Friday Randoms

Hiya folks, what's good. As promised, I think I got some randoms for you guys, how was your week? My week has been weird, I was so emotional but I am blaming it on the weather. Texas got the real cold and just froze. I worked from home two days this week and when I eventually ventured out the roads were (still is) covered in ice, we are like ice skating with our cars on the road lol. I feel bad for the Super Bowl events and the business owners looking forward to all the business. Anyhue, I am glad it's the weekend, even though snow is expected today and Monday, I will still make time to regroup and refresh. Let's random shall we?

I really would love to visit Dubai. I feel like I am the only one who hasn't been there.

Things I read on blogsville: I believe the longer the relationship the less likely it is to lead to marriage. Your thoughts?

I always used to wonder why I get uncomfortable when people try to matchmake me. I think it's because I don't think anyone really knows what I like and I'd probably sound demented if I tried to describe.

How do people take pictures of their food while they are cooking. That is the last thing on my mind when I am in the kitchen. Then again, I don't take pictures in general, so maybe that has something to do with it?

I find it very aggravating when people start slowing down 50ft away from their right turn. Grrrr!

Whose bright idea was it to incorporate animated bears with tissue paper? Yes, I am talking about the Charmin ad. Last I checked, they don't wipe their asses, right?

I hate the word natchy. No particular reason, I just do. Same goes for "Awwww". I don't like when people awwww me.

Someone asked if I felt my space was invaded because Chuck Bass found my blog and I said no. That led me to thinking about some people who hate being questioned about things they blog about. I feel they have a right to not respond if they don't want to but can't be offended if someone asks a question. A blog is something public, if someone writes something on it, its because they want it out there, if they didn't they'd pick up a pen and paper and scribble their private thoughts or get a private blog. Just my opinion of course.

When I get married, there are two things I shall work hard to not be: A nagging and an unhot wife.

Someone told me that I'd make a good evil ex wife :(. hehe, I thought that was funny.

I really wonder why most people don't utilize google. I love google, it answers all questions.

I prefer gummy worms over gummy bears.

Caught a story on American Idol. This dude was engaged to be married for 2 years and 2 months before the wedding, she got into an accident and is practically a vegetable now. He says "what kind of person would I be if I left her?". Well what kind of person, would he be? Is he really a douche if he leaves?

Watched a documentary about Joan Rivers. It's depressing that she carries ashes of her friends around since most of her friends are dead. Eek!

Is it odd that I think I am open minded but I would still prefer that I don't have a child that's gay?

My friend told me I have a knack for saying everything without revealing nothing. I think this is good and bad.

It's funny how these artists (and everyday men sef) all talk about rocking your bed and being these bedroom phenomenoms. If that's the case, then why are there all these women who aren't having good sex?

The world can be evil. I saw on tv, how a sunday school teacher killed a 6 year old and sexually assaulted her violently with a rolling pin before she did.

I wish it was easier for women to let go and move on. Speaking to someone in a situation, it occurred to me that hope is a killer. Sometimes, it's harder to move on when you have hope that you will still be reunited.

Hank Baskett must really love Kendra sha. I read her autobiography (feel free to judge me). While she was at the mansion, when Hef had 8 girlfriends, they had "party tuesdays" or so, where each girl rode Hef for about a minute and a half and then the next person will take over. She revealed all this and more in her book, plus her sex tape and all and Hank still thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread. Kudos to him.

I heard something hilarious, my friend said her cousin was having a bad day and called to find out what's new in her life cos he knows whatever she tells him is guaranteed to make him feel better. LOL

PRAYER REQUEST: For all people that are homeless in this terrible weather, that they are able to find some form of shelter

Love this song by Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts


Etoile Oye said…
I love this song. Sorry about your week. Hope the next one is better...
Fabulo-la said…
HMMMMMMMMMM...well...about being offended when pple ask abt blogs..esp when they read it..well.
Fortunately Im one of those people that dont like to discuss blog outside of blog. Iono why but if someone maybe over coffee goes, so..about *insert blogpost* hows that working out? I would totally flip. Like thats it. End of conversation. Iono why. i think its mostly cause for one when I write things down, blog or paper it has already been going on n on in my head for a looong time. So the mere act of writing it down for me is kinda final. You know what I mean?
Plus whats the whole point of trying to be anonymous if we are going to start discussing posts outside of blogger?
Isnt that what shrinks are for?

Ok im rambling...

Ive missed reading your randoms jere...
Nutty J. said…
I hope no one I know in real life finds my blog

And I thought Kendra and Hanks are divorced....

I was laughing thru out ur dey reason far sha
Omotee! said…
awwwwwww.... yeah, i can see d look on ur face, lol.

kendra and hanks? well lets give them some more time to see how strong d love is. the very idea of playboy mansion eeks me, az in whats d great idea?! thats just me sha
Anonymous said…
Not a knack, but a rare ability
BSNC said…
haha an evil ex wife. i am wondering where that came from. what did you do tayement? lol
Beulah! said…
First time commenting here but im an ardent reader of ur blog.

