Friday Randoms

I don't know if it's the dress I wore..if I gained weight...or if it's just always been like that but all I know is I looked in the mirror and my ass is too big.(ass in these sense means my actual nyansh, lol)

I'm glad I studied well for my test, it went well, Thank God. I like my teacher even if he is an equal opportunity offender. He is Turkish and just says whatever but we know he is not being mean so it's funny. I'll give an example. After every exam, he takes us out for pizza and drinks so when the vegetarian pizza came in his heavy accent he was like, "Indians, come and get it, no meat!" lol!.

For someone who constantly puts their foot in their mouth, its pure bliss being in your own company.

I talk to my mom a lot but lately it feels like a chore to call.

When it rains it pours.

Dear God, I need you now more than ever, I need a miracle, sign anything.

This is going to be an interesting journey, I think I am supposed to learn a particular lesson. We'll see.

My hair is usually on point but when crayfish bend, situation changed. I am embarassed.

Looking forward to my event tomorrow. I am still terrified because its somewhat public speaking but that's exactly why I agreed to do it. My fears will not rule my life.

If wishes were horses...

How could I have ever thought I would get tired of Wande Coal's cd?

I truly, really miss my naija peeps. I wonder if the feeling is mutual.

She said to me, "You know the answer deep down in your heart". Is she right? do i? I really don't know.

I refuse to go back to my old job. I know some people will think I must not be desperate enough but I can't explain how I felt there and I don't expect anyone to understand. All I know is I will not regress only progress.

I really and truly hope TV watching is not a sin. If not I am screwed.

I am elated for my brother. He passed his bar exam and is officially going to be a barrister in November. Wouldn't it be the coolest if I could just fly down and surprise him?? If wishes were horses. I love that boy die.

How does he sleep at night? Why do I still care?

I admire people with talent.

Tomorrow the sun will come up and I will smile

He who started it will finish it. Remember that, Taynement. Amen.

Have a lovely weekend guys!


Myne Whitman said…
I love that last line, and say Amen too. Congrats on your bros and call momsie oo. LOL. Take care.
BSNC said…
lol yea random indeed. congrats on your brother's achievement.. wow i don't mind having that kind of teacher, we should switch..

lol be glad about your ass, people pay big money for that..
Anonymous said…
congratulations to your brother.
Vivian said…
I love random thoughts...awesomeness..good luck with you public speaking gig..God knows that it is a necessary evil we must all face. I hope school is going good..God knows we all need his grace to get thru.
MPB said…
Gd luck and hugs boo! Call me.
Omotee! said…
Congrats to ur brother, thats a big acheivement.

agree with BSNC, people pay to get ur kinda ass, so look on the brighter side!
RepressedOne said…
Congrats to your bro.

Amen to that last bit. It is well!! :)
Nice Anon said…
Yay! to bar exam. Those are hard i hear. Amen to your prayer as well.

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