Na so crase dey start

Hallo gang, hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving. I am a bit bored so as usual I came here to gab. I think I am having small crase from being in my house this long and not having human interaction. I have literally been in my house all holiday watching tv and playing on the internet. Tonight, it feels like everyone is doing something and I feel like doing something too. My friend bb'd me to say he is worried about me (told him to join the line)and he doesn't want me to lose my spark. Anyways, I don't really have many if any at all friends in my city, because they all moved and the ones here are married and don't go out much. Another friend of mine says, I need to meet new people so I need your suggestions, how does one go out there and meet new people? Thanks in advance. Have a great remainder of the weekend!

PS I will be back with my take on MI2.


neefemi said…
I ask myself the same question everyday so if you find out tell me...someone just told me that even if i had money i won't go out, i agreed
Roc said…
Begs the question though, if you did go out a bit more would you consider it more fun?
Well I'm on late on this. But anyhoo, don't lose your spark o.

I'm honestly the wrong person to make any "social suggestions" right now, but I guess you can start by attending plays or musicals. You can also a join a fun class that you have an interest in. i.e. dance, photography...Or volunteer in your community or join a church group.
Reverence said…
This is why i love blogger, you and i had the same exact holiday experience. Now i see that i am not the only one.

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