Friday Randoms

Sleep dey catch me oh! Hello my beautiful people, how una dey? Hope you had a good week. Thank you ever so much for all the kind birthday wishes from you my blogfam. I appreciate it. My day was ever so dry. My coworkers did get me cute lil' cupcakes and after work I went to get my hair did, came home, cleaned my house and did some school work.Sad innit? lol. Yea most, if not all of my personal people live out of state but I got to see some the week before in NY so it's all good. Anyhue, Thanks again guys! I guess I don't have much to say before I random so let's just get right into it.

Not that I am a movie snob or anything but I am so excited. Movie season (for me) is here!yippeee! Can't wait to finally start my weekly trips to the theater.

So like a few years ago all I prayed for were boobs, all my people know. I woke up one day this year and my bras didn't fit anymore, went to Vicki's to get sized and eureka I am a 34D! lol. I am totally ignoring the fact it's more weight gain than anything but whatever. In NY last week, this lady said "I wish I had your boobs" and i said, "they are new!". She totally thought I meant I bought them but I didn't correct her :D

Things I heard in a movie: Marriage is hard. Two people year after year. Sometimes you stop seeing the other person.

Things i heard on tv: I don't work. I tried working and found out it was inconducive to my life. ---- na beans?

A friend of mine thinks that it is imperative that every woman experience heartbreak in their 20's. yay or nay?

I was thinking of my mom and I's relationship the other day. It's great and I couldn't ask for more and it had me thinking about people who have their parents here in the states and I am a little envious of them, I think it makes life easier.

....And then she exhaled :D

You know, sometimes you really want to set people straight that leave useless comments on a blog post but I don't think most people come back to read it so I have to just let it go.

When men disrespect a relationship, I just wonder why. Sometimes men don't realize that it is very possible to be single. For some women, they choose to share themselves with you, they make a choice to be vulnerable and allow you into their lives. Yes when you are single you want a relationship but truth be told it is WAAY easier to be single than in a relationship.

I truly hate sorting my laundry

Call me a prude but how do these reality folks feel comfortable enough to have sex on camera and have everyone watch?

I have always wanted to take a swimming class at my gym but I see it's usually only old people in those classes.

Sigh, it's not easy being an adult. Decisions just become harder and harder.

I have asked before and I ask again, how on earth do people pay for weddings??

Things I read on twitter: Stop looking and he will find you - Umm is that really true?

Job you love with not enough money vs job you don't like that will pay you loads?

So the trial for the case where this family was held hostage and the wife and daughters were killed. It was really horrible but my mind strayed when I read the part where he was led to the bank where he withdrew $15k. Chei, having 15k sitting in my checking account? sigh...

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who somehow self sabotage and get in the way of themselves, for God to remove this barrier and help them fulfill their potential AMEN.

Have a lovely weekend guys, I was supposed to be in the Windy City but it didn't work out so I will probably be in Austin. Be safe! muah!

Today's song is a song I absolutely love back when I thought The Dream was a genius. The scales have fallen from my eyes now lol

The Dream - Right Side of my Brain


Anonymous said…
Fest... That's all.

Fabulo-la said…
You are not a prude jere my dear.
I think somethings off with this generation.

And A big AMEN to that prayer request mehn...
May we not be hinderances to our own progress.

Shey you are good dear?
kay9 said…

(lol... tay, what does "scurred" mean?)
Hehe!I have my Mom here; the other day I was telln her hw excited I was about moving out n' getting my own mama say na lie! Anywhere I go she is following me lol...

Sex on reality camera??? Ermm no!!!

I used to be a Bank Teller;ppl have money sha oo dats all I can say.

Have a faboosh weekend!!!
Anonymous said…
Randoms are back. My Fridays are what they are supposed to be!!! Not that you were not randoming but it seemed you were about to leave us. Lol, no pressure or anything but you better keep random Fridays.
isha said…
I miss my Windy City. Even the snow...

@ Kay - Scurred = 'scared' in ebonics/urban dictionary spelling. Pronounce it and you'll get.
LucidLilith said…
35D??? I just graduated to a B cup a few months ago! LOL at not correcting the lady.

Parents in the states would be awesome and scary at the same time.

I love sorting laundry. yeah. I am anal.

U berra start the swimming classes before you become one of the oldies taking the class in 2050.

Adulthood IS hard.

How do people pay for weddings? Typically parents start saving up as soon as they hear "It's a girl."

Love does come when you are not looking.

In this economy, the loads of money will make up for the crappy job.
yankeenaijababe said…
loving this post, hope you have a great weekend, so glad you had a fun birthday.
Nice Anon said…
That is why a dose of the "head" should be employed in every relationship least dem use your head drink garri
Myne Whitman said…
I need that 15k in my checking account too.
Good Naija Girl said…
Happy belated birthday, Taynement!

Whoa...the prayer really spoke to me: I'm such a self saboteur when it comes to getting to know guys. God help me!
Rita said…
Missed you and your Friday randoms...(all my fault)

LOL @ "they are new!" I am sure I can trust you to buy right sized bras for me

AMEN to your prayer...

And hey! Happy Belated Birthday.
kay9 said…
@isha: LOL!! holly golly, i know what it means, its just the baby-dialect way Tay spelled it that amused me.

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