Friday Randoms

Howdy ho people. How long has it been? I do not apologize for my absence because it looks like everyone is on hiatus too. I’ve been a bit busy sha, classes started, bit more work to do and twitter has stolen my random thoughts. I’ve generally been okay, but in all honesty I am tired of going to work. I, by no means hate my job actually but just the daily grind of waking up, getting ready etc. I get to work and I’m faffing like a mofocky doing everything but work, yet counting down to 5pm. I mean, I do some work and I meet my deadlines but what does it mean if all I am thinking of is getting off work and just chilling. I was telling my friend this and she told me to go get a sugar daddy. I told her I hate depending on people and she pretty much told me I was screwed. Lol, don’t mind me jare, I think I am just feening for a vacay, haven’t traveled in a while and I think I am ready for a trip. Let’s random, shall we?

I realize that I fuss over my friends and loved ones a lot but I hate being fussed over. Contradictory much?

Let me tell you, no matter how long you been threading and/or waxing, that ish still hurts. Everytime.

My friend sent me a text as he watched Jennifer Hudson walk down the Oscar red carpet: “As long as I have a face Jhud will always have a place to sit on”. See wahala. Me I think he was just bedazzled by her boobs that were out to play, cuz as good as she looks now, I still don’t see Jhud and think – hot. But I’m a girl.

My girl just got married recently and I was a bridemaid. As is customary, I carried my Ankara to go get sewn and see me see wahala. This lady won’t adjust it as I requested, her reason? “My waist too small and hip and thigh too big” (she is Chinese). I wanted to scream. I went to alter my bridesmaid dress at a DIFFERENT tailor. They messed it up and as I am trying to get her to do what I want and she tells me: “I not try to tell you about your body, but your waist small and hip is big”. I kid you not, it was all I could do to not scream. I spend too much money on alterations for this mess #endrant

It irritates me when you send an evite with information and yet on the day of the event, you get bombarded with calls and texts asking for the same information on the evite.

I don’t think I believe Karma exists

…and that’s the way the cookie crumbles

Man, you hear things everyday but relationships take work men. It’s funny how everyone knows communication is a very key ingredient and sometimes it’s just the hardest thing to do.

I think it would be a hella sucky situation if you finally found your spouse and they end up dying young. I’d be so pissed.

Why do people ask their s.o, how many people they’ve been with? I’ve just never understood that line of thinking. I’d answer if I was asked but I’d never ask.

You know how some people say they don’t envy those people whose parents paid their fees in school because they’ve built character working for their school fees etc etc. I call a big ole pile of b.s on that. I would totally trade working numerous jobs and getting student loans for my parents paying my fees. I know many a people whose parents paid their fees and they turned out just fine to me. Character ko? Hiss.

I was watching my choir master at church, and you know those hand gestures they make “directing” the singers. Do they really mean anything? Do they pay attention to his hands?

I wonder if pregnancy craving is correlated to your location. For example, will a woman in naija crave jello or will a woman in yankee crave gala?

My friend asked me if I ever wondered what my life would be like if I didn’t have a large ass. I said yes.

You know what’s weird. You know those girls you saw naked in boarding school with weird bits eg inverted nipples, extra long labia, mango boobs etc etc. Years later and you guys meet at some random function, they are looking all fly but you know what’s under the flyness. No? just me? Whatever.

Twitter is fascinating. Especially Nigerians on twitter. It has taught me that many Nigerians are blessed and or favored. Oh wait, I forgot the smiley face - :). I see that from how many people almost everyday, it's like we have to be reminded. Maybe it’s positive reaffirmation sha, so let me shut up.

I am weird. I like most stuff plain. I don’t like nuts in my salad or chocolate. I don’t like all that extra stuff in my icecream and unless it’s some kind of meat I don’t like extras in my soup. Heck I don’t like stockfish.

I am baffled at how there are some people my age who don’t work by choice.

I’ve never really been concerned by age, but I have to admit hearing people say they graduated high/secondary school in say like 2004 gives me a bit of a pang.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Today's video is an unofficial video a friend showed me. I think its pretty cool with a twist.

BLAME GAME from on Vimeo.



Yankeenaijababe said…
Happy weekend to ya girl, loved the random post, I can imagine you having a big ass, lol Work can be boring , you just have to manage knowing it pays the bills. I hate WORK myself but wetin man go

Parents who pay tuition are the best, I happen to be one of the lucky ones, my dad paid all my tuition and it sure felt great to graduate without any student silly a fresh start in I turned out normal.
Harry Itie said…
Nice Random post... I loved it!
kitkat said…
what's wrong with parents paying school fees for their kids? O_o
isnt that like the right thing to do,lol
interesting post :)
Vivi said…
Threading/Waxing is something I dread. I give the person so much hell because "i no relax my face" or I'm wincing or my eyes start watering. Hot ass mess./ I think Jennifer can be hot at times. Even when she was slightly bigger. / I have a friend who's husband died when he was 27. So sad. She's now in her early 30s and is just getting back in the dating game. She refuses to remarry. / I guess some folks wanna compare themselves to their significant other's past partners...? That's the only thing I can think of. /I'm with you in the whole trading places with those that were fortunate enough to have parents pay for their tuition. /The 'directing hands' is for show. I'm convinced. lol. / I have always wondered if my life would've been slightly different if I had a bigger ass. I honestly don't think so. / Age doesn't bother me either but when I was watching "American Idol" last week and the contestants were dropping their birth years of 1994...1995(!!!), I kinda winced. Then yesterday, I find out that Willow Smith got herself a Twitter page. That just ain't right.

