Another year, Another birthday.

I tried remembering how many +1 posts I have done. I am grateful for every time I get to see another year and I am a big birthday person but as you guys know this one was different. It was the first one without mom and I think I had some anxiety leading up to it not sure how or what I was going to feel today. I went to do my usual midnight prayers and it suddenly hit me. Midnight was when she would usually call me and sing happy birthday to me and the realization that "Mom" wouldn't be flashing on my phone screen got so overwhelming and I switched off my phone and sobbed my eyes out to the point where my eyes and head hurt. I read my bible and it was actually a chapter about strength and drawing strength from God. I wiped my eyes and went to sleep.

I woke up okay, getting ready for work and truly grateful for another year. Work was okay and some of my coworkers took me to lunch and the chef was kind enough to give me some type of birthday dessert with a candle and all. I am currently supposed to be on a plane headed somewhere but at 2pm I got a text from the airline saying that my flight was cancelled due to weather. I tried calling and they said call volume was too high, wait time was like an hour some and hung up. So I got into my car and headed on down to the airport. I managed to get a flight rescheduled and fingers crossed it works out.

I knew I had grown when in all this I was still laughing and smiling and just going with it without frustration and banging my head on the wall. Sometimes you just learn that things work out as they should.

So on this anniversary on the day of taynement, I thank God for a new year. I thank God for my thoughtful coworkers, my wonderful friends who called, messaged and checked in, the kind people on social media who I don't know personally but still wished me a happy birthday. I hope God continues to teach me lessons and I actually learn them. I hope he is always by my side and sees me through my good and bad times. I hope to be a better person and I wish myself nothing but blessings and grace in my life. Thank you God.

Happy birthday to me.


Okeoghene said…
Happy birthday Taynement
TheRustGeek said…
Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Amen to all your prayers and wishes for yourself. Happy birthday again and I wish you nothing but the absolute best!
LadyNgo said…
Happy Birthday
HoneyDame said…
Awwwwwwww.....your Mom's part got me so emotional. I didnt even know she passed. I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray for strength for you, for everytime you need it.

HAppy Birthday Tayne! Live long and prosper!
yujubee said…
Happy birthday tayne!
Unknown said…
I'm happy to read that you are growing in strength from day to day and you are remaining THANKFUL. That's so powerful. Keep it up Pearl!

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