people. I just thought it was part of her madness but today in 2010, why does that kinda make sense to me? I am uncomfortable with "good" people. When I say good people I don't know how to explain it, not that they are perfect but they seem to be..always polite, always thankful, always calm, always just...good and all that's missing is a halo. It's probably because its a reminder of my many flaws who knows alls I knows is they make me uncomfortable.

Our Ad rep at work is always calling me sweetie. I hate that, I always have, right from when i got to this country and the lunch lady asked me "what you want, baby?" uugh..sweetie, honey, dear just usually sounds condescending to me when its not a significant other.

Mel B has a banging body.

Is it wrong that I'd like to live with my future husband before getting married?(like after engagement)

I have come to realize that our generation thinks that because they are more open about premarital sex and sexual things that they are open minded in general but it's amazing how NOT so open minded our generation is.

Ah the joys of technology, winners are now reading their thank you speeches at award shows from their Blackberrys.

Things I deal with: This week my mom reminded me that I will be 28 and pretty soon I will have slim to 0 pickings. FML. It's hard for these things not to get to you. I was so upset at her but we talked it out sha.

I really feel at a certain age everyone should have a crystal ball from God then when you meet someone it tells you yes or no and whether to pursue ssomething with someone you met.

Why are american checks torn from the top as opposed to the side like jand and naija?

AT&T has really cool ads.

The new Dancing with the Stars lineup err has no stars?

Encouragement goes a long way sha.

Things I heard on tv: If you are feeling lost count your blessings not the cost.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those trying to quit an addiction or bad habit, for God to grant them the strength and help them with their struggle. AMEN

Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend!Don't forget to send in your randoms if you have any to
This week's song is a dance song that I like. If you haven't noticed, dance music is what's hot right now (love Usher's "DJ got us falling in love"). Anyways, the lyrics of this song makes me laugh and Akon is nasal as usual. Enjoy.

Matisse - Better than Her


Anonymous said…
Bish u better not quit randoming! Nuff said.
U want us to beg u abi?
Oya I'm begging. U berra not stop! Atleast until I have somn else to look fwd to Fridays for and no I don't look fwd to d wknds!

WV: "Kilit": what I will do to u if u stop. :)

Love ya
blogoratti said…
Digging those randoms...Hey have a lovely weekend!
Reverence said…
so like if you quit randoms, what will i do???

was i dreaming or does this new DWTS season really have bristol palin? how is she a star?

i like teh crystal ball idea.

and wow at your mum..

have fun in new york
isha said…
My hand is up!!!

The randomest of the randoms has to be the check thing. Lol.
neefemi said…
hands up
and i like ur randoms so you shouldn't quit
yankeenaijababe said…
28 and single is not bad, think about someone that is 45 and single. Just put it in prayers, your Mr right will find you...God willing.

Hopefully, your workers can understand if you explain to them, baby or sweetie is not accetable. Hope you have a great weekend.
Ms.O said…
NOOO dont stop randoms..:(
Mel B..I aspire...
Have a fun trip!!..

LucidLilith said…
Twitter is crazy.

I don't like perfect people. It means they are trying too hard to hide something.

Dont listen to your mom about slim pickings. You will get there when you get there.

Plus: I tried to random during the week but I got distracted...too much stuff goin on in my head.

You rock!

Okay, thanks, bye :)
Kash said…
I showed my trainer a pic of Mel B so he knew what I wanted my body to look like.

I'm 24 and my mom says the same exact thing...makes me very upset! :(

Please don't quit Randoms...I truly look forward to fridays to read ur randoms.
Nice Anon said…
"Many of us r slowly starting 2 realize dat perfect may not come in D package we want"

Are you talking to me? wow! hits home haaard!
lani said…
have a great weekend ...
Fabulo-la said…
Awww Ive missed your randoms
Hope you are good babes.
MPB said…
I totally dig the "flawed" people thing. It's probably why pediatricians freak me out, so chirpy, bubbly and "good". Nope it is not wrong that you'd like to cohabitate after being engaged. Totally feel you on the crystal ball thing after a certain age....sigh
Ms.O said…

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