Friday Randoms

Hola Amigos! Can you believe it? It's friday already?? This -mber months ain't playing yo..Ok no time wasting here we go:

- Taynement has discovered the joys of TLC.I mean where have I been without Say yes to the dress, Little Couple, Cake boss etc etc. Amazingness, I tell ya lol.

- Say yes to the dress has shown me why it's easy for people to go broke in this country. If you think financing an $11k or $14k dress makes sense to you then what other foolhardy financial decisions are you making?? The cheapest dress I have seen on this show was $2k and I was still balking. Sha sha, I chuckled when the $11k dress owner's fiance cancelled the wedding and she was stuck with it and had only paid $6k. More power to ya elbows oh!

- No matter what they say, looks matter in this world of ours.

- I can't decide if I consider Bradley Cooper hot or not.

- For the first time yesterday, I allowed myself to be proud of myself for actually going out and getting an MBA. Sometimes, I still don't believe it. I am not the typical nigerian person who does well in school naturally. I can't seem to focus enough (probably because I am not interested). So anywhoo, I am glad I stuck it out.

- What is with these movie ticket sellers?:
Taynement says (standing with no one) : One ticket for xyz movie
SATS (Stupid Ass Ticket Seller) says : You said one??


- There is a thin line between forgiveness and mumu-ness. May I never get visa to cross the border to mumu-ness.

- The blog character Enoch makes me laugh.

- So I don't know how to burp. Like the real strong "grrrrrrroooooooowwwwwww" burp. I tried coke sef nothing. Just bought some gingerale and man am I letting it rip. I'm so proud of it.

- The soundtrack to my summer in naija is unarguably Wande Coal's "Mushin to Mo' Hits". Everytime I hear any song from it, I am immediately transported to Naija and I smile.

- He called at 4.54am. What a way to start the day. It was awkward. Why did he call? It was over in 2 mins and 8 seconds.

- Facebook status I fapped : The walls I built around me to keep out the sadness/hurt has also kept out the joy.

- I read this story and the little of the faith I had in humanity died when I read about this. God save us all. 15 year old gangraped by at least 10 people and 10 others watched and noone called the cops ----->

- I was talking to my friend who married young (23). I asked her how she knew he was the one and wasn't she scared? She said na, they had been dating since high school and besides he was such a good guy that she would have been pretty upset if anyone else but her had him, so she snatched that up quick. I loved her answer lol.

- Last week I had two death dreams. They don't freak me out because I have them from time to time ( my earliest memory is 5 years old). I still pray and reject them sha.

- A one minute kiss burns 26 calories. At this point, I will be happy if I burn 1 with a peck sef :(

- Finally, something inspirational. When Lawrence Fishburne was a young actor he featured in PeeWee's playhouse. He was nice and courteous to the security guard. Years later, that security guard wrote a movie and specifically wrote it for Fishburne. That writer was John Singleton and the movie was Boyz n the Hood. So people, be kind to your fellow neighbors cuz you just never know.

Have a lovely weekend mi blogville familia!


Original Mgbeke said…
Wow @ John Singleton. Very inspiring indeed, make I continue to dey cheese at all the security guards at my job so that I can finally launch my modelling career. :-D

LMAO @ peck.
tunrayo said…
I read about that gang rape thing too, really sad
I get alot of weird dreams and ive had some death dreams but my most recent, pregnancy dreams
Have a lovely weekend yourself :)
Ms.O said…
I loved this post. had a very refreshing feel to it!
Fabulo-la said…
Lool Enoch is a trip isnt he?

lool I said d same thing abt 'say yes to d dress'.

lol May we neva cross over to mumuness amen!
Anonymous said…
Yay! at getting your MBA. Still working on mine and boy is it tedious.
TayneMent said…
thanks Lucid, just to clarify, I am still in the process oh and yes indeed, tedious is the only way to describe it.
Azazel said…
Lol yep baba Enoch is mad funny lol..
That rape thing haappned in my area, and it was really sad but i don't think u understand the full details of the case..
TayneMent said…
Azzie, feel free to enlighten me oh.
Repressed One said…
Yay! On the MBA tip—good for you!
Ahh yes, that album is definitely off the chain. I don’t skip a song.
Hmm@ that status update-- *snap*snap*
Didn’t know that about Fishburne. That’s great!

...nice randoms!
BSNC said…
lol you don't know how to burp...

one minute kiss burn 26 calories, hmm thats interestting..
Vivian said…
Bradley Cooper is cute...sometimes...sometimes...He just looks a little cukoo to me!! Girl, I feel ya on the MBA thing...Only God is helping me hang in there...I know it will all be worth it in the end.
Reverence said…
i am beginning to look forward to your randoms.

I feel you on the MBA tip( P.S i have bee readmitted.. ha!)

speaking of security guards. there is this one at my job and i really cant figure out if he's flirting with me or if he's being REALLY REALLY nice.
Nice Anon said…
I used to like say yes to the dress until that love for it vanished.

I watch cake boss from time to time. I just love the nyc accent. Oh yeah Enoch is my blog hubby o! Don't we just go well together? lol
Good Naija Girl said…
Great random post; I enjoyed each point. I'd still be up for a peck with the right guy even if it didn't burn calories!

And wow, that last bit sure is inspirational. It's a good reminder to those who are only nice to the people they think will get them the furthest, instead of being nice to everyone.

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