Friday Randoms

I am so glad the long week is over and Friday is here and also that it is a long weekend. I am hella tired and so glad I am sitting my ass home for once, even if I am on the move again next week. Long way of saying Cheers to the long weekend! Did you guys watch the highly boring VMAs? How did that show go to shit? Kanye was really the highlight. That guy is off his rockers. I have no gist to share with you guys so I will just go right ahead and dive into randoms.

If you don't have weight issues, you should thank your lucky stars. Being disciplined and sticking to this health/fitness thing is not easy at all.

My newly married friend was yarning me about guilt free sex and it had me wondering how that works. Say you have been dating for years and been pre-maritaling all this time. Do you get married and suddenly your pre-marital sin debt is wiped away? What if you die the day after your wedding? Are you free of that sin?

Do you think that watching porn while married is a sin? (I think it is). Also, some people think that certain sexual acts are sinful even if you are married. If you are one of those, please feel free to share which you think it is. I know some people still think oral or anal even with a spouse is a sin.

Do you guys think there is such a thing as being addicted to sadness? Like there are people who enjoy being sad? Also, sometimes I think people who have seemingly/relatively good lives feel guilty and try to make up things to feel among or relate? Maybe I am alone on this.

Speaking of relating, I know sometimes people don't know what to say in certain situations but it's irksome when people give examples that aren't even on the same scale. Americans are guilty of this a lot. I give example. Met this lady not long ago and told her I am not from here and just moved and she goes oh me too, I moved also. I am like oh really? nice, how long ago? and she says 12 years ago. errr :/

Listening to a speaker at a meeting and as I am watching her, all I could think was how she looked (or was shaped) like a young boy and it made me appreciate how variety is so nice and essential because as I am wondering how someone would like that, there are a bajillion people who would find her uber attractive. Same for myself, one person might think I have too much meat on my bones and another will think I am the best thing since sliced bread. Isn't life grand?

The pain is real guys. I am really not sure how people go through this twice.

I enjoy volunteering and try to do it as often as I can. I did recently and while I was doing it I had the thought that this is probably what I'd like to do when I retire and have too much time on my hands. We really should be grateful for what we have in our lives. People have it hard. Noone should be begging for something as basic as milk, really. Noone. May I also use this platform to give you a nudge or push if you can donate anything to any food bank close to you or even clothes. Please do so. There is a great need out there. Ok, I am done.

*back to regularly scheduled programming*

Twitter is the one place where people who haven't experienced something will be the loudest ones telling you what to do most notably men telling women how to act or feel "in their experience", please what experience? as a woman??

It's also the place where everyone is an expert on all topics even the things they otherwise wouldn't have glanced at if not for twitter. It's sha a fun space to be in.

It takes a lot for me to open up and share certain things about myself. When i do and don't get the response I'd like, I clam up.

I clam up very easily. It's just the easiest thing for me to do.

You know, some spirits just don't gel. And this applies to romantic or just platonic regular friendships. Never try to force something that don't fit.

When men wear their badges on their belt loop, they know where the eyes are drawn to, right?

Speaking of the direction the eyes are drawn to, when I see men in flat front pants or any pants really with no bulge, I always do a mental "hmm..."

Wine should be an essential on a grocery list.

You know how Nigerians like to think they are modern and stuff, sometimes I think we are gonna be the way we are for a long time. I never really understood the 9 day rule that Yorubas observe when they have a baby where the name isn't revealed. I've always wondered why people of our generation observe it. Someone recently told me the reason why when I asked - even though I think they got defensive despite the fact I didn't even say anything but basically the answer included it being just a tradition and since they don't mind it, why not? I think a lot of traditions will be carried down for this reason and the saying "the more things change, the more things stay the same" will apply.

As I was asked earlier in the week "Do you have a "one that got away?" (Nah, i don't. I did a mental stock in my head and I swear I have dated crappy people. They can only go away quite far on a jet plane. thank you very much)

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Have a great weekend, be safe and have fun.


Eni said…
The 7 day Yoruba naming thingy is from the days of abiku (where people had babies that died in the first few hours/days of life recurrently.. People didn't name the child until they were sure it will live so as to prevent getting attached to it if it didn't. (You can understand how naming something makes it 'real') that's where that came from and the tradition stuck.
Its like the 40 days staying indoor after the birth of a child, that was just a means to give the mother some rest really, nothing uber spiritual about that.
HoneyDame said…
Lol! Your randoms make several wheels of different sizes turn in my head! Americans truly can be off-point talkers.
Okeoghene said…
Hope you had a good long weekend.
Chibaby said…
This is the most random post ever! lol. I don't even know which one to comment on..Im coming :)
Berry Dakara said…
SO I was going to comment last Friday or was it Monday, and then realized my company might not appreciate the words "porn, oral, or anal" being sent out from their servers :p

Discipline is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's necessary. Praying for discipline in all areas of my life, especially praying, reading the Bible, food and exercise.

Yes I think watching porn while married is a sin, and I didn't think some acts were sinful (as long as it remains the 2 of you) but recently saw Sodomy defined as oral or anal sex. And now I'm like "hmmmmmm... even oral? for really real? I dunnno. And the whole sodomy coming from the place Sodom and Gomorrah doesn't help!!!

I think people try to relate to situations to placate the other person. As in, they want the other person to feel comfortable, and not feel like they're alone in their situation. Of course, half the time, the situations aren't anywhere near equal.

Maybe not a "got away" but a "coulda been good too."
Unknown said…
You are too cool for words...

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