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I feel like I don't post anything on here anymore except for Friday Randoms. I need to do better. Sometimes, I have posts but I write them in my head and never transfer them to a computer. Hows everyone doing? Hope all is well as we are about to approach the 6 month mark of the year. I've been irritable all day. I just finished watching the Scandal finale. I have to say it's much more fun watching it with fellow twitters. Funny enough, a fellow tv addict and friend of mine were discussing Scandal and we put it in our category of "empty calorie" tv. It's entertaining and fun but it's definitely not in my Top 5 of shows, mostly because it's fluffy, soapy tv. Speaking of finales, I am so glad this is the week of finales cuz I get to have a break from my suffocating tv schedule and can catch up on shows that are on my to-watch list. Before I random, since I bitch about comment stinginess, I think it's only fair I thank yall for your comments. So thank you for taking the time to stop by, read and comment! Okay let's random.

I met someone who just went through a divorce (she's 34). I asked what went wrong. She said they just weren't compatible. She married someone that was a "good guy" compared to the previous guys she had dated and it wasn't till marriage that she noticed that maybe they weren't so compatible (ironically they dated 4yrs married a year and a half). Got me thinking about when people say choose a "good guy", while I get focusing on the important qualities, I don't think people should go so far deep and deviate from qualities they find attractive.

Something I noticed the lady above mentioned above is "we didn't live together", she seemed to think that was a big factor. I noticed a lot of Americans think it's a bit strange to not live together before marriage.

Was watching a show and a gay nale couple said they always have exciting sex whenever they are out of town and I wondered how exciting can male gay sex be? Are there different moves and actions like hetero sex? Is doggy their missionary?

As much as I think I am open minded, I gotta tell you if my kid came to tell me that they were transgender I really think I'd be so devastated. Dunno how I will handle it.

You know who is winning? People who don't have to work but live the good life. Latest gadgets, labels, vacays etc. That's the good life right thurr.

I wonder if flight attendants that fly the Naija routes get paid extra. We are a handful.

When the topic of marrying someone your parents don't approve of comes up I have had the same stance for a while but most people don't seem to believe me. My parents have to give me a valid reason why they don't approve for me to reconsider but best believe if it's something petty like tribe, traditional beliefs, religion etc. I will thank my parents for the years we have had together and do what I need to. My mindset is, parents have led their lives, it's time for me to live mine. It's their choice to not get over it. If you do choose to do their bidding and you are unhappy, God willing they are supposed to die before you. When they pass then what? I'd rather take the chance and even if it fails it was my choice and it's their job to love me and be there for me. Plus, do you know how hard it is to find someone you click with? then i will now say ok bye cuz you are hausa or something like that. And just in case I am close to my mom so it will def hurt if I am ostracized. What do you think?

"Do yall know what self-esteem is? Olivia Pope has a lot of it. Her piss poor love life decisions does not mean she sees herself poorly" someone tweeted that. and I disagreed. I feel self esteem plays a part in it but a friend of mine disagrees. I do think that it makes a difference if you consider what Fitz and Olivia have as love. This girl right here does not believe that is love at all at all.

Another tweet I saw "Treat and Pepa were the best hip hop couple minus the alleged beating" Things like that remind me of when people make arguments and say minus xyz. That's a pretty huge factor we are minusing. It doesn't disappear.

How would you define the American Dream?

Is it chunk the deuces or chuck the deuces?

It irritates me when people think they are the authority on what guys should or shouldn't watch. Oh you watch Scandal or Housewives or Love and HipHop then you are not a real man. ok.

Where did this "shalla" thing come from? Is it new or has it always been around?

Ok have a pleasant and wonderful weekend guys. Love this song to bits.


Anonymous said…
It's chuck the deuces I think...

God! I'm with you on getting a concrete reason from one's folks as to why you shouldn't be with someone. And they'll give a very vague reason, or start quoting proverbs about how you can't see what an elder sees, no matter how many rags you have or summat. "I know why I said you should not marry him, trust me, if you do, you would regret it in future" no ma'am, not a good enough reason. Woosah! Got that off my chest.

Olivia Pope has serious self-esteem issues, how she sees herself is so tied to the kind of love she deserves. I know power is intoxicating, and clandestine love is exciting, but meh! At some point, she has to realise she is worth more than that painful love jare

Okay this was a post in itself!
Swan Boy said…
I chose to watch Scandal rather than the NBA draft. A friend told me to turn in my man card. I told him to go fuck himself. This same friend is gay by the way, (so I'm sure he could anatomically do the former)and he just confirmed to me that missionary is missionary for gay people too.

On relationships that parents don't approve of due to tribe etc, I wish I could say that it's just a generational thing. Just speaking anecdotally, I've met too many people in our generation who are tribalistic and are fanatically religious, who on their own volition have decided not to date outside their tribe/religion. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

I know that some flight attendants get uplifts for flying to "hazardous regions", I don't know if Nigeria is part of the list though.

The American dream is the freedom of choice to succeed or fail without anyone getting in your way. Not too many countries have this freedom.

I still disagree with you on Olivia Pope, man. Especially after the finale.

Berry Dakara said…
LOOOOOL @ Swan Boy's first paragraph.

Taynement: I don't even know where to start responding to your randoms.

In the meantime, I nominated you for a Liebster.

Here goes:
LadyNgo said…
I think people have a tendency to settle for someone who's decent if/when they have trouble finding their Mr/s Right in a timely fashion lol.

I am not interested in cohabitation before marriage...except we slipped up and had a baby and/or we're engaged. And even then...

I'm not sure why you would question if gay sex could be exciting. Why wouldn't it be?

Thankfully, my parents only requirement is that the man treats me right and has job potential (though at this point "job potential" has probably been replaced with having a good job lol)

American Dream = a pack of lies
Taynement said…
For LadyNgo - re questioning exciting gay sex

I just have random thoughts and share them with you guys. There's no rhyme or reason to them. I don't claim to know everything so my views will probably differ from most others.
leggy said…
i would never not marry someone because of tribe, my parents can't tell me shit tbh. that part of my life i've made up my mind about.

i would be devastated if my son is gay. black and gay? such a difficult life to live mehn.

olivia has low self esteem jare, but then again, it's the president dick.
mizchif said…
Too random, btw totally enjoying the music and this time i remembered to open comments in a different tab :D

I like Swan Boys definition of the American dream.

And you know you don't have to wonder about gay sex, there's gay p0rn available online.

I tell people that at this rate by the time i bring a man home my parents will welcome him regardless of color. But i won't lie my mother worries me, very hard to impress that woman, but i know she values my happiness, and me sef i have sense so we'll be fine.

Chucking up my deuces.
R. One said…
I've never even thot of the possibility of my folks 'forbidding' me from marrying anyone. Needless to say, they on their own if its some yeye he's from such and such or some other jazz.

Olivia Pope has issues...and Fitz is a puss.

I think its 'chuck the deuces'

"shalla"...I don't even know what that is or how it's been used.

*Be safe out in all that crazy weather uall got going on.

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