Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Randoms

Howdy folks. Happy friday to ya. Can you believe it's May? It's May and spring is still playing peek-a-boo with us. I walked out my house yesterday and it was like 48 degrees and oh so windy. Had to grab a jacket. Sigh. It's been a long week and I am so tired, I need a vacation for real. I have had this nagging headache wondering if it's my new glasses. Speaking of glasses, I wish I had the balls to undergo Lasik, but I am a bit scared of it. I am so tired of wearing glasses and contacts. Ah well, enough of my woes. I don't have many randoms today but una go manage. Less go.

You know the concept of a Naija buffet restaurant is a little puzzling to me. I mean, what do you eat? Most of our foods are so heavy that I wonder if maybe that's the genius of it? I mean after you eat one wrap of fufu or eba, will you now have space for fried yam or rice or add beans to it. Quite interesting.

Jennifer Lawrence is quite popular and all right now and the media says she's every girl's girl. I was just thinking while i do like the girl, I don't think she's like hot. She seems normal. Speaking of hotness, Gwyneth Paltrow as People's most beautiful woman in the world is quite hilarious. My picks - If current relevance (no movies/music or anything out at the moment) doesn't matter, I would have picked Charlize Theron and if relevance mattered, as much as I don't care for her, Sofia Vergara would have been a good pick. Her iron is quite hot now.

Man, have you watched the Central Park 5 documentary that aired on PBS? A doc on 5 teens who were wrongfully accused of raping a woman in Central Park and were sentenced to life. It eventually came out that they were wrongfully charged and were released. I hate injustices man. I still haven't finished it. These kids were like 14. I mean, how do you get those years back?? Ugh.

Yesterday, was talking to one of our vendors who just had a kid, I asked if he planned on having more and he said he has no idea but if he never does he is still content. He was told that he'd never be able to have kids and chances were low and he still can't believe he has one and is so grateful for that. That really touched my heart. The little blessings we take for granted and also a reminder by God that ultimately it's his call, no matter what Doctors say.

Speaking of kids, a bunch of my friends are in baby phase and boy have i heard my fill of baby/pregnancy stories and it's all different. Was talking to a friend of mine about cramps and she said she hadn't had one cuz she is still breastfeeding. I was like whaa? (her kid is about to be 3). Oh that's something else I just learned through "baby phase", didn't know as long as you're breast feeding you get no period. Yes i am clueless. Anyways, back to the matter I know I wouldn't want to still be breastfeeding my kid when he is 3 but as she explained her reason, I remembered what one of my friecnds told me. She said having a kid made her realize the competitiveness among moms, whether consciously or not. She said it sometimes feels like they try to one up or think they are better cuz they did xyz as opposed to xyz. So i pushed out any judgemental thoughts I might have had about my friend still breastfeeding cuz ultimately everyone has their styles and just like relationships, its whatever works for you.

Ok so, I may or may not get heat for this but I don't get the concept/term - bisexual. I'll explain. I get the meaning and what it is, I just don't "buy" it. I think people are born gay or straight. I don't think people are born bisexual. That's a man made choice. A bisexual person is someone who doesn't care who they love or have sex with, man or woman as long as they get love. I also think anyone who identifies as bisexual has a stronger leaning to either being gay or straight.

The whole Jason Collins announcement was interesting. If someone comes out as gay and supports gay movement - they are applauded but if you speak about your beliefs and how it doesn't align - you are condemned. Now don't get me wrong,  I am all for acceptance but if someone like Chris Broussard did speaks against homosexuality as being a sin etc but isn't being hateful about it just being honest, I don't see why he should be vilified. I remember one of these beauty contests, the contestant was asked about gay marriage and she gave her answer as a christian. No hate or nothing and comments were that she gave the "wrong" answer.

There's always something in this life. Imagine being the healthy sibling/twin to a sickly sibling/twin. I mean, it's great to have your health but it sucks being the neglected child and everyone else is fawning over the sick child who would probably trade anything to be healthy.

This whole Plan B pill being available OTC for kids 15 and up is weird. I think it should have been done at like 18 and if under 18, there should be parental consent.

There is a high increase in auto correct errors (even from me) and it irks me.