Loooove ur randoms, pls keep 'em coming....
Vivian said…
LOL@ your story about Kendra and Hank..there is playmate that wrote a book about her time in the mansion and how Hef would just lie down there like a lifeless fish during the "parties"...I really don't get how women manage to live like that ..especially since they have curfews and high school

Yes, I find it weird too telling people what I want in a mate. I feel like they are secreting judging me and thinking my list is shallow..when its pretty realistic.

Nothing wrong in wanting a straight kid. The world is a tough place as it is just don't want your kid to suffer..simple and short.

I want to be a hot wifey too and one that can take care of house and home without going ape boo boo on my kids when they act out, lol.
kitkat said…
jar of hearts is my favoritesong at the moment! think she got discovered on youtube
i heard bout the dude on american idol too, and i think he's real sweet 4 sticking to his girl.. leaving her would have made him a douche!..i wontwant to marry a guy that left his fiance when she was in a bad condition cos at the back of my head, i'll know he could pull the same stunt if i ever was in a similar condition.

The weater in houston sux.. like i dnt jst get why it isnt snowing, wats the point of all the cold when theres not a single snow flake..bleh!
nice blog :)
*raises hand* Haven't visited Dubai, either./I agree bout the longer the relationship the less likely they will be married. It's like, how come it hasn't happened yet? You need 10yrs to figure it out. Nope, nope. Someone in that coupling just refuse to get married. It's rare when it's mutual (ie. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell)./I despise - DESPISE!!! - those freakin' Charmin ads. That shit ain't cute./Awwww!!!/hahaha @ 'unhot wife' but I feel ya./I truly believe when men hype up their sex life and how good they are in bed - they're not. Just in general, people that boast too much I usually don't believe 'em.
Reverence said…
yes random finally!!!!

i have never been to dubai.

i agree on long relationships. then again my friend just got married, they dated 8 years

lol at demented. dude, you and i know what you want *evil laugh* i actually have a list of what i dont want

i can so see you being the evil ex wife,

google is awesome, i refuse to use another search engine

i saw the AI story, he sang one of my fav songs too! My soft core self had tears in my eyes.
Rita said…
Hi dear, long time! Really enjoy your randoms....

Visit Dubai and plan to have a swell is worth it...go with someone too to make it merrier.

About marriage: it is not just about the length of courtship but what happens during the period of courtship...i have a friend who married her secondary school sweetheart and they are still happily married till today.

I do not like "matchmaking"...people think they know you but they dont....
Repressed One said…
lol...since when do ads make sense? I think the bears are cute

"I wish it was easier for women to let go and move on." AMEN!!

I wonder the same thing about pictures and food too. I remember after i'm done.
Mgbeks said…
As many people that have been to Dubai, there are quite a # who haven't been.

I don't like to be questioned about my blogposts/tweets and so in the same vein, I usually do not ask people about things that they put on the internet. If an individual wants to share with me specifically, they will and vice need to ask.

I don't know about the correlation between marriage and the length of dating time. It depends...
Neefemi said…
What is natchy? and i would not, reject don't think anybody is meant to be gay. But that's my opinion.
Christina Perri is all types of awesome. "Jar of hearts" got me through some sad times last year. Sigh. Thank God for good music. Enough said. Plus the story about how she was discovered is pretty cool. Google it:)

I'll start by saying, awww. randoms is back:) Aww...awww. more awws.:)

Yep, would also like to go to Dubai. Sorta agree with your thoughts on long relationships. Can't relate to the cooking&picture ish either. My peeve is when peeps take FOREVER to complete their right turn. It's so irritating. Ditto blogging and thoughts and it being public. The american idol story ish is so sad. wow. I don't know...sigh...I'm guessing you would prefer not to because of the prejudice that the child will have to face..Cold cold world... Are you minding some of the men that blab about how "skillful" they are. Yawn...Sunday school teacher story = wtf!! That's just crazy.. Ugh! Lord save us! May the little girl's soul RIP. Per Hank& Kendra i see it as we've all done things in our pasts that we're not proud of&it's great when we find someone who's able&willing to love in spite of our "ways". So more power to Hank and Kendra. May their love continue to grow. Amen to not being an "unhot wife". I can see you as a good evil ex-wife:)

Amen to the prayer for those who are homeless. so needed.

Yay GBP!!!!!
LucidLilith said… i got the hint and headed off to your blog he he he hehe....after my power walk of course:

I wanna go to Dubai too but I heard that only tourists actually have a good time. Those that live there, live in hell and slavery.

*panic* long relationships don't lead to marriage????????????????????

Easy with food pics...I keep a camera in the kitchen with me and when I pause to switch tasks, i take a picture.

True about those slow pokes who slow down 50ft away from turn

lol at bears and tissue...what do you suggest, real people?


who the fuck is Chuck Bass. You need to tell your bestie!

I dont want to be a nagging and unhot wife either. I have to work on the nagging part and the belly fat...

Google is god with a small g

Yes, saying everything and revealing nothing is a life saver for amebos...they think they know you but they really don't.

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