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Well, I guess I did have one more post before Christmas and I am here. I can't tell you guys how much I have been looking forward to this break. I am totally just burnt out and ready to chill. I had all the plans to bum and tv per usual but plans changed and looks like I will be headed out of town. This is my first Christmas without my brother in like forever. He told me the other day that he can't believe I am not home and he had got so used to having me around every Christmas. He also added that this should never happen again. God willing it shan't. Is shan't a word? It always sounds wrong. Okay, let's random.

The people who do break ups to make ups, how do they count how long they have been together?

"Good friends hear the unspoken words"

While beauty is subjective and everyone has their own tastes, I feel like there's this thing Americans do where they latch on to a dark skinned celeb and over praise and (what feels like) oversell her beauty. I get the angle that the standard of beauty is one way so it is a way of promoting diverse beauty standards. But it almost feels like overcompensation of some sorts

On more than one occasion, I have heard a lot of people say wedding planning brought out the worst in the bride (hmm, why only the bride?) and in some cases led to a breakup. Was thinking about that. Is that an accurate statement or was the person's behavior always there and it was just a situation that showed it more. Or am I saying the same thing here?

This might not make sense but there is some kind of sadness for people who die in October, November and December. Kind of like a "ughh almost made it" (to the next year)

Why do we place so much emphasis on January? Actually, I know the answer to that. Markers are always a helpful thing for humans but certain aspects like oh 2016 sucks let it go. Time doesn't necessarily keep bad things away. Life keeps on going.

I totally can understand people who don't like my pessimism but unfortunately in the cases it apply, it is how I feel. But I think I would rather be honest with my emotions than faking the funk and dying inside.

Speaking of which, unawareness and a lack of introspection is an epidemic in our generation

How or why do people work out with regular bras?

When I was in college, me and a friend went to a group of friends' (all guys) home and one of the guys cooked. We all ate and stacked our dishes in the sink and went back to the living room to chill. Not long after, he called us aside and gave us a speech on how we never know who is watching and how the right thing to do would have been to wash the dishes. I acknowledged the convo and went back to the living room. My friend went into the kitchen and began doing dishes. Fast forward many many years later, guess which two people are married with kids and guess who is single? These things on social media ain't bants people. Do the needful and get chose o. Don't be left behind!

Speaking to a friend earlier in the week who just had a baby. Asked her how mommyhood is and she said "Crazy hard. I don't recommend it" (not sure if it makes a difference that she is not Nigerian). Anyways another convo with another friend (Nigerian) and she tells me how she does not particularly want kids. I ask why and she says "honestly, I am lazy and I don't like 24/7 work". I feel like we are conditioned to just have kids because it is the thing to do.

Situation: Man has a one night stand with a woman. Next morning woman says she is trans and got a vagina 10 years ago. An argument ensues. Man says woman is obligated to tell him that. She says why? I am a woman, you enjoyed the sex. If you see me as a woman what about it makes you feel some type of way? Also, you don't see me being mad that you did not tell me about your past and bad things you have done. Are you obligated to tell me that? See before this, I was full on that you should always have full disclosure but this made me think. I think if you stil have a penis then definitely should tell but if you don't why should you. I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Well my lovely people. That's all I have for you today. Do me a solid and visit for some entertainment content, including the best shows I watched in 2016. Have a lovely blessed Christmas and wishing you and your loved ones all of God's blessings and smiles. Merry Christmas!!


Swanboy said…
About bloody time.

The guy who called you guys aside to give you a speech on dishwashing was being a dick. Guests aren't expected to do anyou kitchen work unless they offer. Literally just got home from a home Christmas party btw.

Not disclosing you're trans to a straight person is fucked up. Quite wrong.
Original Mgbeke said…
I definitely feel the sadness for people who die in the 'ember months.

LOL @ the lecture. Wellst, niggas be watching so ladies go and wash plate o!

I work out with a regular bra sometimes.

AuralAdultery said…
The dishwashing convo was silly. Ask for help or shut up. You can't mandate it.
I'd imagine that girls who work out in regular bras are definitely team A cup. Ain't no way you're doing that in C's and D's. Just sounds painful.
Part of sex is mental, so a lack of disclosure is wrong.

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