Umm so oops, I guess I did have a number of thoughts, hehe. You guys have become miserly with your comments :( but if you can, I'd love to hear what you have to say or your thoughts on these. Lengthy comments welcome. Have a wonderful weekend, be safe and stay blessed!!!

oh and don't

This new Wizkid song is my jam!! I just want Sarz to be my friend but noone wants to hook it up.


Kash said...

I haven't watched that documentary but I've heard of similar stories. It really is sad. I mean I can't even imagine how that convo would go when trying to apologize and all that. Is sorry even enough? Smh.

In regards to the vendor that is content with one child, very touching. Kinda like when people try so hard to have a kid and it doesn't happen then they adopt and boom finally get pregnant.

Breast feeding a 3 year old or almost 3 year old?! Gosh! I don't have kids so I wouldn't know but my goodness that's a dang near grown man on your tit! Sigh. Ok no judging!

I 100% agree with you about the term bisexual. I think it's just people trying to get the best of both worlds.

The Jason Collins's not even a big deal to me. Good for him that he's come out but I think the whole media perception with homosexuality and it being right or wrong is just based on the culture here. Both him coming out and the beauty pageant person would have probably happened completely different if it was in Nigeria.

I'm still wondering how that Plan B thing passed. That's pure craziness!

leggy said...

in my psychology class, there is this scale we learnt about (can't really remember the name) but this study showed that no person is born 100% gay or 100% straight. from a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being very straight and 10 being very gay, everyone falls on certain numbers. so some people might be a 4 on the scale and still stick to being straight even though they are attracted to people of the same sex and vice versa. so i do believe that someone can be bisexual, i just think they settle down with what is traditional or who they love eventually.

i'm sorry but i'm silently judging your friend who is still breastfeeding at 3. super judging right hurr.

LadyNgo said...

Um...a bisexual isn't someone who "doesn't care" who they have sex with. A bisexual is someone who is sexually attracted to men and women. There's a difference. And like leggy said, sexuality and sexual preference isn't black and white, its a sliding scale.

I heard about the Central Park 5 documentary but i haven't watched it since i already know the story. Black people being falsely accused and sentenced to jail for stuff they didn't do is a daily occurrence. Its the whole basis of the Innocence Project.

I'd much rather my 15 year old get Plan B than get an abortion or have a baby

Breastfeeding at 3 seems a bit much lol.

I won't even bother getting into the whole "how come i'm criticized for not believing in homosexuality" cuz then we'd be here all day.

Ada said...

The one that has puzzled me lately..What if a guy likes to have anal sex but loves women? That doesnt make him gay
After all the male g spot can be reached from there. So maybe its just a pleasure thing.
and not all gay men have anal sex anyways.
Is your sexuality defined by who you are attracted to? or who you have romantic feelings for.

I actually believe in the naturalness of bisexuality more than I do in being gay or straight. I think sexuality in its natural unperturbed state void of cultural and religious norms is very fluid and not as black and white as we make it.

MPB said...

Love the song. We are always grateful for your random musings.

mizchif said...

Gosh i can't believe i just intereupted the song as i clicked to leave a comment.

Anywho, i'm side -eyeing your friend for breastfeeding a 3yr old. She needs to quit sharpish.
Pregnancy is one very unique experience, you hear some people talk about the "glow" of pregnancy but i'm in ante-natal clinic looking at women who are swollen all over with patches of skin discoloration. *shivers*

I also believe sexuality is very fluid and many people sometimes make choices based on culture, religion and social norms.

And the Plan B thing, 18 is old and unrealistic to be honest. Even as Drs (in America) the teaching is that teenagers >14 do not need consent from their parents when it comes to sexual health issues, so..... Plus if it will help reduce abortion rates and reduce maternal mortality i'm all for it.

Oh and don't worry, once i meet Sarz i'll let him know i have a friend who wants to be his friend.

'Lara said...

Your friend is trying oh, breast feeding for 3years.

As for bisexual, I just believe some people want to eat their cake and have it all, shikena.

It is sad when innocent people get into trouble for crimes they do not commit...injustice is a mess.

Original Mgbeke said...

Jennifer Lawrence is hot to me, there's something very girl next door hella sexy about that. Can't put a finger on it.

Awww at your Vendor. It's really the little things.

Oh? I didn't know about breastfeeding and periods either. Very interesting.

I don't think people are born bi either. It's definitely a choice. And that whole Jason Collins brouhaha was just too much noise IMO.