Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Bit of This and That

Hi guys, couldn't really think of anything to blog about so I thought I'd share bits and pieces of my mind and pieces of what's been going on.

I am exhausted. I know I say this all the time but I truly am. I truly can't wait for a real vacay.I am not getting enough sleep either which isn't helping. To show how tired I am, I got back home today to see I left my iron on all day.

Today was special, I woke up at like 5am and couldn't sleep. I have showered for 28 years but today somehow, a glob of facewash entered my eye and man did it burn! till now sef it's a bit sore. Eventually made it to work, with my red eye and I planned on being good, no instant message or internet time wasting just straight work. I get to work and realize I left my work laptop at home. Yep! I drive back home to get it, I refuse to be dejected. I sit down, get my coffee, ready to work with Kanye's new album in my ear, I press play and silence. My headphones give way. I shrug and log on to Pandora, well 5 minutes later nothing plays. I ended up with Yahoo music that stopped playing after every 3 songs. Oh well, I got work done sha. ( lol my shower curtain just fell for no reason at all after being stable for 8 months)

Yarning with my cousin today as usual at how some men flip in 5 seconds, how people in our generation are separating like water. She says how her aunty told her that as long as your husband doesn't beat you be thankful and find a man who loves you more than you do (I've never really understood this saying sha). Why do we never tire of this conversation? lol

My mother told me the other day that she prays for me more than she does my brother. That bothered me and I asked her why and shouldn't it be equal. But she said, I shouldn't get her wrong, she prays for both of us all the time but she has more prayer points for me. She says we all have different paths and some have more thrown at them, she says things seem to fall in place easier for my brother, so the extra prayers are to help me handle the way I react to situations.

I love my mother so much. Today I randomly texted her that I loved her and she promptly replied with I love you too, are you okay? stay strong. She gets me and I love it :)

My school work has suffered something terrible this semester, I am actually quite scared. I really, really want to graduate next semester.

You shouldn't do things expecting others to do the same for you. You should do things from the goodness of your heart because expectations are a motherfucker.

This time next year, where will I be? *sings sound of music song* What will my future beeeee, I wonderrrrrr? ( Who wants to get me sound of music dvd for my christmas? lol)

It sucks when something that should be fun, stops being fun.

I started my naija shopping (for mom and bro) and I am amazed at how I don't think twice to drop the amount of money I have for them but to buy myself something that I actually need, I will rethink and talk myself out of it. Issues.

I think of 6 love stories and somehow I am in them. 3 I was a catalyst, 3 I was literally there when it began. I always remember this line from a Jlo movie, I think it was wedding planner - Those who can't do teach, those who can't wed plan!

I hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful, no matter how little the blessing.

I love this song by lirru mr kingston and ms barbie

Letting Go



Kash said...

"She says how her aunty told her that as long as your husband doesn't beat you be thankful and find a man who loves you more than you do"
---my mom says the same thing especially about finding a man that loves me more than I love him. I don't really get it though...why?? Someone else had told me that,that way I have more control of the relationship... *shrug*

ShadeNonconformist said...

Whoa! You left your iron on all day? Thank God this is not naija where electricity fluctuates like north korea & south korea political relations. It would be a different story.

Pele about lack of sleep and all the drama. I hope you get some rest whichever way possible.

Yup. Me is tired of reading or hearing about male & female drama. Marry someone who loves you more than you do them? I can never and will never get that ideology. Moving on...Wow, it's like your mum is my mother. My mum says the exact same thing about me and my brother i swear. Sigh. wow. I hope&pray all goes well with your schoolwork. Eya. Hang in there. Ditto doing stuff from the goodness of your heart..Sound of music:)I totally want to say yes but i don't want to make promises i can't keep. So I'll just say we'll see. Fingers crossed..When are you heading to naija? Have a lovely thanksgiving too Tayne. Thank God for life.

PS. Yeah the song is nice. Plus the dance moves are serious.

Mamuje said...

Love the part about your mum getting you. My mum gets me too and she certainmy prays for me more than she does my brother. Aren't mothers just the best?

MPB said...

One of my greatest fears is losing my mom...thank god for them. Phew what a crazy series of unfortunate events type day you are having. Finding a man who loves you more than you love them is safe. Safe is boring, lol.

Ms.O said...

My mum says she pray's more for em too..something about me living the farthest away from home.

-I slept for 3hrs last night.This is becoming a pattern! AYAM TIRED!

Omotee! said...

Think most mums are like yours, we really ought to be thankful for our mothers and show how much we appreciate them. my mum is always worrying, praying and doing everything for us...

take it easy abeg, thank God the iron situation didnt get worse than that. u really need to rest.

i get the shopping for everyone and rationalising when it comes to you, but this decemeber, i'm going to blow lots of money on myself too!

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