Friday Randoms

Hellooooo boys and girls! Happy Friday to ya. "Tis Random Friday again. Yay! What is the cause of my good mood you ask? It is alcohol!. I should be ashamed of myself. I have to be up in 4 hours for work and I am here just a tad bit tipsy/buzzed but not drunk ( I insist!_). It was my girl's birthday yesterday and hse wanted to party(omg i just deleted 5 tomes to get party right)today. I haven't gone out on a week day in a LOOONG time but I figured what the hell. It was mucho fun, dj was on point. You will be glad to know that yours truly can still make it to the floor - and get up, can still wind and can still make a grown man say "oh shit" on the dancefloor. The compliments weren't bad either (not like I get these on the regular). I am such a light weight sha. I had a tequila shot, a goldschlager shot and was Team Jameson for the night. Anyhue, I know I could have waited to do this but I figured i'd let you guys see this side of me and also say a big ha! t o all those who think I can't be open. Yes I can!- with alcohol. ok maybe not but I have a feeling I will be doing some deleting come tomorrow. All of una wey wan judge me, wa wa okay.Who wants to random with Tipsy Taynement?? Meee! Lesssgo!

The Weeknd+Weed+Sex+1particularperson

Can I just say unrequited like sucks? I can? Thanks. It does.

What has twitter turned into? Is houdl say nigerian twitter. A place full of cliques with the mean girls and boys picking on people all in the name of keeping it real. I still maintain yu can be "real" and honest without being mean/rude. Twitter characters are people. Don't catch your fun at someone else's expense.

Six months later and people are still asking about Chuck Bass. Amusing. Let me answer a few of the questions. To the anonymous commenter who asked "where the heck Chuck Bass is". He is in Nigeria. Last I checked Chuck Bass is fine. No, we are not dating but we communicate and still keep in contact because we are friends (although he might be mad at me at the moment).Yep, I think that;s about it right? Right.

A lot more people read this blog than I think sha. Meh!

I really should get back on my sister blog. I started my blog because I thought I'd be the next Diablo Cody and get discovered. *yimu*

*sidebar - I would KILL for some chips and dip right about now. Shet!

Sophia Bush dated her costar on One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray. They got married and divorced within months. You'd think she'd be wary of doing that again but she dated another costar and has been dating him for 5 years.

So like people with disabilities such as Down's Syndrome and issues similar to that aren't like fully there, so I reckon it'll be hard to be aware of the nuances of being a Christian. So if they die, how do they hget judged by God?

Most of us heard might have heard about teh 51yr old who married the 16yr old and we say it's creepy. What is accepted age? How old is okay say a man in my age group (28-30yrs old)wants to date an 18-21 yr old, is that creepy too? What age differences do you consider creepy?

They say flirting is unacceptable when you are in a relationship? I don't know if I necessarily agree. Comma dey. What do you think?

A friend of mine and I were talking about getting flack for letting his girl pay for dinner at a restaurant. While I see nothing wrong with getting the check for you and your man every now and then or going dutch on a date, I do wonder why some naija guys who come to yankee be acting all brand new when they meet nigerian girls who think its taboo to pay or go dutch. It's our culture, the guys usually pay. It's all well and good if you pick up the yankee culture but don't be acting shocked. Right now if I go to Naija,I know that a dude won't let me go dutch or pay for the meal.Its just what we do.

sidebar I am really sleepy.why am i doing ths again?

It's funny how the muslims I know can break every rule, heck one of them I know owns a strip club but the one rule they won't breal is eating pork. Wonder why they stick that rule.

Just a quick thank you to friends of mine who asked how I was doing on Father's day. I was fine really. A slight pinch there but it was nothing but Thanks for thinking about me!

Surely this can't be life when all we look forward to when we go to work is 5pm or Friday.

Can you date an atheist? For me, It's a deal breaker but I have to say I was surprised when I asked some (nigerian) girlfriends of mine and they said they would.

My friend once did a poll among his female friends askiig if they had to pick one for the rest of their life - head or actual intercourse- which would they pick? Majority of them picked head. I;m in the minority.

My friend came up with a category of guys in convo - Nerds (when they were younger) who think they are special now. I know what she means.

How can 2 siblings be raised in teh same household and turn out soooo different.

Marsha Ambrosius is hot!

I've always said Yorubas about more picky about food than Igbos. I guess its the peopel I know. They are more inclined to not eat this n that or eat other people'sfood.

Ok I am done. At this poiunt I need to sleep. Don't be surprised if this post is ocmpletely different next time you read it. I can't even think of a song. This girl right chea is going to bed. I want to sleep in arms. big strong arms. that's not gonna happen.I lovbe you alllllll! maybe the alcohol loves you all? I dunno. Thamks for reading though. Bye!



isha said…
LMAO!!! You won't believe that I'm jealous of you. I want some excitement in my life, even if it means getting tipsy and using it as an excuse to kiss someone I've been dying to lock lips with. (Did I just say that out loud? *covering mouth with hands*. Oops)
Original Mgbeke said…
Why was a grinning extra hard throughout this entire post? I love tipsy Tayne! :-D

Sharrap! You been able to make grown men say shit on the dancefloor. Nurring new.

The Weeknd's album is definitely very ideal for indulging in any of the above. And for Twirra, my dia I dey weak. Na to dey sit quietly and read for corner.

I think that the older a woman is, the less creepy the age diff looks. So a 31 year old man dating a 19 year old might get the side eye...but when she's 29 and he's 41, it won't look bad at all.

I wouldn't say flirting is unacceptable. But keep it respectful, at the very least.
adaku said…
lmaaaooooooo.messs.I love it though. Everyone say I'll be such a good weed head. I shud try it at least once
Anonymous said…
DEAD!!! U r a hot mess!!!
I love it. U still weren't open sha!

CILy Gi! I am sending a link of ur blog to ur mama!
LohiO said…
LMAO!!! awww its ok Tayne! No judging here! you did well for writing drunk tho...I would have spilled my life history!!!! :D
leggy said…
ha ha wa oh.
wow...this is why i only drink wine there are very few places that sell it and why i've never been drunk.
idk. i'm 19 and i have considered dating a 30 year old. i just think that 16 is too old. personally, when someone is 18, i don't blink an eye on who they decide to date.
i just think it's kind screams pervert for a 50 year old sha.
Unknown said…
Liver issues aside, Tipsy Taynement should show up again sometime soon.

Hope no hangover tomorrow!

neuyogi said…
was this hilarious or what???
Nice Anon said…
raise your hand if you want her to write only when she's had a bit to drink *looks around* oh only me? Ngwanu carry on
Nee Fe Mi said…
Lmao, you should always write drunk/tipsy.

I think those with mental problems have a special place in God's heart.
kay9 said…
@ada-bekee, seconded.
mizchif said…
Yo Nicey both my hands are raised!
Oya chant along with me.

I read this post in my google reader and i half expected to find it missing when i check the blog.

Ah, i miss alcohol inspired shenanigans. I need one of them nights soonest.

Those your friends that chose head over dick.....really?
head is good, but no dick forever???? I fittn't.

As for twitter....fortunately i don't follow a lot of Nigerians so i tend to miss most of the foolishness, though i might need to unfollow certain people who feel it is their duty to RT stupidness.

uhmmmm Tayne, you know you need to do this more often right?
Diyani said…
Love!!! Smiled way too hard, actually could imagine you saying all this.. "tipsy"
Shadenonconform said…
Okay....How the hell i missed Tipsy Tayne is beyond me. This was hilarious...

Please bring back Tipsy Tayne. She rocks!!

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