Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Randoms

As much as I don't want to think it's true, I should probably accept that maybe God doesn't love us equally and some people are in fact more/highly favored than others.

It really gets my goat when people call others a ho. I don't get it. Even if someone is some alleged ho, how is it affecting your life? What makes one a ho? Why is Kim Kardashian a ho? The new cool one is Taylor Swift. I usually come to her defense because the fact of the matter is we don't know these people's lives and it's just speculation. Yea, the babe dates a lot but since when does dating/talking to someone automatically mean you are sleeping with them? How do we even know she isn't getting dumped because she isn't putting out? I don't know, I am not saying these people are  innocent but the fact is we don't know. It's like people get some joy from calling them a ho. bleh.

It could probably just be me, but job searching can kill your spirit something fierce.

Women are sadists. Sometimes it's the only explanation.

"This is how I am. Take it or leave it". Another of the gazillion things that irk me. Sure, we all have standard characteristics but noone is beyond or above change that might make you better.

I was watching Washington Heights and there are these two characters. Dude thinks girl is awesome. Calls her for everything, she is the first person he calls for good and bad news. He cried to her, when something happened to his brother, he thinks she is hot and just all around has a good time with her. He hooked up with her and they are all couple-y but was telling his friends he doesn't think he wants a relationship. I am sure it makes sense to some out there but scenarios like that, I don't get.

Even though it is personally not for me, I truly feel you can marry and  have a good relationship with someone you are not in love with. I don't believe there is a "the one" for everyone. It all depends who you come across first and the timing was right. You can be happy with more than one person but once you get married you might never know how much more or less happy you might have been with someone else. It's all to varying degrees.

I wonder if I will ever be empathetic to small/tiny girls complaining about their weight. Like really, you see me and see my size, what am I supposed to say in response? The other day I spoke to a friend who  is trying to get back to her regular size 2. Blank stare for real. Maybe there is a certain reassurance talking to someone bigger than you? Or I am hating? Dunno, I sha know I don't know how to respond.

Most millenials in their 20's have never been asked out on a date. This is the era of "talking", "hook up", "let's not define this". The radio morning show discussed this and they said there is more of "hey, wanna hang?" and one of the girls agreed that she preferred this especially in a group setting than a one on one date. Well ok.

A lot of my yellow people usually say fellow yellows aren't their type but usually they end up with fellow yellows. Also in naij, a lot of the half castes tend to hang with each other like some clique. just me?

I am quite convinced the definition of "broke" has changed in recent times. Most "broke" people seem to be living it up.

Those girls/women that say "Other women don't like me", "Men make better friends", "women are so petty" and everything else in that boat. Please kindly have a gallon of stfu and exit stage left.

Being married to a plastic surgeon has to be tough. Was watching Plastic Wives and this lady said how when they started dating, her husband had 3 scales and as a plastic surgeon he is very critical and even if she gains 3lbs, he notices and will tell her. Also, the fact that she is like his walking billboard and has to maintain a certain look. So far he's given her botox, vaginal kinikan - the one where they inject botox in the gspot, brazilian butt etc. Eek!

Say you do a test and find out you are pre disposed to breast cancer. Most women in your family have had it also. If you decide to have a mastectomy as a preventive measure, does this mean you are doubting your faith in God?

A friend of mine said something to me that may or may not make sense to you. She said she believes women who have a bunch of guy friends tend to be chill when dating as opposed to those who don't have a bunch of guy friends and are demanding when they date and those are the ones who get what they want.

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Okeoghene said...

Very interesting randoms.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Were you upset when you wrote these randoms?


Original Mgbeke said...

The so-called ho's are still winning aniwoos, so all the judginas should rest.

I think that people just throw out the word "broke" for effect. Until they actually see broke, then they go know.

Ada said...

lol about broke people "living it up," that surely does seem to be the case...I agree about being able to marry and have a good relationship with someone you are not necessarily "in love" with

mizchif said...

Lol. You know i actually came back to comment because i saw ur tears on your latest post.
Thing about randoms sometimes is i forget what comment i have for each random and then going back to look at the entire post is work sometimes. I'm lazy i know.

Who really is a ho anyway? I know u know i side-eye Ms Swift and her many rships but i still don't get why Kim K is a ho, as much as i can't stand the woman.

Oh and i absolutely believe two people who are not "in love" can make a marriage work because marriage takes more than just being "in love" plus if you choose someone and decide to make a marriage work, somewhere along the line love can happen.

See now i don't remember the other randoms.