How I Saved Myself $422 In One Day

Hi guys, how is everyone doing? Hope everyone had a better start in the week than I did. So back to my blog title. It was just a few days ago that the best friend and I were talking about how I don't trust automated payment options because I just don't trust this country. See, I have always said this country is just like naija in terms of 419 except here it's legalized 419 in a comfortable environment. I am cheap or maybe I no get money like that so I always scour through my bills because many a time I have found mysterious fees that I don't know about and when I call they don't know where its from either.

Anyways today, I went to pay my tmobile bill that last I checked was $98. Well this time I went back and saw a whopping $200+ waiting for me. I started reading through the bill and saw a mysterious charge aka MC. I saw handset purchase. I stared at the phone I have had for like 2 years and wondered what was going on. I dial 611. After answering their stupid questions because they are always sure that the fault is yours, we find out that the same stupid tmobile store that "mistakenly" wiped out all the contacts on my sim card, charged me $50 twice for a loaner phone. Granted they gave me a phone which I had for a day and returned, they only charge you if you don;t return it in 2 weeks. The guy said the lady in the shop was "shocked" that I was charged twice. sigh that was $100

I am looking through my credit card that I specifically use only for work charges and I see a $116 charge for a hotel that I did not stay in. Infact, the hotel I actually stayed in was charged and had the same date. I call the hotel, they say they have no clue and cannot trace it. I call my credit card and they say they can't trace it but they can give me a credit while they sort it out and see where it came from. sigh that was $116

Looking further, I see another $206 charge for a different hotel I stayed in. This was not in my receipt that I got. I called the hotel like 10 times and kept getting voicemail. I finally get someone and they say I was charged for a coworker who never gave a credit card and he never came to the desk to check out *blank stare* I was there when he checked out!!. I called my coworker, he said he got a receipt and was charged so what are they talking about? He sha called and got it straightened out. sigh that was $206.

So yea sha today all together I saved myself $422. I know myself, if I had automated payment, I wouldn't take my time to go through the bill just as long as my payment was made. Oh yea, like a month and some ago I went to the dentist and got a routine clean. I am walking out saying bye and the receptionist says I have to pay $58. I say err, isn't that covered with insurance. She says no, based on past blah blah that's what I have to pay. I pay it. Some time passes and my insurance sends me a statement, of course I scour through and see that my portion was just $2. These fools never said a word to me. I called and they were saying it takes 30 days which is bs because I get a statement from my insurance when they have paid them. This was september oh, I didn't get my refund check till last week thursday.

I couldn't make all this up if I tried lol but na wa sha, this isn't helping my trust issues at all. I know I will be a bill nitpicker as long as I am here. As long as I am in this country, na me and them!

Have a wonderful week.


MPB said…
I am glad you were able to recover all your money. These thieves! I have been scouring my own bills and benefit plans and haven't found anything yet, but at least now I am on the look out. I did get a bill from my doc's office for my well-woman check. The old me would have paid the bill, but now I will wait 'cos since i actually went and read the benefits plan, that should be covered 100% yearly. Thanks!
Myne Whitman said…
Is that what it is? I've never really paid attention but the bills from the doctor and dentist are always very uncoordinated. I have to look more closely now.
Anonymous said…
Yels o, these thieves here are on another level. I check e'rrything, from big bills to bills at the restaurant and grocery store. One particular grocer keeps doubling charging me (Scanning items more than once....ighiots). More power to you for checking and double checking.
LucidLilith said…
Holy Crap. This sounds like "Cheat Taynement Month"

Well sha, it sounds like a good business plan this concierge idea of yours. You can help people sort through financial wahala like this. Remember to send me some money for this idea.
yankeenaijababe said…
Girl, you did the smartest thing o, check every payment, you can't trust this system, people steal in new ways, my hubby credit card got stolen and before we realized it, some thief already spent $100 shopping, thank God we closed down the credit card before they went on further shopping spree, I check every expenditure, can't trust Oyinbo people Have a good day girl.
Anonymous said…
Give em hell kid. I can just picture you tieing your headtie around you waist saying "Me and you go enter the same sokoto today"
No o. Being nit-picky especially when it comes to bills is soooo necessary. I also don't do paperless statements. I go through every charge/statement (from grocery bill to credit card bill) line by line and any discretion, fiam, i'm calling my bank or the company.

Case in point about 6 months ago, I received an e-mail from my bank that my account had been suspended because they noticed irregular activity on my account& that i should call them asap. Apparently some nincompoop in atl had jacked my info and was trying to "test" to see if i would notice. I told my bank there was no way it was me because first i live in cali and two, i was on a camping trip. I couldn't possibly be in atl. I be winch? Thankfully, it was sorted out. But i was very afraid, especially because it was my first experience with online identity theft.

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