Hallo, it hasn't been a while has it? In progressive news, I only got abused by two people for not updating. In my defense, I did say my blog was nearing its end didn't i? I haven't had any blog worthy topics (or stuff I'd wanna put on here :D)but life's been okay, the post grad life is the business. It's nice leaving work and not having to worry about school work or feeling guilty while watching tv. I've tried to have a bit of fun, had fun in houston, fun in atlanta and even ventured out to the movies which I haven't done in a while. Other than that, my life is pretty uneventful and just trying to take each day as it comes and figure out my career. So yea, I think you are all caught up on my life sooooo let's random.

Why do people care where they are buried? I see nigerians who say "lai lai I can't be buried here oh. I must be buried in my homeland". Err when you were alive you didn't live there, now that you are dead and unaware and will be rotting in dirt,you care? yea don't get it.

The Nigerian community is quite small. Everyone knows someone that knows someone. We always have weddings in our community. All I can ask of God is when I get married (nigerian or not)I don't want to be that oblivious bride where everyone knows my new husband's philandering except me and while I am cheesing with happiness, people are whispering behind my back and shaking head. Let me just have a good man. The end.

Speaking of which, it's 2011 and people are still latching on to the fake gist that Will and Jada are in an open marriage. Jada said they are open with each other, so if they find anyone attractive they were open with each other. But I guess that's boring.

They say the last person you sleep with owns your vajayjay. yay?nay?

Life can be unfair sometimes.I have a friend that has had a tough year on all fronts and it's been kinda sad seeing her go from this cheerful person to jaded.I know life throws curve balls but dang I wish she'd catch a break.

Some of my guy friends amuse me. Talking to one the other day and he says he is ready to be in a long term relationship and I just shook my head. I told him that he has to have a mind shift. You can't enter a relationship with a single frame of mind. You are just gonna have to give up some habits, it's two people now.

I swear noone has as much action with no action like I do.

I get irritated very easily but I don't hold on to things. It takes a LOT to get me angry but I got really angry last week when some jackass in a club in Atlanta grabbed my ass. I was so angry, I started yelling at him, I shoved him and hit him not even hard enough. I don't remember the last time I was that angry but i really really wished I had given him a hot slap.

Many might disagree with me but I have to say that I am of the school of thought that most men would be intimidated by a woman way more successful than they are.

You know, I can see why men would be attracted to younger women besides their youthful looks. They are usually so boisterous, so confident, so sure of their convictions (even when it's head scratch worthy) and they just aren't as jaded.

I'd be perfectly okay if heaven and hell didn't exist and when we died we were just...dead. But I'd admit that life would be a whole different ballgame if that was the case.

I don't like Dwayne Wayde. I see him and I am just annoyed. With his puffy cheeks, I don't even find him attractive. I am not hating because I like the Mavs, I've just always felt that way about him.

If a black man says he has a preference for dating white women, is that offensive or just a preference that he has a right to?

Well, that's all folks. Enjoy today's song, one of my current favorite songs to dance to in front of my mirror. Has a Nelly vibe to it.

A Bay Bay ft Dorrough and Official - She hot


Vivi said…
I never really thought of where I want to be buried./Amen all around. I don't think ANY woman wants to be in that sorta situation. OMWord, I would faint. *faints*/I've never believed that whole "open marriage" shit. People should let these happy Hollywood couples be./The last person you sleep with owns your vajayjay? That's a new one./I, too, believe men are intimidated by successful women./Everybody has a preference. If a black man's choice is a white woman, so be it. That's just what he likes. *shrugs* Even though deep inside me I wanna say, explore the rainbow, too. lol.
kay9 said…
Howdy. Some randoms.

... most men would be intimidated by a woman way more successful than they are. I'm not even aware it's an issue; wouldn't u be intimidated by a guy waaaay more successful than u are? ;)
Okeoghene said…
Congrats on graduation. I also always wondered why people were so bothered about where they get buried. The problem with taking the corpse back home is too much stress for people grieving. Especially if said person doesnt go home frequently. The taxing that they will be taxed ehn. I pray your friend gets a break. It is well
MPB said…
"dating exclusively outside your race" I feel this goes beyond preference...and speaks towards an identity crisis. It is obviously fine to be attracted to people outside your race, i feel it is also fine to be a certain race and not be attracted to another race, but something about excluding your own race seems weird to me.
You can prefer not to date uneducated or ghetto or bourgeoise or specific traits...but if you are a particular race and simply refuse to date your race
then that is saying you prefer not to date yourself.
For me the bigger issue is how do you teach your mixed race kids about self esteem and self love, because they will have a part of your race in them.

Never thought about the younger women thing, but that makes complete self, because i sometimes long for my younger, goofier, happy go lucky self. now, i feel burdened by life...lol
kitkat said…
i'm offended when a black guy says he's attracted to white women lol, i cnt even lie! its like wtf, what bout me :/ lol
do not shut dwn this blog! i repeat, DO NOT SHUT DWN THIS BLOG!
Anonymous said…
Will you tell us who owns your goodies?

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