Friday Randoms

Hi guys, Happy Friday. Aren't you glad it is the weekend. Before I say anything further, I just wanted to say thank you to all who sent positive vibes via comments or reached out to me personally on my last post. I never know how to deal with comments in general, I don't respond individually because I don't think people come back to read so please I hope people don't see it as an affront, please know I see and read and I appreciate. I am back to regularly scheduled programming.

The East Coast has bamboozled me again by telling me it is spring meanwhile it is cold outside with scary winds and the weather forecast has snow scheduled for Saturday. Is this even life.

Meanwhile, I thought I had avoided it but they got me y'all. I got called for jury duty! nooooo! I feel like they are targeting people at my job, I know 4 other people who got called. I don't wannnaaa gooo. I just watched The People vs. OJ Simpson (fantastic show btw if you haven't watched, just fantastic) and their own jury lasted 8 months. They couldn't talk to anyone, get on the internet and most importantly THEY.COULD.NOT.WATCH.TV!!! hehe I am just being dramatic. I have requested for a postponed date sha. Shall we random.

For people who get massages and take off everything including underwear, why do you do that. A male friend of mine let me know it's for the butt part of the massage. I guess as a woman our underwear is conducive to that, I forget male underwear is different. Either way, I can do without the butt part of the massage, it hurts anyways.

You really have to be a demon to have unprotected sex with someone knowing fully well you have an STD and not tell the other party. Especially if it is herpes.

Why are women so scared to have that monogamy-exclusivity conversation. why don't we ever want good things for ourselves.

I feel like I freak out about things because things usually don't go my way. I always thought that if I was one of those people where things usually just find a way to work out, I wouldn't freak out the way I do and be so relaxed with the knowledge that everything will work out. But, I have come across some people like that who still freak out despite a kosher history.

You know, in hindsight, one of the most hurtful things that has ever been said to me was someone asking if I have ever wondered if the reason I am single is because I am not lovable. I happened to just remember this this week. I've suffered in this life sha.

How do parents of identical twins tell the difference between them when they are babies. Do you think there's been cases where a child has been permanently renamed due to an unnoticed error.

This is more of a story: There is this girl at my gym. Small, petite in shape babe always working out and all. She spends half her time staring at herself in the mirror as she does stuff. She comes in fully clothed but usually ends up being half naked. Because she is always fondling with her clothes in a bid to figure out how to show off her stomach. She is either fiddling with her pants and rolling them down as low as she can (I have seen her thong more times than I can count) or playing with her shirt to tuck it under her sports bra. In fact yesterday, she did herself a favor and just took off the shirt and just worked out in her sports bra. Anyways, one day the owner is complimenting her and saying how her abs are great and awesome and a gym teacher says it's all about choices and from nowhere some girl just said "Well, I'd rather have kids than abs" and yall I burst out laughing. I thought it was so random and her bad belle was leaking loud and clear.

Speaking of kids. Naija babes or anyone who thinks they are a better candidate as wifey material than someone who has kids. Please stop it.

I don't think I remember the last book I read that blew my mind. You guys have any you'd recommend.

I know divorce is painful and stressful but I sometimes wonder if some divorced people ever think "phew, I am so glad that wasn't my last penis\vagina. I can experience more now!"

Well, that's all I got. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. Stay blessed.


Shadenonconform said…
Per jury duty, you'll be okay... :) TV is your concern.. Haha...

Lol @ demon... True though...

Per women not wanting "good tings"... Sigh... One will talk now and society will label one as an "angry feminist".. But i think fear of the monogamy-exclusivity talk could be because society has brainwashed women to think "a man is like an oil block". Woe betide you to risk losing that oil block with monogamy talk. Just "manage" jejely. O dara..

That was a mean statement. Ignore that person abeg. Besides, as the cool kids say who lovable don epp? Abeg...

Awon we are better wifey candidate than others because dem never born pikin, sigh...

The recommendations I have aren't necessary "mind blowing". The last book i read was Timbaland's The Emperor of Sound. I wouldn't say the book blew my mind but it's a good read. I learnt a lot. I am currently reading Berkshire Beyond Buffet... Quite interesting and insightful.

Ability to experience more now... Might cross some people's minds...might not... But i think if the person was an ass/hater/wifebeater/the devil, most people would probably be happy to "experience more."

Lovely weekend to you too...

Ps: the song is nice. Made me think of Miguel... Not sure why, but it also made me think of Raheem DeVaughn 'She's Single'...
yujubee said…
Since you said so, I'll try and watch people vs oj. Just feel like since I know the story wouldn't be worth it.
Per divorce. Lol. I mean if it was bad in the first place, oh yea.
Haven't read a book in forever.

Vivi N. said…
Went in for jury duty and wasn't selected. woop woop. But the process was long as hell.

I don't take off my panties during my massage sessions. But I've been tempted to try the butt massage. lolol.

Definitely expect parents of newly born identical twins to make the mistake of not knowing who is who. To me, that'll be a common mistake. Or if they are the prepared kind, they'll color code their babies from jump until it's safe for them to know A from B.

The last book that semi blew my mind was "Gone Girl". Didn't care much for the ending, though.
yujubee said…
I just heard of a good book,ready player that? If you have please let me know, I already ordered it.if not, maybe I'll read and let you know.

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