20 Random Things

It's been floating around and I figure it'll be fun to do. You will probably see things you already know about me as I have done these things a number of times but ah well.

1. I am a fake Nigerian because I can't handle pepper/spicy stuff. The day I realized people use more than 1 habanero when cooking, my eyes nearly popped out. I'll still eat it but I just don't handle it very well.

2. I really, really LOVE the artist - The Weeknd. I really do.

3. I have a huge massive fear of dogs. It doesn't matter how small or large or toothless they are. I just have an irrational fear of them. People never believe me or understand the magnitude of my fear and always try to tell me their dog is different. I think my friend with the chihuahua really understood when I burst into tears in her room.

4. I love a good deal. I search, plot, plan for what will be a good financial deal and save myself a few bucks in the long run.

5. I do not know the complete correct lyrics to any song. Not even for The Weeknd. I don't know why. Ad libs and runs though? I have that nailed down to a T. No matter how old the song.

6.  In all my years of living, no eye doctor has been able to fit me in contacts that work for me. My contacts are always dancing Azonto in my eyes. I have astigmatism, so I wear toric lenses but even then they move so much and become blurry. I have even had two different brands for each eye prescribed for me and yet. I have an eye test coming up, we shall see.

7. I think I am slowly giving up on heels. Them shit hurt! Old age no good :(

8. I really don't like tea. I drink tea when I am under the weather. Team Coffee all day, everyday.

9. As much tv as I watch, I really hate cop/detective/whodunnit shows. Which is probably why I knew How to Get Away With Murder wouldn't be my thing.

10. As much as I'd rather do everything the right way and the right time, I sometimes feel like I have failed my mom by not giving her a grandchild at my age.

11. I am an over thinker. And as such, I worry a lot. I have self diagnosed myself with anxiety. Whenever I am anxious and have a lot on my mind, I have a disgusting habit where I rip off the skin around my fingers and my cuticles. I just keep biting and tearing it off (sounds worse than it is lol)

12. I am not the tidiest person but I can be quite anal about things. There are just certain things I am particular about. I like things a certain way.

13. As much as I do not like shopping - and I really should rephrase that to clothes and makeup shopping. I loooove to grocery shop. If there was a job to grocery shop for people that would be fun (is there a job like that?)

14. I like doing different things to my hair. I am also a weavaholic.

15. I hate animals.

16. I don't have a fear of bugs or insects which is helpful cuz my new place is by greenery so I get unexpected "guests" all the time but they don't phase me. Now rats/mice. I don't play that.

17. I think I travel a lot and I never had a fear of flying but recent events have suddenly made me nervous. As my mom would say, its not necessarily you I am worried about but the world is kinda crazy now. And it is true. Strange things have just been happening recently.

18. I am avid concert goer. I am not at the point where I am wondering, who else I would like to see in person because I think I have seen everyone I would like to see.

19. I stan for Man U and Rooney is my guy. No matter what they say.

20. I still cite my braces as one of the best things I have ever spent my money on *flashes 32*

That's all my 20. Anyone who wants to do it, is free to. Did you learn anything new about me?


yujubee said…
Please don't give up on them heels, shit hurts , but it elevates the whole look. Make we de manage.
Same thing here with the contacts. Gave up.
Berry Dakara said…
I think I'd faint if a puppy chihuahua came within a mile of me :(

I'm veering towards flats too. But I've found I'm okay with block heels.

You haven't failed anybody. Don't bring yourself down for no reason.

I dislike animals too. I won't visit anyone who has animals.
Vivi N. said…
1. Same. I truly get annoyed when I taste anything with pepper. Especially, when I wasn't beforehand. I don't get this 'must add pepper/hot sauce/anything spicy' to a meal. Like, why? Does it enhance the taste? Does one enjoy having their eyes water and their nose dripping and their tongues wailing in pain?

3./15. I'm scared of dogs, too. Anytime I hear a bark, I freeze up. Unfortunately, quite a few folks I know own dogs. So at times I have to man up and tolerate those pesky creatures. Weirdly enough, dogs seem to like me. A dog owner said maybe why is because they can sense my fear and they begin to pity ME. lolol. I even had a blogger friend send her dog to her Mom's because she knew that I was coming over. I appreciate the gesture. Meanwhile, not a fan of animals. I mean, I can acknowledge cute animals. "Awww" is all they will get from me. But to be near one? Nah. But I truly truly can not stand cats. Cats are the devil. Convinced.

5. Same. Also, I tend to remix the lyrics because I believe my version is better. Huge fan of ad libs and runs. Mainly because I feel that's when the artist is letting their guard down and they are really feeling the moment. That's why I can't stand when singing contestants force a run. Yuck.

7. Been gave up on heels. I understand its importance (the whole, it makes the outfit look better) but nah. If I have to wear heels, I make sure to have a pair of flats with me.

9. I can watch from time to time but soon enough, it gets boring. Must be why I couldn't get into "True Detective". Gonna try again, though.

20. I had braces when I was in middle school. Did nothing for my teeth/jaw. It was concluded that I need jaw surgery and I should wait until my 30s to make the decision.

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