Friday Randoms

It's been a minute huh? Sorry guys (well, that's if you even missed it at all). Hope you guys have been good and having a good life. Can you believe Easter is on Sunday? Lent went by so fast but then again like a broken record the year is flying by. I really had a good and productive lent, the curve balls keep coming but we have to keep trucking abi? Well, I'll just go ahead and random

"Don't question your blessings, own your blessings"

This is quite unnecessary but I still wanted to let you guys know that I changed my mind about this particular random thought and deleted it :p

I remembered reading somewhere that it's ok to be humble and brag as long as you don't forget to add the God aspect. That made me chuckle.

Man, am I the only one who feels for Kim K? That woman is getting some serious backlash over any and everything. This morning the radio station was talking about her answer to being asked how she plans on raising a biracial child. She said she plans on raising her child to not see color and somehow that was the wrong answer. One of the DJ's put an end to it and said it didn't really matter what her answer was, she still would have been pounced on anyways. Kim sef needs to go on a hideout till she born pikin. All this parading is not helping.

The biggest and hardest lesson you can ever learn in life is to not compare yourself to others. It's amazing how freeing it is when that's not hanging over you and you can accept your life path, no matter how difficult it is.

I have been watching the History Channel mini series, The Bible and I have enjoyed it so far, well till last week's which is when Jesus was captured. I like it and I always say it either makes you question your faith or gives you a renewed faith. From watching Noah and Lot's wife turn to salt, watching is a bit different from reading. I wondered for a second if any of these things really happened. Also watching the old testament stories, it seems pre marital sex was okay, who now came and poured sand in our garri, ehn? Oh I also noticed that the people God used were people who had done "bad" things. Moses killed someone, David kpanshed his friend's wife but God forgave and used them for some greater good. The main koko sha and in almost every story in the bible is to just keep calm and trust in the Lord aka having faith.

Thinking about the Bachelor series, people always make fun of them always splitting but the two marriages the show has yielded(one of them is 10yrs and 2 kids strong) have been from the Bachelorettes. And they say women are the ones who don't know what they want, eh?

Why do people ask if a celeb has a twitter handle? My first thought is to do a search. Meh, maybe responses are faster.

The other day I said I was in awe of the concept of marriage and I think it was misunderstood. I wasn't trying to be anti marriage or negative about it, not at all. I am in awe of it because the whole concept of two people from different backgrounds, pledging a forever to a future that is unknown is quite amazing. It's hard but doable and I am in awe of the whole concept.

The other day, I came across a picture of an ex crush of mine  and realized I based my college decision on him. He was at my aunt's house and he was a college boy talking about college, I was 17 trapped in a house with tight rules. All I could think of was college freedom and of course if we went to the same college and seeing as we were both catholic, of course he'd fall in love with me and we would be happy forever. We thank God for salvation from being young and stupid -_-

So in my wonderful brain, I feel it is wrong for a younger person to address someone older than them with "dear".

You know what's annoying? A woman being told oh you think that way or you are angry because you need to get laid. Someone used that as a comeback on twitter to a passionate somebody and it irked me. It's almost akin to asking if you are pms-ing.

I was watching Jwow and her fiance have a fight. He called her childish and she said so why did you propose to me? and he said "because you begged me to". Man, I felt that. One of the things I hope against is someone being with me for any reason other than because they wanted to. I mean I am sure they'll get over it but if someone ever said that to me, I don't care if it's out of anger the fact that it was said at all will forever nag me. It's the same thing as guys whose answer is "because it was the next thing to do" or "we had dated for a long time, it would have been mean to leave"

Speaking of, I watched Myne's recommendation, Strictly Soulmates. It's a documentary series on Youtube about people trying to find life partners within their faith. So far, I watched the Muslim, Hindi, Christian and a bit of the Jewish one and so far so good. If you have time, just search on Youtube and give it a shot.

Well ladies and gents, that's all I got. Have a wonderful Easter. Eat, drink, be merry and rejoice for He has risen ( or he would have by Sunday)

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dosh said…
Sheeeeeeeet!!! I don't see myself getting married to anyone who tells me they proposed cos i asked them to! The fact that he said it in anger without thinking means that's exactly how he feels and life is too short to put up with that. I am a christian but the idea of marriage scares the life out of me, imagine someone saying this to you after marriage... How do you forgive and live happily ever after knowing that they didn't exactly want to be with you?

Kim K needs to really lay low and just shut up for a minute. Even her stooping low enough to argue about her weight is silly, pregnant women gain weight and it is ok!

On a brighter note, thank God for the resurrected christ. Have a wonderful easter!
Ego Du Jour said…
ooh I love Radioactive!

I too feel bad for Kim K. I mean it used to be fun (sort of) to make fun of her about certain things but now people just get on her about EVERYTHING. Its terrible.
Kash said…
I was just about to get on twitter and bug you about not having randoms this week...but yay for friday randoms!

Umm, it's actually quite annoying when people in general address me as "dear", more especially if it's a friend of mine. It just sounds somehow to me.

I totally understood what you meant about the marriage tweet...I feel the same way.

I need to catch up on that The Bible series. Happy Easter!
MPB said…
i definitely enjoyed these randoms. have a good weekend and happy easter. Olisa keeps telling me to watch the bible and vikings. Looks like the history channel is beginning to pop.
Mgbeke said…
Your college decision random was quite funny.

I feel bad for Kim and it irks the hell out of me when people call her a porn star. Nonsense.

That get laid one is extra extra irritating. And women kwa will be saying it or co-signing. It's just beyond ignorant and foolish.

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