Friday Randoms

Hey Hey peoples! I know, I know 2 weeks in a row. I happened to just have random thoughts piled up that's why. This week was a hella busy week for me, 3 cities in one week. I'm so dazed and ready for the weekend, even though I will be headed out of town tomorrow for a wedding. I had a fright this week when my phone gave out and Tmobile said there was nothing they could do, thank God for cellular repair shops, they temporarily fixed it and its still not fully fixed but I go manage till the 17th. I am currently chilling in my room with Original Mgbeks watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills (trynna get the girl some reality tv shows in her life lol). Anyways, hope everyone has been cool. Can you believe its November??!! I am like shocked and happy at the same time because it means December is round the corner, yay!. Ok, not much to say let's random.

I want to give a special shout out to Shade Nonconformist for her comments on my last random post. I love reading lengthy, detailed comments and the babe just wrote a thesis. Thank you so much for it and for taking the time. I enjoyed reading! and lol@ your moist muffin.

Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty - Tim Ferris

I will admit that there is a bias against skinny people when their weight complaint is about trying to gain weight. Most people pish posh them and say that's not a problem (raises hand). It's kinda unfair to them sha, they have a right to complain if they want to. That being said, I will still say it's not a problem :p

I was watching the HBO movie Temple Grandin about an autistic woman back in the day. There was a scene where her mom took her to the doctor and just found out she was autistic and she was in shock. She kept asking if there was nothing that could be done and the doctor took it like she didn't understand and told her "maybe she'd like to bring her husband in". In that moment I realized we have come a long way as women.

It's funny how it's been almost a year since I left Facebook and people don't realize. They think I just defriended them.

You know, sometimes some drivers are so aggressive. Sometimes when a car overtakes me I'm like "what are you feeling like, your car is not even in production anymore" (this happened when a pontiac overtook me). It's kinda in the same vein as how some people in naija shouldn't have drivers in some certain kinds of cars :p

Wendy Williams is scary looking. Her face and body shape.Spooky.

SOmetimes some ads, you know the song or the music but you realize you have no idea what the ad is for.

I don't know how I feel about TI. I am all for making mistakes and forgiveness but I hate to see people abuse it. I like the man and all but it's like come on, how many chances do you want?

Would anyone kiss Precious? Well, I mean Gabourey Sidibe. Like if there is a script that calls for kissing her, would the male actor bail? (I'm sorry but it was a random thought :( )

I need a wedding budget. Another of my friends has one in March and I already have a wedding in March.

The best relationship is one in which both partners love each other the way they both want to be loved.

Am I the only one who didn't know what NaNoWriMo was? I had to google.

What is this kik messenger?? Like don't we have enough technology overload already? My friend suggested it to me and I almost vexed sef.

Kids with cancer has to be one of the saddest things ever. I watched a St Jude's fundraising video where they chronicled some kids and it sucked to see the ones that passed away.

One of the things I have learned in life is that when tough situations arise, the most important thing is how you react to the situation. Sometimes the situation might not even be that dire, but when we huff and puff and make such an ado about nothing it brings out the ugly side of us.

Your destination is ultimately determined by your direction and not merely your intentions" - When a journey begins, you know your destination but if you take the wrong turns, you may end up somewhere else. Therefore, you must guard and remain conscious of your intentions and dreams, the path and all surrounding influences for YOU are the driver in your life. (got this from a friend)

PRAYER REQUEST: For all young kids suffering from cancer. For strength for them and their parents emotionally and financially AMEN

Have a lovely weekend guys. Feel free to leave as many comments as you'd like! lol

Today's song I absolutely love.enjoy

Bruno Mars - Grenade


Nutty J. said…
Very random

what has TI done again? I love that dude...and I hope he hasnt done something that would hurt my feelings (lol)

I agree on the partners loving each other like they want to be loved

What in d hell made you leave facebook...I tried leaving for two weeks and it was year?

'NaNoWriMo'? no idea

This comment is beginning to sound as random as ur post....smh

Happy November
Omotee! said…
am interested in the wedding budget thing - lets see

i envy u, wish i had lots of parties to attend too, abuja is just dulling...
Reverence said…
yes randoms are back!!
first of all, tell mgbeks i said BEC is calling her name and she better be answering.

RHOA, i just started watching this season. i am not too fond of beverly hills.

raises hand as one of the people that assumed i was defriended,

yes kids with cancer sooo sad! i am a wish granter for make a wish foundation and some of stories are so heart breaking but i have learnt a lot from them sha cos mayne you meet some of them and they are happy and smiling. Makes me ponder my life and what i consider "problems"

i have no idea what NaNoWriMo and kik are. I have decided to ignore any other social networking thing after facebook and that includes twitter.
LucidLilith said…
I wish I could hang with you and Original favorite is ATL housewives. So much drama, so little time.

I watched Temple Grandin. The only problem is that afterwards, Turtle kept saying, "I'm Temple Grandin" in this high pitched voice as seen in the movie. So annoying.

I wish I had the guts to quit facebook.

lol@ cars not in production.

Wendy Williams looks like a drag queen but I love her anyway 'howyoo doin???'

Kissing Gaby Sidibe...oh my, don't go there. NOt to sound horrible but she needs to consider dropping a few pounds before she develops serious health issues.

Wedding budget is not possible. All your friends conspire to get married within years of one another just to make you broke.

I did not know of Nanowrimo or kik either.
Ms.O said…
lots of mean randoms today! lol!

poor Precious... I am sure she is

``NaNoWriMo`` Ì dont know what that is either!!! off to google!

have a good weekend!
Myne Whitman said…
What is kik messenger? Is that like Skype?

Do I know you on Facebook? :)

I found out about Nano when I moved to Edinburgh, I joined but never did much writing. Did a real one here last year.

I totally agree on agreeing on what love means for a couple for it to work.

What are you dissing Wendy and Gabby? Wicked laugh here...

How ya doing girl?

Have a nice weekend.
Jaycee said…
I've missed my Friday randoms.

Immediately I saw that comment abt skinny people trying to gain weight, my eyes almost popped out. That used to be my predicament and nobody paid me any attention. LOL.

"Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty - Tim Ferris." Kinda sad, eh?

Lol @ "your car is not in production anymore." They can't hear you...hahaha (#IDoItToo. I always talk to other drivers even if they can't hear me).

Taynement @ "would anyone kiss Precious?" How do you think of these things? Lol

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. Are you doing the same?

Have the most blessed weekend yet, dearie *Hugs*
Aww. Thanks for the shout-out. I'm blushing:) Pele. I didn't mean to write a thesis. But yeah i had to throw in the moist muffin to rattle you a little:)

I look over your skinny girl comment:) Haven't seen the movie. But yup, we have come a loooong way as women. You're the umpteenth person i know who has left facebook. It's not like I'm on there all the time anyways. I'm still considering it. I hate foolish/aggressive drivers who cut you off like they're auditioning for a James Bond movie. Smcheew. It's hilarious that you also make comments about the make of people's cars. I do that ALL the time. Your comments on WW & Gabby are truly random. Lol. I feel you on TI but sometimes we all make mistakes repeatedly. It's just that he's in the public eye and his mistakes get magnified. Courtesy Neefemi, I'm definitely feeling his "Get back up" track. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson. Feeling the love and best relationship comment. True true. Had to google NanoWrimo. Interesting stuff. Yeah kids with cancer is so depressing and heartbreaking. Especially the kids who know they are going to die but trust in God and refuse to let death hinder them from living. It's inspiring. God bless their precious souls and strengthen their parents. Have a blessed weekend Tayne. Good luck with the wedding budget.

Yay for 2nd week of randoms..

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