The thing about religion...

I met someone this week who is Jewish. He was introduced to the religion by his wife. He believes in equality and social justices for all and actually does things about it to make it happen. He is all for gay rights. In his car, he keeps a basket of stuff that includes socks, gloves, hats, snacks, medicine, vitamins etc to give to homeless people he encounters that may be in need.

I also have a friend who is so generous with the kindest heart and is always looking out for the interest of everyone else before hers. In my time(s) of need, she has always shown up in a big way. She happens to be gay.

Based on the christian religion, these two people don't meet the criteria to make it into Heaven even though they are they epitome of loving their neighbors as they love themselves.

How sway?

Makes no sense to me.


MPB said…
I don't believe it either. Religion also has cultural aspects. How convenient we are now Christians the one true religion, after the caucasians colonized us. But yeah that's a whole different tangent. Ultimately I believe humanity trumps religion.
'Lara A said…
Based on Islam, these 2 people might make heaven before the muslim.
Good deeds supersedes it all.
Yetsa Osara said…
Reminds me of the good Samaritan.
Those who show love know God. God is love.

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