Friday Randoms

Man, this week is crazy. As I type this, I am hearing there was an earthquake in California and a bridge in Washington State collapsed, cars and people in the water. Add the terrible tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and the poor soldier who was hacked to death in Woolwich. Sheesh. That's a lot in one week. We've barely gotten over the Newton shootings, West, TX explosions and the tornado in Cleburne, TX. This is the part where people start screaming end of the world theories. My own concern is that my heart goes out to everyone affected by these tragedies in any way because it's always one of those things you always think "happens to other people" but really it could happen to anyone. We thank God for his mercy on us and hope he grants Grace and Strength to those affected. Amen.

Thank you to all of you who nominated me for a Liebster award. I promise I am gonna do it. Thank you!

Oppa Random Time!

Oh before I start, I think I have been doing randoms so long that I am gonna start repeating my randoms. There are a few I think I have mentioned before but I am not sure.

I wonder how the first blow job and anal sex came about.

For people who know me, it takes a lot to get me mad (irritation is a different thing) but yea it takes a lot to get me mad. But this week, I got so mad and I was so angry at something someone said I actually cursed the person and didn't feel bad about it.

But really, how does someone get over the loss of a parent?

If twins are born and one dies while they are still babies. Will the surviving twin feel incomplete and always feel that something is missing?

I have never been to a spa.

I had always wanted to have a pen pal and I found one in Nigeria. I have to say writing a letter was so weird. and hurts! man, we are so spoiled in this generation. I can't believe we used to write loads and loads of notes in secondary school.

The fact that child birth still kills in Nigeria saddens me...a lot.

Speaking of child birth, if my gym teacher who works out almost everyday can't get her belly flat after giving birth, what hope do I, a mere mortal have? sigh

Chimamanda's book spoke about race and she said something interesting about the difference between being  Jewish and being White. People are more prone to say, he's Jewish first before saying he's White. But a catholic white guy would be just a white guy. Interesting.

If someone who has a had a lot of plastic surgery, like say Nicki Minaj. Can you still call her a strong, self confident woman? or are the two mutually exclusive? I am not talking about like 1 nose job or 1 tummy tuck. More like excess surgery and a drastic change to your appearance.

"If you did not grow up in Nigeria, you are not Nigerian. Just Nigerian by descent" I would REALLY like to hear your thoughts on this. What defines your Nigerianness?

I notice that whenever I see these screen capture/screen grab thingies. It's always with AT&T and the battery is never fully charged.

I envy well put together women aesthetically. You know like women who are always done up from hair to makeup to their clothes coordination. Like they put thought, time and effort into it. As much as I envy it, it's just not my thing.

Aite folks, that's all I got for ya. US Folks. Yippee! to Friday and for it being a long weekend. Have a fabulous time and as always be safe!

Be kind and stop by :)


LadyNgo said…
I always assumed that oral/anal started the way everything else seual has...somebody got bored and decided to experiment. What i wanna know is how it caught on lol. Especially anal as i'm assuming that it hurt the first time.

I've never been to a proper spa either. Its on my bucket list though.

Belly fat is the most difficult to lose they say, whether its from pregnancy or just one too many cupcakes.

Judaism is a "cultural religion" unlike most sects of Christianity.

Technically anyone with a full-blooded, born and raised Nigerian parent is considered a Nigerian citizen.

I wish i knew how to make myself up like a grown up lady lol

Have a good weekend madam
Berry Dakara said…
Twins - Sometimes, I think they do feel like something's missing in their life.


Pen Pal - Never had one, but I wrote countless letters! I miss writing letters.

Where are you from? - In America, it's by where you're born and/or live. In Nigeria (maybe Africa), it's by where your parents are from. In life, it's by whether you do something good (everybody claims you) or something bad (of course, he/she's from a different country)

Female envy - I have that too! I'm even considering scheduling regular mani/pedi/hair appointments. And maybe rehauling my wardrobe. And wearing falsies (eye lashes, but not over the top). And then I think about the time/money required, and I give up :D
Kash said…
I have a few friends who have lost a parent and I sincerely feel bad for them. I don't know how I would cope.

I've never been to a spa either and I just got my first professional massage last friend had the masseur come to the house though.

I'm interested to know how you got this pen pal. I used to always want one when I was younger and it still seems pretty neat. I still write letters sometimes to my friends.

I didn't really grow up in Nigeria, but I think I'm still as Nigerian as the next person. I'm not quite sure what would determines your Nigerianness. Oh well.
Trackstar said…
The loss of a parent...that was the biggest nightmare of my life come to life. I always knew I would die if it ever happened. It has been two years now since my dad passed away, and I am still here - Thanks be to God. Time as they say has made it bearable, but the pain won't budge.

Random crying spells are where I am at. Movies, meetings, the name it. I breakdown every time I witness a wedding were a dad walks down the aisle with his daughter. Holidays are terrible...another incredible reminder that my dad - who loved to celebrate holidays is gone. Now I am mega paranoid about losing people close to me.

Memories of the amazing times we spent together are all I have, and I guess I really understand what it means when people tell me he lives in me. In spite of the fact that my dearest dad is gone, the love he showed me still makes me smile. He indeed is the greatest dad a girl could ever ask for.

My heart is terribly broken...but the love of my family, boo and friends has kept me going. For that, I am thankful. Father's day is approaching...*sigh* someday I will love to celebrate my dad without feeling terribly sad. For now, I am taking it one day at a time.
Fabulo-la said…
I know too many people that have lost both parents. I do not know where they get their strength from.

What defines my Nigerianness? *thinks for a moment.....* *scratches head*
Honestly..I dont know.....
I mean..I was born and raised in Nigeria but I honestly do not know what makes 'defines' me being Nigerian...
I think Im as Nigerian as the next person but... *shrugs* who cares really?

You write letters?
Write me a letter! Seriously! I love receiving and writing those! :( Please? Hehehehe

Oh, Im sure we all envy those women...but who has the energy???

Original Mgbeke said…
That AT&T random had me cracking up. So true!

I used to have a penpal back in the day. I think it would be fun to do again.

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