Friday Randoms

Hi folks. How are ya? and how's life been treating you? We've approached yet another friday and it will be redundant for me to say how fast the year is flying by. We are almost at the 6 month mark. Out of curiosity, for those of you who have new year resolutions, any luck so far or have they been laid to the wayside? Life's been life, can't complain. I did have a terrible headache today and it was so weird cuz it was just on the left side of my head, had to leave work and chill a bit. Summer is finally here yay. No need for layers and coats and encumbering clothing. You guys don't know how much I hate the cold. Okay, I have nothing else to fill space with so I'll just get to the few randoms I have.

I have noticed that everytime I am told to list the male celebrities that I think are hot, I go blank on the black celebs and I can only list the white ones.

Even though I am sure they exist, I can't imagine how uncircumcised men are comfortable with their penises. Ok, Ok I am talking out my ass cuz I've never seen one but from description it just does one get used to giving head to a penis with foreskin on it?

I never put butter on my popcorn at the movies. I see butter being put on popcorn and I think of heart attacks.

Speaking of food, I was watching a best places to chow in the U.S and cot damn, there's a reason we are obese in this country. There were like 9 inch burritos with so much junk topped with cheese, a restaurant where everything served was fried like fried oreos, fried pizza etc. If they had something on the menu that you didn't want you can bring your own stuff to be fried. There was a 72oz steak, a 12 egg omelette with sooo much cheese.

I watch some of these privileged kids on TV and hear some stories and I wonder how one can go through life without a Plan B. Enjoy your family money to the max but what happens when your parents pass away and they aren't around to fund you anymore?

I've often been told I am hard to buy a gift for and I disagree jo. Quality over Quantity. I remember during my Justin Timberlake phase (ok i still love him but when i was REALLY into him) and I got a JT calendar as a gift. I think it was more of the thought. I thought it was the best present the time.

You know how you apply for a job and they tell you, you didn't get it because you didn't have enough experience and they got someone more experienced. I was watching Girls and this chick who was a virgin was messing about with this guy. She was ready to go all the way and stuff but the minute she told him that she was a virgin, he flaked and said he didn't want. I drew a parallel between the two scenarios and wondered how she'll ever be the "experienced girl" that he wanted if noone wanted to poke the virgin.

I was watching something the other day, not that it was any new knowledge but the guy mentioned how most people keep waiting for the one, instead of focusing on being the one (you guys know how i don't like this "the one" terminology). When you don't work on yourself, you see "the one" as the savior and transfer the external need for what they can do for you. Most times you end up in the wrong situation and they give you what they aren't supposed to.

"Unhealthy people attract other unhealthy people with complementary dysfunctions" Yay or Nay people?

So POTUS declared his support for Gay marriages yesterday and everyone went crazy and it was the topic of the day. The other half of Nigerians decided to find their religious roots and use that as grounds for why it was wrong. I know I have said it before but if all sins are equal, why are people up in arms about supporting gays?

That being said Obama can do no wrong in the people that believe in him's eyes. Obama-washing is real. Can't blame them though, dude is a charming guy.

A debate broke out on twitter over some article earlier in the week. Too long to get into detail but on a serious note can someone define a feminist for me?

Are we so deprived of attention in our generation that we are doing all we can to seek/get attention or is it technology/social media that is creating this need?

Maybe because I have been lucky in that area but I have had great female friends, so I never get why some females feel they can never be good friends with females. I also think that as much as you think you are tight and great with a dude, they do take their bros before ho's mantra seriously.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Be safe!!!

Oh also, in the off chance you need to know some season finale dates for your favorite show I have some listed on


mizchif said…
Mz Tayne!!!!

Uhmmmm, human beings are very adaptable creatures, if you have to get used to something, you will get used to it.

I was thinking about that whole not wanting a virgin thing just today, i mean personally i don't know what i'd be doing with a virgin male, but if i meet someone who ticks enough boxes for me i'm definitely not about to next him just because he's a virgin. So i guess it depends what ones motives are.

As for the need for attention, i think like a whole lot of other things, it's always been there but what social media has done is just magnify it.
Myne Whitman said…
OK, I had so many answers but I became overloaded, lol....

A feminist is as a feminist does. To each their own.
Original Mgbeke said…
I would definitely like to know the definition of a feminist as well...

I don't even get the gay marriage beef. Seriously.

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