Friday Randoms

Howdy Ho folks! How are ya? Hope y'all have been good (do you see the Texan in me? smh). It's friday again! yippee! and it's a holiday on monday, yippee! This week was a breeze for me, boss was out of town and you know that feeling when the boss is not in the office. I'm actually staying home for the long weekend because airfare prices are mooning and mocking me in the face. Everywhere I planned to go - kaput but we keep the faith! Okay, let's random

So I woke up last week and suddenly decided that I, Taynement the most technology/anything appliance related inept person wants an Ipad. I have decreed it and so it shall be (Yea, I am also trying out this confession is possesion thing)

All these mics people be sharing on stage, can microphones be disinfected?

Isn't it weird for someone who has never experienced an orgasm to describe really good food as a foodgasm or good music as eargasm or whatever else -asm there is?

It is a strange thing to witness a man with a big significant other ragging on another girl's weight.

I've never quite understood people who passionately insult yankee like it's the worst place ever. I mean you must have a reason to still be here. Like, deal with it already or just move.

I know there are people who say they have no regrets in life. I wouldn't say they are regrets per se but lately I have been thinking about a lot of things I would have done differently.

I think I have mentioned this before but honestly when you give, it's best to give from your heart and without any expectations.

Does anyone watch Tanisha Getting Married? I have never seen a couple so headed for disaster and yet they can't see it. Almost everyone in their lives see it except the couple themselves. What do you do in a situation like that? Talking to a person "in love" is almost always futile.

This week Lolo Jones felt the need to announce that she is a 29 year old virgin, Meagan Good also announced her celibacy with her fiance. Now while there is nothing wrong with their decisions, I don't quite understand why they have to share it with the world. It's almost as weird as a sexually active person announcing people they've slept it. Miley Cyrus was talking about how sex is magical, few years ago she was mouthing off about being chaste and pure. I get she grew up but really the updates aren't necessary jare.

My friend and I know a 31yr old woman who is ready to get married, she mentioned that she doesn't have time on her side and wouldn't want to have long term dating and would like to know early on that this was headed somewhere serious. She then said that she doesn't know if this could be misconstrued as desperate. I said I can see how it could be. My friend said that she doesn't think so, that any man who sees that as desperation isn't serious and good riddance. What say ye, people?

The harder/more I work out the less I eat, the less I work out the more I eat. Backwards, no?

If your child had an obvious gift say singing. Graduates high school and has an opportunity to make it big as a singer. It's not guaranteed but they have the opportunity to try out and give it a shot. On the other hand, they got a full scholarship to college. What would you do? Let them give the singing a shot or go to college for free.

This might win me a terrible daughter award but I love my mom with all of my heart but the thought of her living with me for say 3 months makes me break out in sweat. See what happens when you have been living alone for so long.

When people say things like, "My wife's mother" instead of mother in law or "My dad's brother" instead of uncle or "my dad's wife" instead of step mom. I automatically assume whatever relationship in question is not exactly in the best place.

My brain still cannot process a fat Asian person.

That's all I got for you folks. Have a wonderful weekend. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. Eat, drink, be merry and be safe!


Tee said…
I get your view on regrets...I feel the same way

As per my or college...I will never look a gift horse in the first...all else after

I get the mom a certain time and the ends start to your mom planning on moving in?

Enjoy the holiday Hun...x
Kash said…
I definitely say "my dad's wife" and "my sister's husband" and nope I can't stand either of them.

Isn't Meagan Good engaged to a pastor? Maybe that's why she felt she had to announce that she's been he doesn't look bad as a pastor.
Anonymous said…
Announcing might be to encourage other people who are thinking of abstaining?

I'm the same way regarding eating more when I am working out less

I think my child can always reapply and get another scholarship or defer admission so I would let him/her try out the singing route. YOLO

Ditto on regrets. I think about what I would have don different but ultimately I believe all things work out for good so I'll still end up at the best distination (happiness and satisfaction). I just took an alternate route...

Original Mgbeke said…
I want an Ipad too! Confession is indeed possession...or so they say.

Hmmm good thought on the "gasm" thing. Never thought of it that way.

What channel is Tanisha getting married on?

I second Kash. Maybe Megan did it so that her pastor husband wouldn't seem suspect. lolll

Funny enough, I *think* I can handle my mom for 3 months.
Vivi N. said…
'Confession is possession'. Hmmm. I was always - ALWAYS - feel weird doing so. Without fail. I'm a weirdo, though. And iPad, smchiPad. Hmmph.

It's funny to me when I see a guy raggin' on s female's weight and they are fat themselves...or their mom/sister is fat. Like, do you not SEE?

I know for myself, I have some regrets in my life that I wished given the opportunity, I could change. I see nothing wrong with acknowledging it. It's when one keeps harping on it that it becomes an everyday thing...that's dangerous.

I'm still on the 'no one needs to be knowing bout my sex life' team. I just don't get it when one just steps into a place and starts telling everyone bout his/her sex life. Like, I don't need to know that shit. Same with celebrities. Keep it to yourself. I know the media always ask of it but you do have the right to say, 'no comment' or ignore it. As much as I rag on Beyonce bout being a robot and dry, I do appreciate that she keeps a part of her life (esp. her sex life) private. It's worse in workplaces. I'm sure folks think I'm a prude or something. lolol. Shoo, I don't care. Ain't your business.

The 31yr old comes off as desperate. I understand that time is not on her side but don't rush into something just because you feel you're pass the age. It doesn't make sense. That's why so many folks are in loveless marriages now. Chill. Your time will come. But that's just me.

One can not pass up a free education. So, I'll say take the scholarship. But I will definitely encourage her to pick up activities on the side that will continue her love for singing.

The wonders of fashion blogging but I've seen a couple of plus size Asians.
mizchif said…
I say it all the time about all those -gasms people be having. You must have been having some very wacktastic orgasms if you can compare them to food and such.

Regrets.....i like to think i don't have those, but truth is looking back there's things i do wish i'd done differently.

When i'm not working out i feel guilty about eating so i kinda eat less. When i'm working out i definitely eat more or rather i cheat and have cake and such.

I don't just want an iPad, i now need one. I am praying for someone to gift me with one. Amen.
mizchif said…
Oh and i LOVE my mum, but............
even as i'm here in naij i'm not living at home for now.
Our love is better long distance.
Ginger said…
I think public confessions of chastity are supposed to be for the greater good - to encourage those in same position especially their younger fans. I remember those days of brandy and Jessica Simpson.

lol@'gasmic people.

There are things i could have done differently with hindsight but regrets/ no. they were my best options then.

Enjoyed reading and listening :)

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