Italian Joke

Enjoy and have a lovely Wednesday.

2 italians get on a bus. They start talkin. The lady sittin behind them ignores the conversationn at 1st until she hears: Ema cum 1st Den I cum. 2 asses dey cum 2gether. I cum again. 2 asses they cum 2gether again. I cum N pee twice. Then I cum once-a more. I cant believe you! She said. In this country we dont talk bout our sex lives in public! Hey coola down lady. Ima jus telln my friend howa ta spella Mississippi.


Myne Whitman said…
I had to smile at the end though I had to read twice. Nice one.
LOOOL gt there in the end...
Anonymous said…
lol..had to read twice again.lmao.nice
blogoratti said…
Hehe,Lovely week!
Miss Koa said…
haha,this is funny,took awhile to get it though!

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