Friday Randoms

I never used to mind but once you have been to as many interviews as I have, I LOATHE the whole job interview process. I mean it's like begging someone for something you know you can do and having your fate in someone else's hands. Yuck!

That being said, it's very distracting when your interviewer is tres cute.

School is kicking my ass!

The little things we take for granted. I was watching Adoption Diaries and man it was so sad to see these women describe their pain on not being able to conceive or carry a baby. That feeling of failing as a woman or as a wife. It can't be easy. I have always said that I don't think Nigerians have that problem lol..we are very fertile.

That being said, i have always been wary of adoption but now I think I am a little more comfortable with it.

Still on the subject of kids, I have wide hips, they call it child bearing hips. Every now and then I wonder if ironically I'd have to have a csection. I can't wait to have my kids.

My friends think human beings are inherently bad and its just a matter of how bad. I don't know if I agree with that.

I am constantly touched by proof of human kindness. I have unexpected people and friends who check up on me and make sure I am okay. Random acts of kindness like that I appreciate a lot.

I think I tell my circle of friends a lot about myself/my life. But as much as I feel I tell, I feel like there is still a lot more I don't share.

After making fun of my best friend for being a child because her multivitamins are the gummy bear kind. Why did I find myself buying a bottle of gummy multivitamins?lol. I did make sure with a doctor that I was getting the vitamins I needed but for someone addicted to gummy worms. I remember to take it when I get a craving.

So on tv shows when they have coffee cups or mugs or something, why don't they ever put water in it so it's not glaringly obvious that it's empty?

I miss the movies, haven't been in 3 weeks.

I still find it amusing that there is a band called MorningWood.

I guess I don't have as many randoms as I did during the week. This is why you should never blog when you are in a blah mood.

Have a lovely weekend guys.


CIL said…
Hiya CILy
Stopped by...
Reverence said…
*drools* cute guys..

yuck @ school.. i am not looking forward to next spring ..that is if i get readmitted..*hiss*

I always wanted to adopt kids..we'll see how that goes...

i had no idea there were gummy bear vitamins for adults? *off to walmart to get some*

i on other hand think everyone is good and i am constantly stunned when people do terrible things.

oh the coffee cup thing is soo obvious on NCIS..

lol at havent been to the movies in 3 weeks.. i think the last movie i saw was the propsal..thats like what 2/3 months ago?

we should totally go to the mvoies together sometime.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, on Grey's yesterday, I noticed that izzy handed Alex and empty cup.
Myne Whitman said…
I tot I was the only one that noticed the empty cup on greys? LOL.

@cute interviewers, you just have to close your eys no? Or flirt, what about that?

And like you, I prefer to see the good in people.
Kate said…
what? you dont? YOU BETTER DIVULGE NOW!! OSISO!!
Fabulo-la said…
Oh! So we can totally take the gummy bear vitamins even though we are adults?

Yay! Im soooooooo getting rid of this damn centrum. thing makes me want to puke jo...
TayneMent said…
@Fabby, they have the gummies for adults. Don't get the kiddie one oh!
MPB said…
It is mucho immature to be eating gummie vitamins...y'all need to take the regular horsepills like the rest of us. I know what you mean about blah's been a blah week.
Repressed One said…
...I hear you on the job process thing. Ugh!
...the heart of man is desperately wicked, the bible says. Your friend might have a point., somehow i know what you mean about the not sharing bit.
...Mehn, i got the chewy centrum thinking it might help me be more dedicated...woosai! It's chalky and yucky! I might try the gummies...

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