Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday Randoms

Howdy folks. I only skipped one week of randoms and I feel like I missed many weeks. I don't know about your area but boy have we been getting rain in these parts. Like lots of rain at random times. Last night, the thunderstorms were so loud, I just lay there listening to it. My throat is quite itchy right now and I have been so fatigued lately. I have been taking my vitamins o, so I hope I am not coming down with something. The Spurs just beat The Heat and I am quite pleased about it. Not invested in either team, actually sat out the season cuz The Mavs just weren't it this season but I do NOT like The Heat. I am not sure I even remember why but I think it was back in the beginning when the Big 3 was formed. Just didn't care for their cocky addition to whooping us in 2006. hehe so go spurs. Before I random, Happy Happy birthday to my CILy. Hope you have a wonderful day and wishing you the best. Love you loads. Ok time for me to gab.

I watched the Mirrors video and I know I have randomed before about young people losing their significant others early but it had me thinking about old people who lose their significant others. Where do you start from? Someone you have spent more than half your life with and established a routine. Has to be so painful.

What do you call it - akamu? pap? or ogi? I think I call it pap but i honestly can't remember.

I think what I like the most about this love thing is the acceptance part of it. Where the partner still loves and accepts the person for who they are or in spite of what they may have done. You see some people like Keke Wyatt or people you think are so strange that you will never if it were you. But then you are reminded that there are people who love them as is. I was watching "I'm married to a.." and this transexual lady who still has a penis has a husband who just loves her/him for what he/she is. It gives some kind of hope that there is someone for everyone. Well, unless you're K Michelle. Ok that was mean.

A guy friend was saying how women enjoy the most during sex. He said for guys it's mostly mental the entire time right up until they bust a nut but for women it's mostly a pleasure thing. I can see that for a new relationship or random hookup but does this still apply when you've been together a while and are all old and married and had sex all types of way you can think of? Fellas, if you are reading i'd like to get your opinion on this.

So Scott Disick was telling a story of how he and Kourtney were having sex while he was driving. I just wondered, fellas would you let a girl blow you while driving? ladies, would you blow a guy while he is driving? If you have, would you do it again. I just can't see how a guy can still concentrate while getting head and is it worth the risk of an accident? A friend just told me of an article about a couple who got into an accident cuz she was blowing him.

Some people don't believe in family members flying together, just in case. I have never understood that. Does that mean they don't drive together either? or walk together? The probability of dying in a car crash is higher than flying accident. I also don't think you can control fate/destiny like that.

I was having a convo with a friend today about believing God has a hand in everything. Somehow it evolved into me saying that I feel some things do have God's hands in them but some things just are. I gave an example of how say you have unprotected premarital sex and you then pray to God to not get pregnant. I think that's weird.

One of my favorite nicknames that I've been called is Pint Sized Terror

Today someone tweeted about a neighbor that has been looking to have a child for 15 years and died today during childbirth. I'm just like why? Why is life so unfair? Why couldn't she have caught a break?

Watching Braxton Family Values and Toni and Babyface were having a conversation about relationships and she said sometimes its not the end of the relationship that hurts, it's just how they move on and how fast. Babyface says are they supposed to wait? Toni says no but they also aren't supposed to move on so quickly.  I think for me it's just like if you can move on that fast it gives the impression like what you had never meant anything or didn't hold that much weight.

Kim Kardashian found out the sex of her baby with her mom and sisters and not her baby's dad. Do you think that's weird? Would you rather find out with your mom or your husband or baby's father?

That's all I got for ya folks. Have a wonderful weekend and stay blessed and safe.


Berry Dakara said...

#1. It's been raining lions and wolves in Lagos, so I identify with you.

#2. I have no idea who Keke Wyatt and K. Michelle are. Just had to google them, and I don't think I know any of their songs.

#3. Re: God - God has a plan for everything. He knows everything that's going to happen. But He gave us the choice to live according to His will or not. E.g. having a child out of wedlock isn't part of His will, but He knew it would happen.

#4. That's really sad about the lady who died during childbirth. May she RIP.

LadyNgo said...

Its been raining down here too. TS Andrea is the official start of Hurricane Season in sunny florida.

aawww, lol. There's someone out there for K Michelle too.

I don't understand the blowjob while driving business. From a hygienic standpoint, i don't understand why anyone would give a blowjob ever. I mean, ew, boys don't even clean themselves after they pee. They just let it drip-dry and then collect more germs sweating in their tighty-whiteys all day. No thank you. And even worse, you're gonna do it when he's driving. What happens if you have an accident? How are your parents going to feel? How are you gonna explain that when you get to the pearly gates?

I think everyone feels some kind of way if their ex moves on before them. Even if they are the one that initiated the break-up. Its only multiplied if they move on right away.

Lohi said...

It has been raining here all week too! Hate it!

- Called it akamu

-Hahaha at K mich shade! So rude tayne!

-Sex in a car? Who does that? Why would you do that? LAWWWWL *no comment*

-I do not believe in that family members not flying together thing. I have friends who dont do it. I Just feel if something bad is going to happen, it would happen anyway. Meh.

-I better find out my baby's sex with my man! This is why when you have a baby without being married, things are complicated. If they where married, he would not have a choice(sorta)

AuralAdultery said...


Sex is definitely mental for my little head. There's a mental portion of it, but it's a pleasurable experience period.

Not sure I'd do the head in a car thing again, but it was definitely a fun experience. Lived to tell the tale and everything.

Aside: Is LadyNgo also averse to receiving head?

Considering that you're more likely to die driving than you are in a plane crash, I find the concept of family members not flying together hilarious(ly silly).

Kash said...

I call it pap.

I guess why they say love is a beautiful thing.

I'm sure giving head while someone is driving isn't worth the risk of an accident, but I don't think you think about it at the moment. It's more so about the thrill and pleasure at the time.

I read when you retweeted that sad! It broke my heart. There are so many things in this life we'll just never understand.

mizchif said...

You don't want to experience the type of rain we've been getting in Lagos.

LOL @ LadyNgo and her aversion to head. Mmmmmmmmmkay.

That acceptance of love is what i pray for the most. I know i'm special, so i would definitely need someone who loves me enough to just accept me and all my special attributes, both positive and not so positive.

Those exes that move on while you think you're still dating nko? Worst.

My mum is one of those people who would rather her whole family didn't get on the same flight.

I've always wondered what sex feels like for men, but that it is mostly mental? Hmmmmm....fellas come and tell.

Ginger said...

Blowing the driver of a vehicles is against the law. Similar to a DUI. Blowers

Talking about young people losing their significant others early...I met a one where the wife wanted to commit suicide....and i felt so sad for the bewildered husband who is prolly guilting that it was something he did, not that his wife has mental distress.

Mental sex/men really? I thot the physical/physiological cop out was the excuse for affairs, now your friend says its mental? I dont think many man will thank him for that.

Kim and family are man-eaters lol

Having unprotected premarital sex and you then pray to God to not get pregnant...oxymoron right there. Well, God has responsibility for the innocent little one who might be born of that union, so He will intervene until you play that Russian roulette the umpteenth time.

I enjoyed reading :)

Original Mgbeke said...

I probably would never give a bj while driving. Way too risky.

I call it akamu.

Wow at the person who died after 15 years of trying to have a child. This life sha.