Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm fully aware these people don't know me but it's my blog and I can blog about what I want, abi? Ehen, glad we agree. So like, this coupledom worries me. I feel like Mr West controls her. We all know Ms Kardashian's relationship persona, she's in love with love and based on the show, she seems to be a lil' pushover sometimes but maybe it's the show (i doubt). Anyways, for some reason as I was watching Kourtney and Kim in Miami, it just hit me that for true, this babe only wears black and white and if we are lucky she spices it up with grey :/

I flashed back to that scene on Keeping Up with the Kardashians when she first started dating Kanye and he came over one day and cleaned out her whole closet of shoes and clothes, talking about he wants to upgrade her style to a classic look. Now listen, if you want to come upgrade my closet and all, more power to you and yay to that. But to clear out ALL my clothes and then bring in your stylist to replace the clothes with what HE likes not what YOU like. I remember her saying I like color and Kanye saying, "I don't". Well alright then.

Ok now, next thing I heard was her saying that he told her to sign less autographs, so she can maintain some sort of privacy, ok that's not so bad, a lil' privacy never hurt nobody but I mean Kanye is the same dude who announced their pregnancy unplanned. And then these pics came out:

Do these count as private?

I had a 3rd reason why this couple worry me (because 3 makes it legit) but I can't remember my third reason  so booooo! :(. I'll update if I remember. I wish them the best but I really hope they work out and their baby is the cutest there ever was. What do you guys think about this relationship?


Myne Whitman said...

Honestly don't know much about them, but did she not wear pink during the trip to the Christ Redeemer in Brazil? Also the autograph thing was when people approach when she is with him or having a private time with friends/family. I wish them the best, especially with the child in the picture.

Lohi said...

They worry me too. I am all for changing me for the better in a relationship...but making me a shadow of who I was is a not-so-good-thing in my opinion. Old Kim would have SLAYED preggo fashion. Now I cringe when I see pictures! Tueh such a waste!

sidenote: All these fashion and artsy people with their love for black and white sef. ughhhh! irks me! In their efforts to be unique the olowdows end up looking the same! kmt!

Ego Du Jour said...

I dunno. I'm happy they found each other. I don't know who else would be able to be with either of them and keep up with all the madness that surrounds each of them.

With that said, Kim doesn't seem to have a problem with things. I'm sure she pushes back in ways we don't get to see. I don't think he's controlling her so much as trying to "upgrade her" whatever that means.

mizchif said...

See i used to like Kanye, i think he's a brilliant artiste, but Kim........i can't stand, i think it's her voice however, i love, love, loved her style, like she understood her body and was killing things on the style front, then she met Ye............

I do know though that "love" can make you do wierd things, so i'm trying not to dog her for this but.....I guess i'll just pray he leaves her wardrobe, if he likes he shouldn't let her leave the house again,, na dem sabi.

mizchif said...
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