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Ndewo my people. Yet another Friday, wooohoo! Hope you guys had a wonderful week in spite of all the many many things happening in the world and in this my wondafu America. Like everywhere you turned, something major was happening. Whoosh. Umm...what else to talk about? I think I don't have anything else to say, so I'll get down to it and just random. Oh, if you'd like to know me a lil better, you can check out my last post where I answered my Liebster questions.

So like, when people feel the need to let a person know they've gained weight out of concern or just because, is it that they don't think the person knows? They live in that body every day, I am pretty sure they are aware.

My friend made a comment the other day that made me laugh, she said she'd love to just eat food for sustenance and not because it tastes so good. She's like food is just so delicious I get greedy. She feels her parents have reached that level and never speak about "ehen go make me that sweet rice you made last week". She feels they just eat cuz they have to.

Speaking of food, so as much as I go to Nigeria every year, I still feel there’s a lot I don’t know about it. Especially how technologically advanced or not we are. Was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned that she was waiting for her lunch to be delivered to her office. I’d heard of food delivery in Naij in passing but didn’t really know it was a “thing”.  I asked her about it and she told me about the company HelloFood. Dunno the kain curiosity that carried me that day but I looked up the company and was pretty impressed by their website. They offer delivery from a wide variety of restaurants from high end to bukas (Guys this is how I found out there’s a place called “Ofada Hut”. Just like Pizza Hut and its logo lmao, Naijas will never change). Anyways, even more impressive is for those rocking the iphone and androids they have an app where you can order up and save your previous orders. Pretty cool stuff, who knew? So for those of you in naij, you guys can check ‘em out. Sounds like it might come in handy with the famous lagos traffic. Anyone of you guys used or heard of them? Any good?

Do we depict how much fun we have had by how much alcohol was consumed?

You know all that talk about your metabolism slowing down as you get older? So true. That it gets worse or rather stalls out once you hit 30? Even truer.

I think its unfair that I am more inclined to fill out a survey when I receive bad service than when I receive good service. Actually, I only fill out surveys when I hated my service

My floor at work there are a lot of child psychologists that have offices there. It breaks my heart the number of kids I see come in for sessions. There are A LOT.

"I totally believe all things work together for the good. If I had been loved, who would I be? If I had been born, you know, to someone who wasn't abusive, who wasn't such a monster, who would I have been? Because I know it took all of that - all of that hell, all that darkness - to become who I am now" - Tyler Perry (stolen from onakachi) this quote is in vein with when people say the universe gives you what you put out. I question these lines of thought, I mean I can see how but like in the case of Tyler Perry what if he was in a loving family? who is to say he still wouldn't be inspired in other ways? Sometimes, I think some things just are but as human beings we feel we need to have some deep(er) explanation to things.

When typing in broken/pidgin english eg the boy no dey fear. I have noticed some people type no as nor. why is that? isn't the actual word no? we don't pronounce it as nor so why the r? answers greatly appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder why things don't move me. I see people being emotional about books, words strewn so beautifully, weddings or heck even happenings in the country/history being made. I mean I think aww nice but to be so moved to the point sometimes of tears, I dunno it's foreign to me. To be fair, I was moved when I voted for Obama, it was all a bit surreal but other than that I can't think of a lot of other things. 

Someone told me about a woman who decided she will never get married and asked her gay friend to be her sperm donor. I was so sure that she would have changed her mind and got married but 8yrs and a son later she still isn't married and still staunch about it. Found it interesting.

Ok guys that's all I have! Hopefully I hope this isn't too much info. Have a lovely weekend and stay blessed!

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Anonymous said…
I cry at everything; books, movies, other peoples sob stories, I'm just a mess, no one takes me to the cinema anymore, sigh

For folks that type no as "nor" when typing pidgin, I guess its from how Warri or Bini folks pronounce "no" in pidgin, they do pronounce it as nor
Miss Enigma said…
I can cry for all of America...Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Nashville yup I've cried.

Some of us pronounce no as nor in pidgin english...I'm a benin babe and I've been told my pidgin is extra local lol
lohi said…
They think your mirror is broken when you gain weight. So they have to tell you.

I never fill out surveys but use all kind of rating sites before I use a service..:(

I cry for movies. tv shows;finding nemo, but not for real life things that are more important..:(

yujubee said…
Yea, warri pidgin actually say nor.i never fill out surveys and I always wonder how people have time for that, especially on amazon. But I read reviews and ratings before I buy anything.
Anonymous said…
I don't depict how much fun I've had by how much alcohol I've consumed, however I do tend to have more fun when alcohol is involved.

I actually try not to fill out surveys and only do it if the service is exceptionally great or extremely bad. I read reviews for everything though.

I'm a serious crybaby...I can cry at just about anything, it's sad really.
leggy said…
i loveeeeeeee words strewn together beautifully. like it's so freaking beautiful. i love it. it moves me in ways nothing ever does. so much has been happening in america.
Steve said…
Nice one, Check Out The Latest Nigerian Entertainment Gist HERE
original mgbeke said…
I'm not moved by a lot of the words, weddings, movies but I've always cried every time I watched The Color Purple.

That nor thing is annoying.

I think fun and alcohol have a close relationship
mizchif said…
Oh we know i'm a cry baby. I cry at everything, books, movies, Grey's, weddings, watching other people cry. It's kinda like a problem because i'm supposed to be a hard babe.

I'm fun in general, but i'm mooooore fun when there's alcohol involved, but the word u used "depict" makes it sound like you're referring to those who twitpic how many bottles of moet they have on their table, if that's what you mean then they are not "depicting" fun, they are depicting "money" you're supposed to calculate how much they've spent knowing how much a bottle costs in the club.

So much has been going on in that una country, i can't even keep up, like i'm so behind on everything these days.

"Nor" is how benin/warri people pronounce "No" in pidgin, so.....

I never fill out surveys or reviews, but God bless those that do for us, AMEN.
You're talking about Ofada hut, i saw a Panda express the other day. Same logo, everything. This is Lagos.

I'm one of those who don't believe marriage is for everyone, and i'm happy for people who realise this about themselves.
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