Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm still here

Hi guys. I've been a terrible blogger. I have been busy and I have also had blogger's block. I don't have anything to talk about and you guys haven't served me up any ideas :p. This is not a random but I guess a bunch of tidbits off the top of my head.

I just saw the Dark Knight few hours ago and I am still undecided on how I felt about it. It definitely wasn't bad and I see how he was trying to wrap everything up in a bow, but some scenes were longer than it could have been and there was a handful of corny moments but I will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

How about Gabby Douglas? It's such a cool thing to be 16 and have a gold medal.Not a lot of people can say they competed in the Olympics first of all, so to win a gold medal is actually pretty cool. I should say though that I have mucho respect for all athletes. It takes an immense amount of discipline to achieve the level that they do and to that, I doff my hat.

What are your thoughts on the whole Chik fil-a brouhaha? I know 2 of my friends who are boycotting the chain based on the issue. The tipping point seems to be the fact that they are actually donating money to anti-LGBT organizations. I find funny that during all this chik fil a has managed to have a records setting day in sales. They do say all publicity is good publicity.

Should we skip the massacre that was laid on us by Team USA? I think we should.  "We are grateful for qualifying :/"

I can't help but think that summer is slowly moving away from us but we are focusing on the positive, yea?

I have a bad habit. Every now and then, ok maybe that should be ever so often, I get into this zone/head space where I really don't feel like talking to anyone. I kinda retreat and just live life in my own lane. Sometimes, I have friends thinking something is wrong and sometimes there isn't. It's just a bad habit.

Listen, God took time to create some men. This comment is inspired by my senses being fed a huge amount of olympic eye candy.

Why are cherries so expensive?

The big 3-0 looms.

My friend made a comment that we were tricked by the phrase "pursuit of happiness", that there is no happiness. We just stay pursuing and pursuing and if there was actual happiness, it would be called the "attainment of happiness". Made me chuckle and I am fully aware that this is where as a Christian I should be saying that it's a load of crock and true happiness can be found in the Lord.

Some time ago, my friend mentioned a quote "the more things change, the more things stay the same". I didn't get it then, but I do get it now.

Ok I am all out. I just felt I had to show face and say hi to you guys, I am still here! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, as always stay safe and if you have any topic suggestions or questions for me, please feel free to hit me up. Muah!!

PS Happy happy birthday to my wonderful Original Mgbeke, who never gives up on me, is patient and always ever willing to listen to my woes. Hope you have an awesome day my friend.


Myne Whitman said...


Eye candy, massacre, olympics, :)

Harry Itie said...

Nice updates... good to have you back

yujubee said...

Long time no hear,good to hear from you anyway.
Was planning on going to see the movie tonight,but since I'm not hearing great tales from all the people that have seen it,I'll just stay home and watch Olympics jor
So happy for gabby and the way all the celebs have been congratulating her.
This happiness's confusing...maybe I should send an email instead.
On ignoring friends sometimes,my friends call it my ogbanje try,I really do.just can't help it sometimes.
Sorry,maybe I shoulda sent you an email instead..
On the 3-0,if it's what I think it is,don't worry it's not that bad
Good to have you back though.

LohiO said...

I wish I was interested in this Olympics stuff..i just catch updates online...

The basketball game..yeh the end. cant discuss it...

I believe happiness is attainable...the constant pursuit makes it fun and exciting.

Happy bday Mgbeks!!

Original mgbeke said...

Yes, you have been a bad blogger. How about Gabby and that 90 milli deal? Choi!! I heard her mom used to work 3 jobs. I have zero interest in the Dark Knight. Not even on Redbox.

Summer is strolling away and I'm like I haven't done anything yet. Sniff sniff.

Thank you uh Tsyne. Thanks for adding to my bday experience.

Thanks Lowhee :-D

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL @ my typo. That was meant to be "thank you so much Taynee" :-)

Was also gonna say, if someone pulled the "true happiness lies in God, I would chuckle"...not because I don't think it's true. It just sounds funny

Diyani said...

Hello! glad to see an update. Chic-Fil A..who cares? everyone has an opinion and is allowed to do as they want to.
Gaby, moms bankruptcy, and 90 mill deal..nuff said, life is interesting and I do love that she seems ever so positive and focused. The dedication these olympians display is just.. Amazing I am not sure your desire to retreat and stay in ur head space and not talk to anyone is necessarily a bad thing.. maybe because I do it but sometimes its necessary to clear out "fog". Sometimes when I can't see/understand i actually plan to take a month "off".. its refreshing ..