Friday Randoms

Hi guys, hope you all are doing okay and had a good week. I almost didn't do randoms this week after all the good feedback and praises for the writer of guest randoms last week. Well too bad so sad for you guys, you are stuck with me and my stale randoms :). I don't know about you guys but I have heard about so many deaths, especially of young people and I'm just..I dunno but it's getting to me a bit. I understand that's how life works but really, I say this a lot - no parent should have to bury a child. Anyways enough dreary talk. So someone in my close circle of friends got engaged over the weekend. This will be the 2nd of my close friends and it's so surreal. Guess we're all growing up! I am so over this cold weather, summer where art thou?. Ok I am done flapping my gums, here we go...

I always chuckle at tv shows/movies where someone storms out from a restaurant and throws change on the table. I always wonder if the person left behind gets mad that they are stuck with the bill.

While on the subject of movies, you know that thing where two people have the hots for each other and they start making out and are all over each other before they get to the house or the apt, then they burst through the door and all of that? Have any of you done that?

I have noticed with nigerians, ask them to describe wifey material and it's almost always - smart, cute and can cook. If only that's all it took to be wifey material.

Why are a lot of Nigerians pretentious? and why do they wear it like a badge? It's so ironic that those who are or try too hard don't realize that everyone sees through it.

If someone always tries to paint a perfect picture of their lives are they being positive or is it being shady?

I just wonder what it's like to be a guy and just have meat dangling between your legs. I suppose the same could be said about us and boobs on our chest but boobs don't get erections.

A lot of my guy friends are getting engaged.

Someone mentioned that the UFC was like a modern day Spartacus. That made me chuckle.

I wonder if guys say "k" to each other in conversation.

I think it's such an insult when a girl is pregnant and tells the father of the baby and the first thing he says is "you sure it's mine?". I don't know why but I just think it's a douchey thing to say.

Almost everyone will look back to when they were younger and realize that no, they didn't know everything as much as you thought you did.

"The fear filled cannot love deeply or dream wildly. The worship of safety emasculates greatness"

I'd REALLY like to know what it is they put in the water that Beyonce stans drink.

I wonder what it's like for a twin to grow up as a single knowing that he/she lost their twin as a baby.

“you never really get over losing someone you love…you just get used to them not being there” - yay or nay?

That's all I got folks. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. It's a holiday weekend for me and I am straight bumming. No traveling or nothing, I need to give my body some rest. As always, be safe in all you do and don't drink and drive!

I love this song



Toinlicious said…
Randomly random
LohiO said…
lol @ definition of wifey material..

Alot of my guy friends are getting engaged too..:(


good song!
Reverence said…
you get president's day off? worrahell... so unfair! i dont smell holiday till memorial day.
Anonymous said…
I'm covering my crotch next time I see you and yes we do use 'k'.
mizchif said…
Get. Out. Of. My. Head.

That "Are you sure it's mine" question is such a huge fear of mine to the point that if by mistake my enemy (not me of course) concieves out of wedlock for anybody the person is most likely not going to hear about it.
Original mgbeke said…
"Are you sure it's mine" is most definitely a douchey thing to say. That will cause a huge and very major fight, if any one ever said that to me.

Fashy Nigerians and their pretentiousness. I look and laugh.
Etoile Oye said…
No!!! Bring him back. Hehe. The are you sure it's mine question should be followed promptly by a back-handed slap. *hiss*
As for the wifey material, I am convinced guys don't know what they want as much as they claim we ladies don't. They say what sounds good. What and how they finally choose is totally another case.
Miss Enigma said…
I've always wondered what it feels like to hve a penis too, and what it feels like for them during the do...dnt ask me why lol

Idk, I got over my ex maybe cos I was tired of that rship, but i'm still trying to get over recent 'thing' that never was...i guess time helps sha
Other countries, especially the non-liberated ones pictures their wife as maid; someone who will take care of them, tend the house and the children. i guess it is more than the cultural bearing of a country.

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