Friday Randoms

Hi guys, can you believe it's friday already? Well it is. I am just going to breeze by last week's randoms. It was what it was, but I am glad you guys enjoyed it. Sorry you won't be getting that a lot. I had a pretty decent week. Continued my girl's birthday celebration on saturday and let's just say it was a fun night. Good peoples, Good drink and Good music. Sunday, I carried myself to the BSB concert (if you know me well or are an avid reader, you will know I love them so). It really was the NKOTBSB concert but I purposely block out NKOTB, they were more of a nuisance to me. Jordin Sparks opened for them and looked fabulous, weight loss na good thing. I went to the concert by myself because I didn't expect anyone to want to go as evidenced by reactions and comments I got when I mentioned it. Apparently, I'm supposed to be ashamed of myself for still liking them at my age. Last I checked it was a free country and we all have our preferences. I had a great time and I am glad I went. I am so looking forward to this weekend. Straight hard knock bumming, no travel. Travel will resume next month. Enough talk, more randoming.

So in M.I's song "Slow Down" he has a line that says "She reminds me of nights in Paris" and I wondered if MI had actually ever been to paris and knows what the nights were like.

Why do naija pastors who prophesy and allegedy see visions always see gloom and doom type news and someone always out to get you?

Why would people be scared of having kids in terms of being in charge of another human being? You get to control them! lol I keed. I have never had fears of being a mom. I think I'd be a great mom and I look forward to being one. I already love caring for people, how much more a human I pushed out. That being said, umm I am not looking for kids right now o!

It was bound to happen but I forgot to mention how this black girl at the club last week had this big ole fascinator sitting atop her head. I the club though?

Last week, someone made a comment to me "You're not fat, you're overweight. There's a difference". I was very pleased with myself that it absolutely had no effect on me. yay to progress.

So, I've never quite understood that term "Taking it slow" and if it made any difference. Ok, I know most people take that to mean not sleeping with a man so soon. But then what defines too soon? Does the time you sleep with him determine anything? If he is going to leave, he'd leave, no? Would a man leave because of the length of time it took to get you in bed or because of other factors?

Another phrase "You are what you attract". How many of you think this is true or bollocks?

It was National HIV day a few days ago. I am under the impression that a lot of young Nigerians don't get HIV tests, so I asked a bunch of my friends. It was a half n half, but I was surprised that a lot of the sexually active ones had never had one before ever. Meh, it's everyone's prerogative, just stay safe everyone.

You know how you hear a bunch of guys say that girls are listening to Beyonce and lapping up her single ladies mantra/anthems while she got her own man at home chilling? For those of you that read Black Girls Are Easy blog that's how I see it. Dude be spewing things but he knows wassup and has his wifey chilling at home.

Speaking of Beyonce, I have heard this a lot and read this that she is one of the hottest celebs that you don't want to sleep with. I'm inclined to agree.

I didn't expect it to have that much of an effect on me but it did. I truly wish him the best and as long as he is happy, that's all that matters.

I watched a movie - Diary of a Nymphomaniac. As the name implies, the woman didn't joke with her sex, but she was lonely. She wanted love. She found love but the sex was wack,lasted like 2 mins. She eventually left to work in a brothel lol. Anyways, question is, you find someone you truly love and click with but sex is wack. Would you stay or would you go?

Oh also,according to the movie the 4 things all humans want are: recognition, pleasure, self esteem and love and affection.

You will be amazed the little things guys notice and pick up on.

Someone asked me the #1 thing I look for in a guy and without blinking I replied with Acceptance. Someone who accepts me for me and doesn't try to change me. I understand that they are celebs, it might be silly to use them as examples and they'll prolly break up soon but for example IceT and Coco, but it explains what I am saying. Coco might be one of the ditziest people ever and she says things that make you go huh? but IceT never flinches and just thinks she is wonderful lol. In the future, I wish for myself someone that thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread in spite of my flaws instead of making me very aware of my flaws.

Alright cuties, that's it for today. Happy New Month! Wishing you nothing but good things and blessings from the Good Lord above. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend and everyone be safe and enjoy life!

In the spirit of the holiday weekend/new month and just being alive to experience it, enjoy today's song.

One Republic - Good Life


kay9 said…
I need a drink...
Blogoratti said…
Have a fab. weekend...
Reverence said…
you will be surpised how many "older" people are still fans i am currently rocking my NKOTBSB t shirt i got at the concert for casual friday and a guy in his late 30s on the elevator asked me how the concert was.
i have actually seen that diary of a nymphomaniac movie.

i used to believe in the you are what you attract but then it depressed me so now i dont anymore.
Anonymous said…
Me Likey!
Cily :)
Have fun bumming!
mizchif said…
Acceptance. iLike.
Somebody that just accepts you as is.

Somebody actually made that overweight comment to your face? Only person i can think of that's allowed to say such is my sister or my dad.

I also think i'd make a great mother. I would just like for my children to be delivered to me @ age 7. Yes, someone can birth them, keep them, enjoy all those wonderful 2hr nights sleep then just hand them over to me when that phase has passed :I
Yankeenaijababe said…
me too, a good Happy weekend dearie, just ignore them bad belle people o jare..them craze o!
Vivian said…
At my high school reunion yesterday, some girl came up to me while I was putting some food away and said to me" Nne, you need to stop eating that, you are too need to be watching your height"..code term for I am fat. First of, I don't even remember this chick from school...second, you was three sets behind me..therefore, she is not even my mate..third, who the heck says that $%#@...I am patiently waiting for the day that such bold comments will no longer annoy me. You are making better progress than me.
kitkat said…
stop picking on!! :p
Anonymous said…
Team BSB for life. (Just so you know, i had to google what the hell NKOTB meant).

"Taking it slow" has its benefits. I can testify to that. But when people use it in the context of placing useless restrictions on others, i call it meh... (hopefully that made some sense).

I'm sooo scared of having kids. Apart from the fact that (should i choose to have any) my poor kids will have a crazy mother, the overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes with nurturing them & hoping you're doing the right thing...freaks me out...

People not getting tested for STI's & HIV is the kiss of death. In this day and age, there's no excuse. *insert BET PSA: "Wrap it up people"*.

Why wouldn't people want to sleep with beyonce? I'm confused..

Amen & Amen to acceptance & thank God for life..


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