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Hello beautiful people! No you haven't stumbled on the wrong page, I actually do have randoms for today, whaddyaknow? Ok, I'll stop kidding around. No really, how have you guys been? Hope you guys are having a great summer. Sad to think that fall is already peeking its head through. Thankfully, down here in Texas, we get extra grace period before fall cometh. Life has been good, can't complain too much. Thankful for the good and the bad. Could always strive to be better. Before I start randoming, lemme just say you guys should never apologize for long comments (yujubee, I am looking at you :p). I welcome all comments no discrimination on length. Also, Sabira if you are reading this, where did you gooooo? Okay random time.

I watch a lot of reality shows/competitions. I hate, hate, hate when they have to work in teams or groups. It's just frustrating to watch.

Sidebar: I am watching Project Runway and watching this bald, fat man talking about working with plus sizes is very challenging. Idiot.

What are everyone's thoughts on reincarnation? When you sit and think about it, it kinda makes sense. (Ok i have to say when I had this thought i had a formulated thought, but as i type this I am blank)

The whole concept of deja vu is kinda creepy. I have them quite a number of times and everytime i have them I am a bit spooked.

How are serial braggers not uncomfortable when they brag? Maybe they aren't aware they are bragging?

I mentioned the other day that I have never been to a traditional wedding/engagement and some people thought it strange. I just never have. I don't think I am missing out on much though.

I have mentioned this before (on twitter) but it's hard for my brain to compute a virgin (who is waiting till marriage for religious reasons) dressing or being provocative in a sexual manner. Hear me out. Being a virgin, doesn't mean you have to be a drab prude, not at all. But if you are a virgin, to adhere to God's laws of being pure it kinda contradicts to incite sexual excitement on purpose by dressing provocatively, no? I had this thought because I was thinking of athlete, Lolo Jones who posed nude on a cover of a magazine and Adriana Lima who said as a devout catholic she waited till marriage but is a Victoria Secret's model who struts her stuff in barely there underwear. Anybody get what I am trying to say? If you disagree, please feel free to share.

How do I phrase this without being crass? There is nothing like familiar penis/vagina. Some would argue that the same could be said for new penis/vagina. (Ugh why does ours -vagina- have to sound so clinical?)

I think I will do a separate post on the Ev/Ocho situation.

Speaking of which, I am sooo not a fan of Terrell Owens. I think most of it comes from him always whining about his dad not being there and he has a kid or two he openly admitted to never seeing. on purpose. mschew.

Oprah is interviewing Rihanna on Sunday. Naturally, the Chris Brown questions come up. She looks genuine in the clips I have seen especially when she breaks down in tears. One of the things she said that struck a chord was the hurt from losing Chris as a friend. It's so true. When you break up or end things with someone you were romantically involved with, the loss of that friendship or what you thought was a friendship can be very hurtful. Not that you don't move on but It's like those memories, inside jokes etc that you had are an experience that you never get to share again with anyone else.

Most Nigerians have been making public their intentions to be in Rio in 2016. It makes me chuckle. 4 years is such a long time and a lot can happen in that time especially at our age, we aren't exactly spring chickens. I was at a thing the other day and it was weird to think that some of my friends there will be 40 by the next olympics. Yes I have older friends lol.

I am close to clueless when it comes to rings. I don't know what the cuts are or what carats or what's good or not but one thing I am kind of uncomfortable with is a comment on "a small ring". I don't know how much they cost but I don't think they run cheap. When it's not like we are rolling in dough, it's not a bad thing to respect ya pocket. God willing, for those who want to there's always a chance to upgrade.

That being said, many years later I still wonder how people afford weddings.

Do priests get annual reviews on their pastoral skills like we do at our jobs?

It's a nice thing when you are able to be comfortable and be yourself around someone.

Always be grateful for your health.

For a person who wants kids, I think it is very strange that i am a bit scared of pregnant bellies. I can't even describe it but there's something about them just big, round and sticking out and sometimes they move. At an old job, my pregnant coworker knew this and kept coming up behind me to spook me out and watch me squirm.

Today, someone told me that she doesn't think a Nigerian is for me. Not that I am closed minded to non-Nigerians but I have heard that quite a bit and I keep wondering why they think so. Me and my surveys, I took a quick one and the overwhelming response was I can't be with a typical Nigerian man lol. Like everything else, there are no rules and stuff to these things. I don't think it's the nationality or a race that's the determining factor. Just being with someone whose character you are compatible with.

Aite folks, that's all I have for yall today. Have a wonderful wonderful weekend. I am gonna have fun and I think I will be going to Six Flags too even though I am terrified of heights.Be safe!

Love the lyrics and is from the last album of theirs that I connected with.


Sabirah said…
I am here(and over on my blog :))!!! and I miss you!! i ran away from twitter oh! aka you need to post more often!! Glad to know you're doing well!!

I used to have a sexy pretty name for vagina... now i can't remember it!! boo. if I remember I will come back

About rings. hear hear!! and i particularly like small rings!!

Priest dooo need annual reviews i bet there's one somewhere and if it exists it is lurking on pinterest. I mean a priest can ruin your wedding, last bridal train i was on it was soo bad everybody slept and he made the ceremony bout something totally different. smh

The Nigerian thing I got that a lot, funny my partner (who is Nigerian) used to get that too. As you said compatibility is key!!

Have a great weekend!!
Kash said…
Deja vu creeps me out too. Like really really does and sometimes I'm convinced that moment truly did happen before.

Ugh serial bloggers...God help the,! They aren't aware, cos my friend is one and he just don't know no better.
Original Mgbeke said…
*gasp*...a post!
Wow, I'm surprised that you have never been to a traditional wedding/engagement. On that note, me neither sha.

I will definitely watch the Rihanna interview. I felt she seemed genuine too. On that note, do you think that folks will ever stop bringing up the Breezy situ?

As per Rio, nothing do them. The ones that are serious can start planning in advance. And spring chicken or not, if they wanna travel then they can make it happen.

No clue on rings either. Na where man pikin moni go reach o jare. Small o, big o, that won't define anybody's marriage.

Only you would think of that priest random. Lolll

Lmaoooo @ scared of pregnant bellies. Once again, only you Tayne.

I can't see you with anyone else but Naija sha. Definitely not a traditional Nigerian though.
LohiO said…
Ohhh a post!!! *squeals*

OMG my deja vu's creep me out too!!! especially the ones I have more than once!!! ugh

I agree with you, if you are saving yourself for religious reasons then it should be in all forms too where you should be somewhat be against nudity et el because of the temptation you will be to others.... not a prude tho.

I am very informed on rings...holla at me when 'He' is ready..:D

Have a wonderful weekend too!

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