Friday Randoms

Hi guys. The weekend is upon us again. There's no point counting down anyways because I feel like you blink and Friday is here. I mean we are almost done with the first quarter of the year, March will soon be over. I thought we were done with snow in these parts but of course not. We are expected to have snow tomorrow ironically the first day of Spring. Go figure.

This was a stressful week for me so I am kinda glad to see it almost over. Why does life have to be hard sometimes? Also why is it hard to walk away from something that is clearly not good for you? Anyone of you guys watch the Empire finale? It was such an acid trip. Everything and EVERYTHING was packed into those 2 hours. It was a hot mess but I loved it. Guess it makes sense why I love reality shows, huh? Okay let's random before I say what I am not supposed to say on here.

I am truly grateful for wine. I am currently sipping on some Berry White Cranberry something and the tart and sweet combination is making me feel nice. (says the girl with the alcohol tolerance of a 10 year old)

How are people on TV never freaked out by the disgusting bathrooms they seem to find themselves in (think of how disgusting the bathroom Olivia Pope was in was). They just casually stroll in and do what they need to do like the place isn't a germ trap.

I saw this quote "No one is successful because they are lucky" and I still don't know if I agree with it or not. What do you guys think?

I never understand when people refer to sleeping at like 7/8pm as napping. It's not a nap jo, it's sleep. Or is napping not restricted to a particular time of the day? I always thought it was a daytime thing.

I don't understand why working professionals can't get Spring Break. If children doing common school work need time off. How about us dealing with the stress of life and working 9-5 everyday with deadlines and stuff. A one week mental break would be awesome.

I really want to go on a European tour. I really just want to run away from my life. Anywhere might do.

When celebs die of an overdose and their fellow celeb friends start to commiserate and sing their praises, I often wonder if they knew that their friend had a drug problem and if they ever tried to help. They always seem to just speak about them like it wasn't an overdose.

When I meet old people that have never had cancer they are like wonders to me.

You know how people say if someone has a bad attitude like bitchy, crazy, unpleasant etc that it is harder for them to find a mate. I don't think I agree. I am watching Real World and this psychopath man with a terrible temper found himself a nice guy. You think about older naija couples where the dad is so chilled but the mom is like from a horror movie.

Every story that ends in a wedding is a successful story, eh? "I just knew she would be my wife/husband"

"Dating scares the crap out of everybody" Is that true? Aren't there people that love it? I have a friend on Tinder just for the fun of it.

I recently tried to read a physical book and it was so awkward. It was as hard as trying to text on a non smart phone. I actually never made it past the 3rd page. I will go back to it some day.

Well that's all I have for you guys. Work is about to send me on a flurry of travel so I am about to be acquainted with airports again. You guys have a great weekend and be safe.


Berry Dakara said…
EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I legit watched 9 episodes in less than a day - consider that I have a full-time job.

Not all weddings are success stories... separations and divorce happen.

TheRustGeek said…
Flurry of travel sounds fun - bar the interminable waits in airport lounges, although flying business class does help a ton!

As for that European tour, I'd say its a good idea.. I want one myself but the oil price isn't letting a bloke be great, sadly!
LadyNgo said…
I think napping is any time you only plan to sleep for a short while. Even if its at night.

Well, as a working professional you should be getting vacation time. Thats the compensation i guess lol.

Wedding shouldn't be the end of the story. Or at least, it should be followed with a "to be continued" while the sequel is being written.
mizchif said…
"Why is it so hard to walk away from something that is clearly not good for you"
Like it is clear as crystal that something is bad for you, one would think that as a level headed clear thinking adult you would come to the right decision and take the necessary action, but alas.

I was at a wedding recently where they guy said something about love at first sight and when he saw his wife he just knew, even though i happen to know a couple other babes he was actively pursuing in the same time frame, so ya.
I am currently sipping on.....Vodka. couldn't be a wine gal.
Dunno about everyone being scared of dating, i wouldn't say i'm scared of dating, but i am scared of the opening up and letting someone in fully part.
blogoratti said…
Napping is whatever time you choose for it to be, psssh.

About celebs and overdose...
My take -sometimes people go through stuff deep inside, but project a perfect aura on the outside. Hard to tell what anyone's going through, especially in a crazy industry as Hollywood.
yujubee said…
Old people without cancer, happens to me when I come across a kid who's not smart. like really, they still have those these day?

We know that empire doesn't make sense, we are in it for the drama. Things just happening for no reason.tchww.
Yetsa Osara said…

Every successful person has had some luck (call it favor, blessing, opportunity etc)

I just want to know what that Berry White Cranberry something is, because i want some of that!

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