Friday Randoms

And just like that it is Friday again. I shouldn't be surprised especially since we are in the -mber months that have a reputation for practically flying us into christmas. Truly grateful the weather is still nice even though I think it's like one last hurrah before the cold aka fall befalls us. Thank you, you kind citizens for all the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate it. I had a great time. I went to Toronto and attended the Toronto Film Festival and it was so up my alley and so fun and my icing was my brother being in town. A few of my friends are coming into town this weekend so the celebration continues. Once again we thank God for another year. Let us random, shall we.

I think I may have mentioned how I watch "Bachelor in Paradise" and how I feel like it mirrors how things are in real life between men and women. In one case, this couple was one of the established couples in the house. Guy and girl was on same page - seemingly. He was going along with everything, saying the right things and girl was giddy and so secure. Next thing we see a side by side of the girl with her girls gushing and the guy saying he is unsure and his feelings aren't there and he tells us that he has "that feeling where you are lying with someone yet you feel alone" chei my peoples. That entered deeply. What is even life? A pot of beans that's what.

Someone asked me this: Would you rather watch a one hour movie of your best memories or a 5 minute trailer of your future? ( I chose memories)

Thinking of this question made me realize that I don't believe you can change your future. I think there are different paths to something but our destination is already predetermined. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Watching a pro football athlete learn he has cancer let's me know that cancer is no respecter of anyone and honestly you can reduce chances but if a man who is of peak athleticism and works out like crazy, gets it. What chances do we mere people have?

"How's work?" "What's up with you?" "how was your night?" (err i slept) How are you supposed to answer these questions. Death to small talk!!!

I don't believe karma exists. I was thinking of Dr Dre and how he abused these women and he is flourishing out here with more money than I will ever see in this life, celebrated movie and career while Me'chelle is languishing in reality tv purgatory and fighting off depression and being suicidal. I know i know, you karma believers are gonna tell me you don't know where it hits them. Meh.

I was told about someone who had a mental disorder and died from a drug overdose. He also was a church goer and always used to give to the needy. How are people with mental disorders judged by God seeing as they have no control over their mental faculties?

How do you define a hoe? I heard a funny definition this weekend.

How long should one hold on to a dream? When do you give up? I have also noticed that people who give this "never give up" speech are usually kinda still young (and as i typed this I am recalling examples of older people realizing dreams on reality tv, so I am probably wrong there)

I dislike the logic of having more than one kid or x number of kids "in case something happens to one". One, there's no rule that kids die in 1's. Two, why is the worstest case scenario the reason to decide on number of kids and three, the statement makes it seem like the death of one kid is suddenly eased by the presence of another but it doesn't work that way because grief is a strange thing. You see parents who are so consumed by the death of one child there's no time for the rest. Yes, I can see the logic of having kids to keep you company or to be there for you but overall it's just a weird reason to me. I used to have it when I was younger. My reason for wanting more than one kid is just for them to have built in allies in their siblings.

I've read a number of books by British authors and why oh why do the insist on making British heroines stupid? They never have their lives together and are always so sniffelly and useless, really.

Before I leave you, I share with you what I was told. Whenever you make goals, make specific goals. A lot of us tend to make broad goals which allows for it not to be met but specific goals gives you direction on what and how to work for it.

Well, that's all I've got for you guys. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed and support my sister site. You can also subscribe here. look for the subscribe button on the right and voila!


mizchif said…
That one about our destiny being predetermined.....hmmmm....i don't know. Like that would suck. I mean think about people you know who are not doing so great does it mean that no matter what say thy had made better decisions things wouldn't be different?
A couple months ago we had this older lady at book club and i think we were discussing Husbands secret and she mentioned that whatever you do comes back to you later. Both good and bad. Like with age/time things happen that you can almost directly trace back to something you had done in the past.
lol @ hoe definition. Please share whatever responses you get. It's always amusing.
I think ditzy british heroines go quite well with chick lit

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