Have yourself a fantastic weekend!
Mgbeks said…
Dayum, I wish someone had paid my school fees. Who dey follow drag for building character? Not me. LoL...

I'm surprised you aint go off on a Chinese cat. I'm paying you to alter my dress and not offer your opinion on my body.

...And that is why I shall be sticking with my Nair and shaving creams.
LucidLilith said…
lmao! OMG Chinese people can be so racist. Did you tell her that her ass is too small and that she needs to eat a sandwich.

Yes - Karma exists

Parents paying fees? How about parents paying for everything! I know some girl whose mom just got her an apartment in NY for a cool $3million. FML.

Hand gestures matter in the choir. I know. I used to be in one. And actually directed one. You have no idea how irritating people who sing out of cue can be.

2004 High School grads make me feel like grandma.
Jaycee said…
Are you serious? So I'm not the only one who's thought of conductors of choirs and if they know what they're doing at all. Taynement, you're a trip. LOL.

Your pregnancy question is the most hilarious question I've ever heard anyone ask. LWKMD.

Who said that one about not envying people whose daddies and mummies paid their school fees? Are they serious? PLEASEEEEE that is a CINDERELLA STORY, and who doesn't want it? Even at this "graduate" stage of my life. Lol.

Lol @ "Your waist is small and your hip is big." If two tailors told you that...ha ha ha.

Sometimes I think Nigerians make twitter interesting with their diverse thoughts (as in, very diverse). smh.
Jaycee said…
Forgot to add that I've missed your randoms :)<----- yeah, the smiley face thingy.
Myne Whitman said…
Spouses dying young, babe don't scare me please. As for how many they've been with, *smiles*...

I also don't believe in Karma.

As for those who want to build their character, I think it's cos they have no other option. Who no like better thing?

Have a nice weekend.
Rep One said…
Ohh I like these randoms. *mini-blog post*
-Yes ma’am…that mess hurts everytime!!
-Jhuds boobs looked weird in the dress, IMO
-Life keeps confirming my thinking that ‘karma doesn’t make her round’
-Haha…that reads like me
-Ditto! Silly question!
-Hell I wish my fees where paid for. Especially as I just checked my balance and almost choked on my tongue.
-Yes they do. They direct the 3 different vocal groups on when to sing and for how long, if needed. When the instruments should stop so we hear just voices. How long to sing the chorus or hook or whatever. Well, from my time as a ‘chorister’ we had to pay attention to the hands sha.
-LOL…if you crave gala in yankee youz on a long tin

Have a good one!
LohiO said…
I graduated HS in 2005!!!

We don't believe the ass story!! That random is WORTHLESS without pics!!

I waxed today *pain*

I believe in Karma..I have seen it work wonders..

Here is a smiley face a'la twitter for good measure---> :) kbye!
Pele with the job doldrum. I hope the vacay happens soon. (maybe you need a change...a job that you're passionate about)..

I'm the same with the contradiction on fussing (but sometimes deep down i do wish that people fussed over me)..Whatevs.. Yep threading will always be a mofo...Haha. you don suffer..Pele. At least you looked fly in the end abi? That's all that matters..But this your lovely ass...Hmmn:) Still on the fence with Karma....Uh huh to communication& relationships...I would be more than pissed with the spouse dying young scenario...Let me not think about it...*shudders*..Yeah that character & paying fees is laughable. I guess some people just like to die young (pun intended) and age fast...Why sacrifice or stress about stuff like that if it can be avoided. Na wa o, Hardcore much....Haha at the choir master hand signals. You're so silly...Per the pregnancy and cravings, it appears so...You're a trip for the thoughts boarding school nakedness & social meetings. But i feel you..Yep twitter & Nigerians = free comic relief for Shade..Yes you're weird..Yeah the people our age who don't work by choice is interesting. I'm always torn between jealousy and pity (still deciding). Finally, i agree that the age ish does creep me out too a little. Even more baffling &troubling is what "kids" at such age now do/ are into. I can't help but feel like a grandma. Sigh..Have a wonderful weekend too sweets.


Word verification: Mosuing. WTF is mosuing? More like mousing...Sheet..
dhjax said…
I hear there is a two year itch when it comes to work and moving on.. Maybe that's what's biting you.....

People who graduated HS in 2004.. Sigh.. I console myself with the fact that I work with people who started in my field the year I finished HS..

The one about the ass, I'm soooooo with Lohi on that one..
EDJ said…
I don't suppose I am one of the people who gives you a "pang" with my secondary school graduation date? Haha.

Finally found your blog!

Your random thoughts are similar to mine, I'm telling you me have to be related! Its the only way!
HoneyDame said…
From the beginning to the end, this got me in hysterics. Those randoms are just off the easel!
I am with you on that pregnancy stuff.. Even the foetus knows what kind of things to demand.
I am with Lohi on that ass issue...Back it up babe!
Reverence said…
feel the same way, time crawls when you are at work but goes super fast when you are not.

on the contrary i thought JHud was cute even way back in the AI days

haha at alteration ladies, maybe they are speaking from a place of jealousy?

oh yes karma exists...

only you would make me LOL on a matter involving death i knew this girl in ugrad the guy she was talking to died, it was less talking to more of i am just doing shakara before i agree for you. now that was a sucky situation.

i had this friend, not only did they get their fees paid, they got a brand new car at graduation. i am working hard so i can be THAT parent.

i think for you to crave something you would have to have a memory/idea of what it tastes like no?

have you ever had coldstone? it might change your mind about extra stuff in your ice cream. there is one in your hood, we should go..

dude, i recently found out Channing Tatum lookalike in the mail room at work that i always find an excuse to talk to is 19. as in born in 1991, i almost passed out.

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