Songs on Shuffle

I've done this in the past, figured I'd do it again. I pressed play and below are the 10 songs that came on.

1.  Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth ft Emeli Sande. I absolutely love this song. Everything about it, from the voices to lyrics to melody. If you haven't heard this song, run along now and rectify that.

2. Tongolo - D'banj. I don't even remember the last time I heard this song. Back when D'banj was D'banj, not this new one we have going on.

3. Teach Me - Fantasia. This was from her "Back to Me" album, which I have to say is actually pretty good. I have actually always been a fan of her voice. Very chill, nice song.

4. In your hands - Jason Mraz. So I have nothing to say, it's one of those songs I always skip when it comes on and have never really listened to. Listening to it now and it's not bad.

5. I'm a Mavin - Mavins. From the Solar Plexus album. Song just dey. Nothing to say.

6. Come back home - William Fitzsimmons - This dude never really blew up. But this is such a sweet, sad song of forgiveness.

just realizing I am more than half way through and I only have 2 upbeat songs come up and they are Nigerian songs.

7. Mercy - Duffy. Ah, back before Adele came and stole her shine.

8. One by One - Dj Spinall. I think the artist name is right? Another naija song, chilling in my music library.

9. Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj - Man, I hated this song when it was in rotation. They played it die on the radio.

10. Just Don't - Raphael Saadiq. Something about this dude's voice is just nice. very comforting. Well, this song isn't one of my faves.

I guess that's it, maybe I should have made this 20 songs. If you want 10 more let me know, I'll do it some time. Did you see any of your faves on the list?


Lohi said…
haha at least you have naija songs! Last time you did it you had none if I remember correctly!
TheRustGeek said…
'Beneath your beautiful' expresses a few choice sentiments in ways I have never been able to.. One of my favourites at the moment...
Tanna Alex said…
As always.. thanks for the new music. Just listened to "beneath your beautiful" twice already.
Original Mgbeke said…
Love 1, 2, 5, and 9 grew on me.
Ada said…
I was in love with "Mercy" for such a long time!
mizchif said…
Beneath your beautiful. Beautiful song, current fave.

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