Bunch of quotes I came across:

"That thing called "trust". No one really has it, in my opinion. I think all we have is faith that our fears won't come true.

"I couldn't even remember being lonely before, certainly not in this way, until I had seen the edge of all the way you could be with another person, which brought up all the myriad ways that person could never be there for you" (courtesy of leggy)

"Hell is not quite other people. Hell is the other people we let into our heads and reign over us"

"Let everything happen to you. beauty and terror. just keep going. no feeling is final" - Rainer Maria Rilke

"A friend is a gift you give yourself" - Robert Louis Stevenson

Speaking of quotes, someone sent me a link today asking me if I knew that UK Daily Mail (online) quoted a tweet of mine, where I called Kelly Osbourne stupid for calling Quevenzhane, Little Q on the Oscars Red Carpet. (I was just really peeved about it). Here's the link to the article .

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LadyNgo said…
LOL, taynement is famous o!
Lohi said…
I like the first quote..very true. YAY!!! we are being quoted!!! I am famzing you fyi!

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