Friday Randoms

Can you believe it's friday already?

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you for your comments on my last post. It was one of those days and I honestly didn't know when I just picked up the computer and wrote. Once again thank you so much, I really appreciated it.

I have never been to Disney World. I really want to, so it's on my list of things to do.

I absolutely LOVED Nice Anon's most recent post. She seems like someone with an awesome personality and I absolutely applaud her.

So I wonder, these women on Dancing with the Stars, do they ever have their period? or at the very least, do none of them have heavy flow? I mean every week someone's leg is being spread open in the air with some man's face between it. maybe it's just me.

Is it weird to be fascinated with death?

Sometimes I hear how some young 'uns sound and I wonder if I ever sounded that well..stupid.

I saw this on someone's status : Everyone, at some point, wakes up in the middle of the night w/the feeling that they are alone in the world & nobody loves them. That they will never have a decent night's sleep again & will spend their lives hoping desperately that their circumstances will improve, but suspecting they will remain unloved 4ever. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to wake somebody else up so they can feel this way too.....if you've never felt that way..well..hooray you :)

I listened to BSB's "Shattered" on repeat today. Not because I was relating to the lyrics but I just really think its a good ballad.

Does anyone ever have that feeling where you don't want the dude, you know he is not even right for you but everytime you see him with someone else your heart squeezes just a teeny bit?

I think I have started preparing my mind for the fact that I will not be in Nigeria this december. I won't lie I am still hoping for a miracle - blogsville join me in prayer!-

So I have this new habit of forgetting my purse when I go out and realizing it at the wrongest time. Tres embarrasing, if I say so myself.

And me thinks we are back to square one, but it's for the best.

Are we all equal in God's eyes?

I'm lacking some kind of vitamin. My body has chosen to tell me so. My googling tells me it is Vitamin B. I guess this proves that the multivitamin gummies ain't working.

My body is itching to travel.

Mon dieu! I can't stand Tracy Morgan.

I think it'll be nice to go out one of these weekends. I really just want a party that has today's music and some nice naija gbedu. Wishful thinking sha, all my friends are mostly married and comfortable staying home or have kids. Am I too old to make new friends? Nyeh, it's too cold to start. maybe in the spring, yea?

I wonder if I can write a poem?

Second Guessing will be my downfall. I do that way more than I should.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. Be good and Be easy!


Anonymous said…
yes,we are all equal in God's eyes...
and sometimes i do wake up feeling alone in this world.
tunrayo said…
yes o, death also facinates me too and people say im twisted. you're normal/alright dont worry.

Equal in what sense? Im not sure about or 'equality' in God's eyes in the sense that he expects more from some people and less from others but i know He loves us equally.

...and i can so relate to that alone in the world feeling.
Myne Whitman said…
Ahh, so many randoms...LOL

The people on dancing with the stars are celebs and professionals. Those people usually do not have periods and/or are on Birth control pills.

Most of us were stupid as young'uns

Nice Anon is fantastic. I'll like to meet her.

I want to go to Disneyworld too

Of course you can write a poem.

Don't wait for friends or spring, go out here and enjoy yourself. Travel and eat food with loads of vitamins.

I'm not fascinated with death. I welcome it for myself but dread it for loved ones. Finis

Yeahh Insomnia happens and other bullshit

God Himself said he's partial.

Don't second guess yourself too much. And do have a great weekend.
Repressed One said…
I keep hearing favor is not fair...does that speak to non-equality? I don't know.

Ha! Funny, i have a writeup somewhere about being too old to make new friends.

Disney world is fun!
Azazel said…
Lol wow i love this blog.
I feel u @ death..
It intrigues me, i actually take a death, dyin and religion class. We are always talkin about death, amazing.
Lmao @ leggy.
No we are not more equal in God's eyes, i hate when ppl answer a question without even showing proof.

I will show u proof that we are not all equal in God's eyes hun, sadly it's on my blog lol so i'll just post the link on here. If u do not mind.
Fabulo-la said…
...are we equal? really?
What about david? And solomon? And Elijah? Now can u say we r all equal?

Its never too late to make friends...
I can be ur friend...:)..if u

periods and dancing with the stars?
TayneMent said…
@leggy - you think so
@tunrayo - yay i am normal
@Myne - thank you so much, i think you leave the best comments lol
@RepOne - yeah I meant it in that way. They say favor ain't fair so are we equal?
@Azazel - thank you for stopping by. I'll stop by your blog and check it out.
@Fabulola - yay new friend!
Nice Anon said…
Speaking of new friends.. I decided to get a pen pal or two . You know snail mail. I plan to do it in my spare time. Let's see how that goes.

Thanks for the mention.. I cannot say much but to say thanks! really
Original Mgbeke said…
Lmao @ the dancing with the stars random. Only you...
Reverence said…
i think you do the best randoms!

i think God loves us equally.

i have resolved not to speak about guys anymore or i woulda said a big amen to your guy post.

i hung out with a 22 year old the other day and i was just scratching my head at the things she was saying. i hope she didn't think i was condescending sha..

what say me and you plan a weekend of going out on the town sometime after nov 28th??

that status message is powerful..
TayneMent said…
@nice anon - you are welky!

@OM - worreffa, trynna live up to my BT status lol

@Reverence - thanks!
No you are not too old to make friends. I'll be your 2nd new friend after Fabulo-la. haha.

Hopefully God makes a way so that you can go to Naija this December..I'll pray for you..

Sometimes the thought of death freaks me out. I must say Disneyworld is tooooo happy. i mean come sorry to be a killjoy.

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